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  1. UK Wingfield Railway Station - April 2017

    It's all about that white van! Wonder what it used to say on the side.....
  2. Looks pretty fucked but good work documenting it
  3. I always liked the look of the decay in this place. I've noticed you don't get many comments on your reports these days @Landie_Man, I guess because you rarely respond, do you even read them?
  4. UK Abandoned Apothecary

    Missed this one, looks amazing in there. I often walk past the odd little abandoned shop and think it's probably not worth the effort but something like this would be awesome to find!
  5. UK RAF Coningsby Bomb Dump - lincolnshire - October 2017

    Looks pretty epic here to be fair, gonna have to head over soon I think. Some good finds there!
  6. Missed this one, nice photos Andy. Maybe the floorboards were removed by metal thieves stealing copper pipes underneath?
  7. UK Abandoned movie studio/film set - Beijing, China

    Seen this pop up before, looks an interesting wander. What's the deal with YouTubers and CAPS LOCK?
  8. That's cool mate, really nicely photographed
  9. Italy Villa Sbertoli, Italy - September 2017

    Cheers it's not bad is it, another gem wasting away unfortunately
  10. Villa Sbertoli was built in the early 1800s by wealthy merchant Agostino Sbertoli. According to some sources he decided to turn the villa into a psychiatric hospital because he had a disabled son, whom he tried to cure all his life. On his death bed he decided to devote all his possessions to a charity for the mentally ill, even their, so that his son could feel at home. It was inaugurated as a psychiatric hospital in 1868. During World War II it was used by the Nazis to hold prisoners but afterwards was sold to the province and used as a psychiatric hospital again. In 1978 "Law Basaglia" (a reform of the Italian psychiatric system) was passed and the hospital was forced to close. By 1990 it was abandoned completely. Really liked it in here, the main hall is stunning and there are a few medical rooms upstairs. Perhaps a bit staged in one or two of them but interesting all the same. The building next door had some nice bits as well. Unfortunately we got off to a bad start by bumping into Jonny the security guard. He seemed like a really nice guy but it was difficult to communicate with him. Luckily @Miss.Anthropewas on hand with her mystical ability to understand everything a foreigner says in a language she doesn't speak. He wanted 20 Euros off each of us to let us inside, and that's why he was being so nice. Now I'm not really into paying for explores so we told him we had no money on us. He didn't like this predicament much so we eventually reached a settlement of 5 Euros for the both of us. A sum we could happily live with! Nice one bruvva
  11. hi everybody

    Welcome to oblivion state, look forward to seeing some reports
  12. I'm actually amazed there is this much left of it, can't believe the saloon is still there! Cheers for posting
  13. Haha wtf, not heard that before! Look forward to seeing your pics, I'd like to go back tbh
  14. I can't find much history about this place except it was built in the 1950s and abandoned in the 90s due to a more modern replacement being built nearby. Sadly the turbine hall has been completely gutted but the control room was absolutely pukka. A nice chilled explore with @Miss.Anthrope 1. 2. This is what used to be inside here..... (archive photo) 3. What it looks like now. Sometimes life isn't fair. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Amazing that this is in such a good state compared to the rest of the building. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. The trip wouldn't have been complete without a quick peek inside the cooling tower. 20. The smallest cooling tower I've seen I think! Grazie mille
  15. Fair play this place looks so good, nice report
  16. Other DeScent RIP. Tribute Video

    Nice tribute Doug, I remember reading about this, a tragic reminder of the dangers of draining. I'll share this onto the Facebook group as well. Cheers
  17. Chucky's Cousins

    Everyone has their weird fetishes in this hobby whether it be staircases, corridors, toilets or ermmm dead animals..... I like finding creepy dolls! They carry a certain sadness about them as they all had owners once upon a time, but now nobody loves them and they've been left to rot all on their own. You often find them sat on chairs looking at you as you enter the room, the freaky little fuckers. Anyway, I'll start proceedings with this tiny doll I found sat in the dark next to some mouldy jam in St Clement's psychiatric hospital. Scared the shit out of me!
  18. I really like this, nice colours and ferns for the win.
  19. USA Boston construction site, March 17

    That's wicked mate, missed this post. The crane cab shot is sweet
  20. Liking that mate, tiled entrance for the win! Where is @coolboyslimthese days?
  21. I had some call me a bourgeoisie c*unt for using the word chav in a blog post once. I haven't used it much since! Jeez that place looks battered
  22. Belgium Shutter Island August '17

    Love it! Great write up and pics
  23. UK RAF Folkingham Vehicle Graveyard - October 2017

    Jeez that's quite a big collection! Intrigued to see this video footage now
  24. Italy Pharmaceutical Laboratory

    Looks like a cool explore