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  1. Ireland St Brigid's Asylum, Ballinasloe, Ireland November 2016

    I'll probably give it a look the next time i'm over home
  2. France Bureau Central

    That's a great set of images mate, i like that 3rd one Thanks for posting these
  3. France Rusty Mine

    Really nice photos @cgeff, looks like a massive place; have you got any more pics and a hint to what the place was used for?
  4. Ireland St Brigid's Asylum, Ballinasloe, Ireland November 2016

    That's sad to hear @Irishmanlost
  5. Derelict Toilets of the UK, 2013-2018

    Damn i'd love to sit on that, for days
  6. The Derelict Toilet. AKA the Lavatory, Loo, WC, Crapper, Khazi, Bog, Dunny, Shithouse, John, Cack-Laboratory, Latrine, Little boys room, Ivory throne. An obsession I didn't realise I had until I was reviewing my pictures after visiting St. Johns and counted 33 images of toilets in various shapes, sizes, and stages of decay. I reviewed photos from previous explores and the toilet image content ratio was hovering at around 15-20%. Like watching the first series of breaking bad in two evenings, or smoking crack, the addiction had crept up on me and by this time it was too late, I was hooked... From that day forth, I can't help myself and actively seek out these attractive ceramic recepticles. Sometimes I find a lonely toilet, tucked away in an abandoned asylum and I've been overheard saying things like "there there" and "It's OK daddy's here". It has taken a long time to sift through 1000's of photographs in my dropbox but I'd like to share some of these with you. My high points have included the multitude of toilets at Severalls and St. Johns, Low points being only able to find one at Sleaford Bass Maltings and worse still, NONE at Wolverton Works. Please share your own toilet finds below, I'd love to see them The History We each spend three years of our lives on the toilet. A toilet is a plumbing fixture used for defecation, urination, and barfication. Modern toilets consist of a bowl fitted with a hinged seat and are connected to a waste pipe where waste is flushed. The Englishman with the unfortunate surname, Thomas Crapper, often gets credit for inventing the flushing toilet, and he undoubtedly was a major player in its development. His valve-and-siphon design was patented in 1891, and his company manufactured water closets that found wide acceptance all over England. In the decades preceding World War I his toilets imprinted with “T. Crapper Brass & Co., Ltd." inspired a generation of young American soldiers stationed in England during World War I, and they returned to America with a new slang term for the relatively new household fixture. Here are some of my favourite Ivory delights... Where it all began... St.John's Asylum, Lincolnshire. 1. 2. 3. 4,5,6. Severalls Hospital, Colchester. 7. 8. 9. 10. A sink photobombing my toilet shot. 11. It all became to much and she took her own life, if only i'd got there sooner 12,13(identical twin sisters),14. Ferdowse Clinic AKA Heckington Manor, Lincolnshire 15. 16. Green Peek-A-Loo 17. "The waffler" (Not strictly a shitter, but i like its body) George Dyke Forgemasters, Willenhall 18. A bit young for my liking but attractive nonetheless. Sleaford Bass Maltings, Lincolnshire. 19. Just me and her.. Anonymous Place 20. Wigston Leisure Centre, Leicestershire. (visited here the day before it got torched) 21. Intrigued by this half-toilet half-human hybrid 22. Unfortunately passed away due to smoke inhalation in a recent fire. RIP. Rauceby Asylum, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. 23. "The Cross-Trainers" Derby Royal Infirmary, Derpyshire. 24. 25. Toilet action selfie Nocton Hall and RAF Hospital 26. Old and single The RAF Binbrook Toilet Massacre, Lincolnshire 27. I have several thousand more toilet shots stored away in a special place on my laptop, but they're for me... As always, cheers for looking and feedback always welcome and appreciated peeps. Good to be back in the game again after a bit of a break! Now show me yours!!
  7. USA Abandoned Paper Factory and DIY Skatepark

    You should've taken your skateboard in mate
  8. Germany Abandoned Fuel Storage

    @SneakySnitch Thanks man! If you find any more post them on please dude
  9. UK Belfast City Mortuary, 2016

    Thanks for posting! We've had a few unsuccessful attempts here over the last few years and it seemed to get more and more locked down each visit. I swung by here a few weeks ago and was greeted by this....
  10. Hey

    Hello and welcome to the forum @Desert, have you been to anywhere over there yet?
  11. Germany Abandoned Fuel Storage

    Place looks epic, got any more photos?
  12. UK Brotherton house, Leeds - Jan 18

    That's a nice bit of woodwork in pic 9, good report that
  13. UK Adel children's hospital, Leeds - September 2017

    Looking in a sorry state nowadays isn't it? Nicely shot though mate
  14. Germany Blue meth church... [visit .../2017]

    Lovely place that mate, shame the chairs and stuff have gone
  15. That's a spectacular looking place to photograph @Andy, literally a little bit of everything. Particularly like the body-lift for the swimming pool
  16. Other Abandoned soviet space shuttles

    What a truly unique place!! Nicely put together video and pictures
  17. Intricate plasterwork in there, cool little place
  18. Welcome BritishRanger

    Welcome @BritishRanger, i'm from Northern Ireland too. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Plenty to see around liverpool area
  19. Welcome Forgotten ulster

    Hello @Forgotten ulster and welcome to OS Looking forward to seeing your reports on here mate
  20. Hello mate! Good to see you posting on here! And something a bit different too, thanks for posting @Forgotten ulster
  21. Did this massive head-drier work? Never seen one like that before
  22. UK Edinburgh Royal Victoria Hospital, 2017

    Damn that 'spine' corridor is nice looking in a photo Bit mad those sinks are nicely lined up like that, probably worth a few quid to someone i suppose Funny hearing the term "neds" a good ten years after moving away from scotland lol. Nice work
  23. UK Abandoned train yard/factory (cinematic)

    I was about to say pretty much what @The_Raw summed up there. Nice to see a bit of production going into your video, nice and smooth, bit of drone footage, and well put together. Top Job @ChristouVisuals thanks for posting and looking forward to more
  24. Amazingly clean location back then, i got to pic 30 before there was a hint of decay I wonder what happened to the place? Excellently photographed as usual Andy
  25. I could've spent another 6 hours in there. Pics came out well nice too, especially 6 and 18