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Everything posted by The_Raw

  1. Cheers dude Thank you
  2. Thanks @Andy, very cool place
  3. Germany Peppermint Powerplant - April 2017

    Looks pretty sexy this one, never knew paper mills would look so epic inside before I got into this hobby
  4. UK North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary

    That's well nice mate, good find!
  5. Belgium HFB may 2017

    Cool, that's what I have too. You use it well!
  6. Belgium HFB may 2017

    Some amazing shots there and a few bits that I never saw when I visited. What camera do you shoot with?
  7. Cheers dude. Yeah I think it's the bit in the middle next to the tower. Got a bit disorientated inside there. Nice place for a day out
  8. Missed this one @Andy, fantastic frescoes!
  9. Dayyum what a mess. Wtf are those weird drawings on the wall in pic 24?
  10. France Ouvrage Latiremont, France - August 2017

    Nice one, loved it in there! We found a nice easy way out/in when we left as well. Brehain is well worth a look too if you get the chance
  11. Always fancied popping in here some time. Expected there to be more epic graff than your report shows though, maybe everything decent got tagged over? Looks a bit shit nowadays from what it once was...
  12. Belgium Science Lab, April 2017

    Some great shots there
  13. That's pretty damn cool, liking this a lot....
  14. Looks a decent explore this, very similar to the one in Shoreham
  15. New Zealand Fort Bastion, Auckland - June 2017

    Not the prettiest of places but some interesting history there
  16. UK Mount Saint Mary's Church

    Nicely done, that's a cool find
  17. UK Essence house

    Excellent set Mikey, always enjoy your posts
  18. UK RAF Church Fenton, Tadcaster - July 2016

    Some nice peely in there
  19. UK College Labs - Wye - Kent - August 2017

    Looks like a pretty decent explore that, liking the lecture theatre
  20. UK TG Green Pottery - Derbyshire - July 2017

    Some great photos there, looks much better than I remember from previous reports. Good work
  21. What a fetid pit of despair