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  1. UK

    Interesting how this video stuff is progressing, i'm liking it and looking forward to seeing more Thanks for posting
  2. France

    Liking number 6 the most, historic place
  3. UK

    Definitely the better of the two blocks mate, with all those bits and bobs
  4. UK

    Looks good mate, some nice peely in there
  5. UK

    Nicely put together that mate
  6. UK

    Excellent stuff there mate, a little bit of everything Pic 16 is a loading/unloading pit - the person with the firearm will point it into the sand whilst carrying out the load/unload/make safe drill. It's only a safety measure in case they fuck up the drill and isnt intended to be shot into regularly
  7. UK

    Nice to see it unchavved
  8. Are you serious? You think you can join a forum and contribute zero and people will just send you all the information you want without knowing who you are or anything about you?? That's not how it works mate I'm sorry. A good starting place would be to wind it in a bit. Then interact, for example post some reports from locations that you have visited. Look at other people's reports and give feedback. This isn't an A-Z. Google would be useful to you too.
  9. Very colourful shots, pretty damn cool looking place so thanks for posting
  10. Thanks everyone Apologies for missing the replies to this whole thread I've heard the place has had a bit of a "clearout" recently unfortunately. More recent reports i've seen showing the result of sticky fingers
  11. Mortuary Bog
  12. Nice smooth footage there Makes a nice change from some of the shaky, blurry 59 minute shite you see on forums most of the time
  13. UK

    Captured beautifully and what a great find! Wish we could've taken it home
  14. Germany

    Very photogenic that radio tower, nice looking-upwards shots
  15. Of course, no problem. I'll pop it in the post tomorrow


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