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  1. Great report and pictures there @bob, and same as @Dubbed Navigator said about the detail in the images
  2. Yeah places like these seem to get looted quite quickly once they're discovered, but it was nice you removed some toys for the kids charity I haven't watched the video as it's not really my thing but good report of a place with an interesting history Oh, and there a few of the pictures not displaying, if you can repair them do so please, if not re-post them below and i'll add them into the report Thanks.
  3. Some cracking images on here folks
  4. hamtagger


    Heres a few i've found after a quick hunt through the hard drive I'm sure there'll be more when I find them
  5. Welcome to the forum and what a great first report!
  6. hamtagger


    Another nice idea there mate! My themed folders are expanding rapidly lol. It takes ages to find them in 10000's of photos doesn't it?
  7. That last one lol @Andy
  8. Bit different that, and thanks for posting Bit of an unfortunate name though isn't it lol? Sounds like a cream for an itchy *ahem
  9. Cheers mate, i can't remember the name of that place but the ex-occupant definitely had a thing for clocks! Must've been a heavy sleeper
  10. Lovely report again @Ghost-Scooter, particularly like that decomposing piano
  11. Some proper nice old bits and bobs in there, shame about the knobheads - plenty around nowadays unfortunately
  12. Cool place @Mumi, I have no idea what you're saying though but the place looks alright
  13. Cool place and nicely shot too Check you out with the 50's props
  14. Definitely very photogenic and agree with @DirtyJigsaw on pic 4