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  1. France

    Missed this when posted! Soz Agree with @Andy, I like 30 and that ripply effect in 31 too
  2. New Zealand

    Steeped in history that place
  3. That's a bit fucking tasty! Nice work Lav
  4. UK

    Spot on that mate @The_Raw . I should really make a trip over there as these places really interest me
  5. Germany

    The place is epic, you just don't get military locations like this in the UK. Top stuff mate
  6. UK

    'Twas a great day's mooching and brilliant to catch up with @Session9 again Same as Geoff says, your hand is steadier than a tripod . Love the 'focus' in pic 12
  7. UK

    Nice photobombing skills mate . Who was that guy that we ran in to? Thought he was secca for a minute or two lol @Lavino
  8. UK

    Looks good mate! Quality place and bloody massive isn't it? We could've spent another few hours in the place but ran out of daylight recently. Cheers for posting
  9. UK

    Would make a nice camper van that truck if you had the time/money to restore it Thanks for posting
  10. Germany

    What a place! Seemed a bit shelly at the beginning of the report but the buildings got better and better as I scrolled down I like that old signage and the murals too, plus the gazzz mazkk shot was mint
  11. Thanks for the update; haven't seen any reports from here for a while Nicely shot and edited too and good to see you back on the forum after some time?
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum
  13. New Zealand

    I bet some shenanigans went on in that place in its day! Thanks for sharing
  14. Thanks @Ferox, yeah it seems to be the way with traffic going through these places; eventually it just becomes a shit-tip
  15. Greece

    Hi Barry, I've been to Nicosia a number of times but wasn't aware of the status of the airport? It's always a bit of a politically tricky area so just be careful and hopefully you'll come back with a win There's probably a lot to see around Cyprus due to the fact that theres disputed territory all over the place, and there's plenty of failed tourist destinations around


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