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  1. It's a great building this and you've worked that fisheye well Those green tiles
  2. Amazing stuff @Ninurta, great to see different things from around the world posted on here
  3. UK RAF Folkingham Vehicle Graveyard - October 2017

    Some cool old wagons lying there and that big new looking CAT thing must be worth a fortune!
  4. hi everybody

    Hi mate, welcome to the forum
  5. UK Oakwood Farm, Norfolk - June 2016

    Thanks all, appreciate your comments
  6. Oakwood Farm The Explore A farm in Norfolk with a blue toilet which I liked. Good quality mahogany seat which was a bit dusty and the flush was defective. Toilet roll was scratchy on the anus area and dusty too. A farmer and his wife and possibly kids lived here at some point in the past. My guess is the farmer liked cars. There were lots of things to photograph here and from my 1% memory of this 'explore' that room with the wardrobe was pitch black and I called my camera lots of names that day, when in reality it was my inability to use it correctly that was the problem. And I had a poo there, while @Urbexbandoned laughed and photographed me, but that's the norm for pretty much every time we're out exploring. The History A farm in Norfolk where nobody lives anymore. The whole extended family died and it became a derp. The Pictures 1. 2. Vaseline - Empty... 3. Something for the bum grapes 4. 5. The dark room which was a twat to photograph.. 6. 7. "with 3 doors!" 8. 9. There was pretty much nothing in this room apart from this old tea box. 10. 11. Impactual eeriebex photo showing some kind of past.. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Thanks for having a look and feedback always appreciated
  7. UK RAF Church Fenton, Tadcaster - July 2016

    Thanks peeps
  8. RAF Church Fenton The Explore 'Twas a nice easy mooch from about a year ago with @Urbexbandoned. Because I'm so far behind in posting reports I always have to go back and read Tracey's report to jog my memory so I can write some shite here as an intro. I can remember it was a boiling hot day and the pollen levels were reading at about 4 billion parts per square metre. After hacking through a shitload of undergrowth for a good half an hour we eventually found something which resembled an RAF base. I was only a few more sneezes away from death. The jungle made it difficult to navigate around and I remember thinking at the time to make sure I returned during the winter so we could actually see where we were going, but I haven't returned since. I bunged my photo's onto my hard drive back then and only just had a look again recently, and to be honest I was pretty disappointed as they're all a bit samey. Derpy barrack blocks and a JR's mess, blah blah peely blah.. the Upwood of the future.. The History First opened in 1937, RAF Church Fenton is the former home of the first American Eagle Squadrons and was formally regarded as one of the UK's most important strategic airfields, offering rapid reaction fighter defence to the industrial cities of Sheffield, Bradford and Leeds during the second World War. Now, after decades of faithful service in defence of the realm, the air station stands as a lonely hostage to both time and decay. On 1 April 1937 the station was declared open and on 19 April the first station commander Wing Commander W.E. Swann assumed command. Within two months, No. 71 Squadron RAF had arrived with their Gloster Gladiators. During September 1940 Church Fenton became home to the first "Eagle squadron" of American volunteers - No. 71 Squadron RAF and their Brewster Buffalos and Hawker Hurricanes. The airfield was also home to both the first all-Canadian and all-Polish squadrons, No. 242 Squadron RAF and No. 306 Squadron RAF respectively. As air warfare became a more tactical and technological pursuit, the first night-fighter Operational Training Unit was formed at Church Fenton in 1940 and some of the squadrons stationed there began to fly the famous de Havilland Mosquito. After the close of the war, the station retained its role as a fighter base, being among the first to receive modern jet aircraft, namely the Gloster Meteor and the Hawker Hunter. In later years, Church Fenton became the RAF's main Elementary Flying Training airfield. On 25 March 2013 it was announced that Church Fenton would close by the end of 2013 and By 19 December, all units had been relocated and the airfield was closed. Some equipment was be relocated to RAF Topcliffe and MoD security continued to secure the site until disposal. A NOTAM was issued suspending the air traffic zone at the end of 2013. The Pictures 1. 2. 3/4. 5. 6/7. 8. 9/10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. As always thanks for looking and feedback always appreciated
  9. Asbestos masks

    Thanks for the advice, and I hope that someone reading this will take onboard your useful and valid tips Truth is that most people involved in this hobby are well aware of the risks involved. Official H&S directed asbestos removal teams will indeed go well beyond the safety precautions required for the disposal of asbestos, purely due to the fact that the company that they work for are so shit scared that one of their employees may succumb to it's effects. The presence of asbestos is definitely a consideration for 'explorers' and we've witnessed many many fools wearing MAGIC dust masks over the years, sometimes in the form of a clown masks to our images' detriment (LOL), but in reality I personally think that the thrill outweighs the risk most of the time. You could be hit by a bus tomorrow
  10. UK RAF Coningsby Weapons Store - October 2017

    Can't believe there's a Telehandler dumped in there, and a couple of tornado/jaguar dehumidifiers! Haven't seen a report from here for ages, and to be honest I hadn't even bothered looking at the place as no previous reports had shown much of any interest. I had a wander around the site in 2006 when i was working near Coningsby and it was still in relatively good condition externally but the majority of the buildings were locked down. I wasn't even aware that exploring abandoned places was a "thing" back then if i'm honest and it was purely just nosiness. I remember asking the someone there why the place had shut down and was told that when the Tornado F3 had gone out of service, they had planned to shut the bomb dump temporarily until the Typhoon came into service - and then it would be re-opened. It that interim period Gypsies/metal thieves pretty much caused so much damage/removal of copper from the lightning protection system (LPS), that it was more cost effective for the RAF to build a brand new facility rather than repair the old. It is a much smaller enclosure than it's predecessor. Same as Collyweston and Waddington and tonnes of current RAF bases with external ESA's, there's probably dozens of these places dotted around the UK. Thanks for posting mate Great to see and sad at the same time.
  11. UK North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary

    Awesome stuff! The morgue reminds me a bit of Selly Oak
  12. What a cracker. I'd give it a "thumb" but i can't
  13. France Ouvrage Latiremont, France - August 2017

    Looks awesome in there, thanks for sharing I particularly like the rusty door shot and the stand-up shitter
  14. Hi, Everyone

    Hi and welcome to the forum Same as Andy said, give it a go around your area to start with and build up a bit of experience. I'm sure there's some people in your area that would gladly meet up once they see some of your work
  15. UK Hook End Manor September 2017

    Stunning place, thanks for posting
  16. Hello from Italy!

    Hello Enrico and welcome to the forum
  17. UK Haddon Tunnel, Derbyshire - November 2016

    You've photographed that really well mate, top stuff
  18. UK Mount Saint Mary's Church

    Stunning place that mate, some really tasty architecture in there
  19. UK Military Planes at Long Marston Airfield - Aug 17

    Nice collection that mate
  20. UK Hobbits House - Aug 17

    Crazy place this isn't it? Thanks for sharing
  21. Interesting looking place that mate . Hope you didn't come away with monkey bum Aids or something?
  22. UK Meadows Cottage (Lancashire) - May 2017

    Looks like it's going to be a total empty shell from the outside but turns out there's quite a lot of old bits and pieces in there! Thanks for posting
  23. UK Formula 1 Headquarters - Aug 17

    Hi mate and welcome to the forum. Feel free to chuck an intro into the new members area so we all know what you're all about I've edited the word "ABANDONED" out of the title
  24. UK Essence house

    Looks in really great shape that place Mikey, thanks for sharing your report. Always good to see your name pop up here
  25. What a random place! You do like your old military stuff, always like seeing the old vehicles/planes and shit that you photograph


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