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  1. Designed by Architect to the Metropolitan Police, John Dixon Butler FRIBA, the Greenwich Magistrates’ Court opened in 1909 with an integral police station. The Symmetrical frontage is faced in Portland Stone in a free Classical style and features a central semi-circular tablet with Royal Coat of Arms, carved in stone by Lawrence Turner. Inside, the entranceway leads to the former police station foyer which has a mosaic tiled floor with MP monogram (for Metropolitan Police) laid by Messrs Diespeker. The foyer leads onto Court 1, the main courtroom which is toplit with a decorative plaster frieze around the light well and a monogram of Edward VII in plaster above the bench. The Courtroom has mostly original fittings and the bench is in a curved recess, up three steps. The court has its own custody suite. The suite consists of nine prison cells with associated facilities for booking in prisoners etc. Visited here with @AndyK! a few months back. We sat on this for a while as we were hoping to return and see if we missed any bits but haven't got around to it. Anyway, I think we saw all the best bits. Here are some of my photos to begin with, and a few taken by Andy at the end. I also poached the history from his website report, so cheers for that! A few shots of the custody suite from Andy Thanks for looking
  2. Belgium Jumanji - [visit 10/2k17]

    I've had a couple of people ask me about this place and I had no idea what they were talking about. Love it!
  3. Good to see you back D, cool report mate
  4. Other Airbase with plane located in Croatia

    Yeah for sure!
  5. Other Airbase with plane located in Croatia

    Liking that mate. Again, good to see something different and not every day we see reports from Croatia or Hungary. Thanks for sharing
  6. Other Abandoned Hotel - Penang, Malaysia

    Wow that's big! Works really well with the drone, I expect there's not a lot to see inside
  7. USA army of the 12 monkeys

    This is incredible, those pics with the snow!!! Awesome post mate, look forward to seeing what else you have in your back yard
  8. Other Miner hospital in Hungary

    I like this, some nice shots here
  9. Love this @Andy, really impressed with these shots especially considering how little time we had that day!
  10. Really nice report mate, not done anything with my pics from here
  11. Damn that's fucked! Cheers for documenting it though
  12. USA Mcneil Mansion

    A shame when such a nice looking building gets into this condition. Cheers for posting though
  13. Just his opinion mate, not the whole forum. Doesn't bother me in the slightest personally, each to their own innit. Looks like another cool find. Fuck getting caught somewhere like this though, I'd half expect the shotgun to come out!
  14. UK 1787 Church, Scotland - Oct 15

    Looks good to me mate