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  1. Here's a couple... Wigston Pool Leicestershire with me around May 14 Benenden Hospital.. featuring @Urbexbandoned Malsis School..
  2. Awesome work as usual @Ghost-Scooter Is that an ass-massager in pic 7?
  3. Nice one! I like the idea and i'm sure i have some derpy pools to add
  4. Quite enjoyed the video of the place, but I think your choice of parking location right outside the gate might've drawn attention to yourselves
  5. Really like these 'before and after' reports of yours. Great to see the difference but sad at the same time
  6. I like that wee trailer And i'm of the same opinion as @Dubbed Navigator - still reports will get the best response on a UE forum, the videos will be of more interest on youtube/facebook etc
  7. Pipe-alicious! Great looking place that thanks for posting
  8. Looks like an interesting place! Lots of stuff to rummage around in
  9. Bit sad how some peoples bones have just been chucked on the floor
  10. Pretty cool, hope you found some souvenir shoes and had a bowl?
  11. Now that is nice!!! Stunning pics as per I was wondering that too; this report loaded quickly but previous ones seemed to take a while to show the images even with quick computer and fast internet here. But my knowledge in this area is slim, maybe @Dubbed Navigator could shed some light?
  12. Nice how they leave the front door open for us in Italy! What a great looking place and pics too You're narrative needs trimming down though
  13. Really nice shots there Lee, must be a nice way to spend a few hours
  14. I'd rather watch some of these without having a clue as to what's being said than some of the tripe that is circulating in the UK at the moment.
  15. Nice one Trev, cool collection
  16. I like the outdoor crapper
  17. Damn thats bloody lovely in there. Like that curvy bit and the chapel
  18. Urban Reflections... Flipped upside down for the last two.. Your turn...
  19. Yeah link is showing that the questionnaire is closed