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  1. I think your description of a heap of shit is quite apt here .
  2. Those spools are holding their colour nicely Nice waterfall exposures too lav
  3. France

    A bit different that I like that first shot, very nice
  4. Hi Gaz and welcome to the forum Good luck on your knobhead-ex free explore adventures lol!
  5. Germany

    Nicely lit there mate
  6. Good mate here thanks, hope you're well too bud
  7. UK

    Hi, unfortunately people generally won't give out locations for places to unknown members. Best advice is to do a bit of research on the internet and find some places for yourself, then post up your reports so we can see them, and you'll probably find people are a bit more forthcoming with information etc. Good luck @E.Lou667
  8. The decay is immense for somewhere that has only been abandoned for 7 years! You do take an awesome photo, thanks for posting
  9. I like the third from last pic What does THO stand for?
  10. UK

    Mental light coming through that circular window. Liking that, cheers Do you still take photos too? Cc @The_Raw
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum Diego
  12. UK

    Those floors looking a bit spongy!
  13. UK

    I do like a derp car or two, and very nicely filmed again. I watched a couple of umbex videos from the section of the forum that I normally dread before I watched this one and it's been a pleasure to watch, so cheers for posting
  14. Belgium

    Very much like that printing thing in pics 5 and 6
  15. Impressive pictures but I must add that it's pretty risky wandering around a live bombing/ECM range!


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