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  1. UK

    Nice quality that and the 4K makes it look mint on a big screen If you hit 'enter' after pasting the URL it'll embed automatically I've done it for you
  2. UK

    Good to see you're getting out and about regularly
  3. UK

    Can't beat a good eeerrbex dump. Personally i like the challenge of counting down from 10 when using a ten-pack of tissues when wiping, but i seem to remember there was bog roll available here I like that marble tin shot, missed that myself (but I always do) and the window one. Looking forward to posting my report from here around 2027
  4. Oh I like stuff like this, and thats a flipping cool place. I like how that control area looked when it was mint, such a shame about the fire/trashing of the site. I've slept a few times in places like that in the UK, but in bunkbeds with 4 levels. It's ok until you get up in the middle of the night for a piss and forget you're up there and have to freefall to the floor half-asleep
  5. UK

    Shame when these things are flooded, but theres a few nice ones still kicking around
  6. Liking how you lit these up too mate, 1-3 and number 11 is brilliant
  7. UK

    Access looked tricky Nice little location this is
  8. Germany

    A piece of history right there and I hope the murals survive the demo crew that you spoke about Thanks for posting
  9. UK

    Cheers @Angels05Astra i'll add that now Yeah it must've been a beaut back then
  10. UK

    Same as @Lenston said; great job for your first report Shame they didn't put St.Crispins to better use before it got run down into this state as theres some real nice architecture here What month/year did you visit @Angels05Astra and i'll add it to the title
  11. Canwick Cemetery Chapel The Explore One from March last year. This place has been derelict for a number of years and I had been keeping an eye on the place for probably 2 years previous to that as I regularly had to drive past the cemetery. Around once a month I made a point of stopping, pretending to visit some dead-relatives' grave and when no one was looking used to hop the heras and check the doors. About a billion times they were the same as always and I cursed the local kids and drunks for being crap, until finally one day myself and @Urbexbandoned were on a stroll through the cemetery and noticed some fresh beer cans near the heras and the door looking ever so slightly ajar.. winner!. Couldn't have a look that day as a groundsman was busy astro-turfing a rectangle nearby but returned the next day for a solo visit, then a few days later with @Urbexbandoned. I don't think the assumed-drunk had entered as I had to push a layer of pigeon shit about 2 inches thick behind the door. No-one had been in there for a very long time and also it was a shame the wooden staircase up the bell tower had completely rotted away and collapsed at some point. A few people visited in the coming few months, then I noticed the door got boarded up again. The History Pair of former chapels, now disused. 1856. By Michael Drury. Coursed and squared rubble with ashlar dressings and plain tile roof. Gothic Revival style with pointed arched windows and Geometrical tracery. EXTERIOR: chamfered and moulded plinth, sill band, moulded eaves, coped gables with crosses and finials. North side has a central gable with an archway and shafts, flanked by single gabled buttresses. Beyond, single blocked 3-light windows. To left, the octagonal east chapel has angle buttresses and 3 gables, each with a 4-light window. Roof gablets. Fleche removed. To right, west chapel with apsidal end and buttresses, 3 bays, with six 2-light windows with hoodmoulds. In the north gable, a 5-light window. Square north-west tower, 3 stages, has to north a gabled doorway with shafts. Above, a trefoiled vescia piscis and to east, a 2-light window. Third stage has a foiled corbel table and to north, a rose window. On the other sides, 3-light windows. Spire removed. INTERIOR: east chapel has an arch braced conical roof with collars forming a corona. West chapel has a moulded stone arch to the apse, and an arch braced double purlin roof. Both chapels have foliage corbels - I have no idea what they are.. The Pictures 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Coffin shape on the ceiling.. 13. As always thanks for looking and feedback always appreciated
  12. France

    Looks amazing in that main bit and the pics are stunning
  13. Cool place that and I like shot 12 the most, cheers for posting
  14. Oh that's a crackin report and shot excellently mate
  15. UK

    Hey that hyperlapse segment looked cool so you made use of your fps error pretty damn well, pretty frantic and it worked Cheers for posting


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