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  1. Need to get this done myself at some point soon, looks proper epic.... What's the deal with the explorer bus?
  2. I'd like to visit here some time, great photos! One of them is not working by the way....#7...
  3. We were way too ninja for any farmers! Thanks for your comments everyone 😀
  4. Some stunning pictures here, number 3 for me
  5. Liking that! Good find. I swear I've seen that exterior before somewhere
  6. An abandoned villa, named SS after the town it resides in. Not much to say really, a waste of a perfectly good house! Not my usual kind of explore if I'm honest but it made a change and kept @Miss.Anthropehappy! Same room but with the balcony doors opened to allow the sunlight in Thanks for looking
  7. This extravagant castle was originally built in 1605 to a more simple design. During the 19th century it underwent an Arabian style makeover which took 40 years to reach completion. No attention was spared to detail, with each and every one of the 365 rooms given its own identity. During the second world war it was looted by the Germans. After that it became a luxury hotel until it closed it's doors in 1990. Since then various plans have fallen through and a very recent sale attempt was upheld by Italian courts so its future remains unknown. I visited here with @Miss.Anthrope, a place we'd both had firmly at the top of our wish lists for some time. We could've spent hours in here but decided to air on the side of caution and keep our visit relatively short as we'd been asked to leave the area by security the day before. I guess it was pretty obvious what we were up to with camera bags and tripods peeking over the fence and we'd been spotted on cctv. On our return we made sure not to make the same mistake as they are definitely keeping an eye on the place. Derelict buildings don't come much more stunning than this. Ciao bella
  8. Much left here now does anyone know?
  9. Very cool, I've still not been to a decent asylum over there yet. Hopefully next year
  10. Very nice mate! Love these places
  11. Fuck that's pretty tasty. I prefer these old derpy theatres photographed in the dark anyway, makes it a bit more atmospheric. Good job on the lighting
  12. Done a good job on that mate. I was hanging from the night before when I went here as well, my pics show it unfortunately....
  13. Liking that! Cannons for the win
  14. It is absolutely huge, I spent half a day there and barely saw anything from your report. The murals were the highlight for me, shame it's on it's way out
  15. Nicely captured mate, some pretty fascinating history there
  16. Wow, what a stunning report! Thanks for sharing with us. Enjoying all of your content actually as we don't see much from over there
  17. Love the windows in here, reminds me of star trek
  18. Nice one D, great photos as always mate
  19. That's sweet, quite a few bits I missed here
  20. Damn what a beast, I really want this one!
  21. Loving this, looks a great explore and not seen it pop up before