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  1. France Bureau Central

    Great shots, it's certainly very photogenic in there
  2. UK Bretton Hall, Wakefield - Dec 2017

    Looks pretty decent that
  3. Other Abandoned soviet space shuttles

    EPIC. Heard this is a right mission and a half so well done pulling it off!
  4. France Rusty Mine

    That's real nice, my kind of place
  5. UK Victoria BS - January 2018

    Haha, excellent first report! It looks like a decent explore despite the crowds showing up.
  6. UK Canon brewery, Sheffield - Sep 2017

    Doesn't look much worse than 3 years ago tbh, I still enjoyed it in there though, for the graff especially
  7. Love this! So cool
  8. UK Abandoned train yard/factory (cinematic)

    It works well. Most exploring videos these days are about 20 minutes of poorly shot phone camera footage. I usually switch off after 30 seconds. The number of views on YouTube never seems to correlate with the level of quality unfortunately. Lots of talentless morons out there getting hundreds of thousands of views for poorly edited shite
  9. Liking that a lot, ace report!
  10. UK Snibston mine, coalville , Jan 18

    Definitely looks worth dodging a camera for and an early start to avoid the neighbours
  11. UK Abandoned train yard/factory (cinematic)

    Excellent. Really nicely done and no bullshit click bait title like most videos I see these days! Good work
  12. That's a cool report mate and good to see you over here. Some decent stuff you've found there
  13. Yeah I hear ya, it just captures SO much though, I couldn't put mine down for a few months after I bought it. Barely use the thing now but occasionally it pulls out the money shot
  14. Other An Assortment of Derp, Various Countries - August 2016

    Missed this somehow. Some cool looking places there dude. I love those old military camps, Forst zinna has some epic looking murals. They'll be a thing of the past in a few years
  15. Explore of the year 2017

    Would have to be this for me....without naming it publicly