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  1. UK Chaos Manor - April 2017

    I went to a rave in here
  2. There was none here
  3. UK Tower Colliery, May 2017

    Always like the look of this one, might have to head that way soon
  4. Greece Nicosia Airport

    Hi Barry, I've moved this to the discussion section. Not heard of this airport personally sorry, quick google search brings up some photos from 2014 but nothing much since. Guess you need to go and take a look for yourself, have a look on google earth as well. I wouldn't be put off by the fact nobody has reported from there in a while. Probably just been forgotten about.
  5. Thanks Andy, lots more places like this on my list around Berlin
  6. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. The only bit of furniture left in the whole place pretty much 38. You can only just make out the soldier in this mural. Sadly many of these have peeled away now. 39. 40. A castle with a knight in front of it, barely visible. 41. 42. This was my favourite. Thanks for looking. I really need to learn to shorten my reports!
  7. Other Rebirth Island

    Awesome, never heard of this before, cheers for posting
  8. Shame it's been left to reach that state, must have been a grand building at one time
  9. Bit battered but that's a decent report all the same, quite like the decay in places
  10. UK Ashley Road Deep Shelter 2017

    Think this is sealed again now
  11. UK Singleway Mine - Bath - June 2017

    Looks pretty nice in there mate
  12. UK Bron Y Grath Vagrants Wing - May 2017

    Yeah these look pretty cool, nice shots man
  13. Good to see this pop up again, amazed it still looks untouched
  14. UK Military Vehicles - June 2017

    That's a really cool find, love that truck with the missile in the side!
  15. UK RAF Kemble 2017

    Looks worth spending a bit of time, especially for the aircraft....
  16. Great set Andy, I missed a couple of those rooms I think, I don't remember seeing the small control panel
  17. Scrap that last comment @WildBoyzI think there was an issue with photo bucket, pics are back now
  18. Some issues with pics on a few of your reports @WildBoyz. Do you use flickr or photo bucket or what?
  19. @WildBoyz pics not showing here either mate....
  20. Pics not showing any more on this report for some reason @WildBoyz
  21. UK Lluesty Hospital 05/2017

    Getting inside is the name of the game. Always worth checking things for yourself despite what others tell you, they may have been unlucky when they visited. With this place I'm not sure it's worth the risk though.
  22. USA Boblo Island Warehouse April 2017

    Ooohhh I like some of that graff a lot, would like to see this one
  23. UK A Mine and Mill in Scotland

    That's pretty cool. Interested to see what's underneath, could be even more promising
  24. New Zealand Bruce Woollen Mill, Milton - May 2017

    Looks ace, that porn wall is epic as well
  25. That looks wicked, some really nice shots too