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  1. UK Victoria BS - January 2018

    Thats a quality first report mate and thanks for joining the forum too There was quite a stir about this place a few weeks ago wasn't there? Top quality photos.
  2. UK Canon brewery, Sheffield - Sep 2017

    Place is looking sorry for itself nowadays, but thanks for the update mate I like how someones given number 18's face a tongue
  3. UK Abandoned DSS computer centre

    HI @crabb and welcome to the forum Cheers for putting a report up. That old record storage thing looks cool
  4. USA Abandoned Paper Factory and DIY Skatepark

    Brrrr thats cold!
  5. Ireland St Brigid's Asylum, Ballinasloe, Ireland November 2016

    I'll probably give it a look the next time i'm over home
  6. France Bureau Central

    That's a great set of images mate, i like that 3rd one Thanks for posting these
  7. France Rusty Mine

    Really nice photos @cgeff, looks like a massive place; have you got any more pics and a hint to what the place was used for?
  8. Ireland St Brigid's Asylum, Ballinasloe, Ireland November 2016

    That's sad to hear @Irishmanlost
  9. Derelict Toilets of the UK, 2013-2018

    Damn i'd love to sit on that, for days
  10. USA Abandoned Paper Factory and DIY Skatepark

    You should've taken your skateboard in mate
  11. Germany Abandoned Fuel Storage

    @SneakySnitch Thanks man! If you find any more post them on please dude
  12. UK Belfast City Mortuary, 2016

    Thanks for posting! We've had a few unsuccessful attempts here over the last few years and it seemed to get more and more locked down each visit. I swung by here a few weeks ago and was greeted by this....
  13. Hey

    Hello and welcome to the forum @Desert, have you been to anywhere over there yet?
  14. Germany Abandoned Fuel Storage

    Place looks epic, got any more photos?
  15. UK Brotherton house, Leeds - Jan 18

    That's a nice bit of woodwork in pic 9, good report that