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  1. UK Mines, August 2013

    That's a fantastic set of shots! 14 and 17 particularly nice
  2. UK Scottish Mines - July 2013

    Lovely selection of pics. That planned Scottish mine trip may have to happen sooner rather than later!
  3. PYESTOCK... First n Last? March 2013.

    Nice pics there Poor Pyestock, gonna miss it a lot more than West Park
  4. Alright Chums

    I've had that banner for so long I don't see it any more!
  5. Oil Mills West, Dover - March 2013

    Reyt good, those pics are spot on
  6. Alright Chums

    Oreyt, Nice to see you here, enjoy your stay
  7. This means I only have to post one more report this year I'll space it out, do it in August some time ;-) @Wevs I should mention that lighting is mostly © Mike industries ;-)
  8. Now then. Recently Maniac, Frosty and I went out for a spot of Dover derping and this is "wot we done" South trollands #1: Troll mills west: Thanks to the guys for an entertaining evening out, and thanks to you for looking in, R. Jewson
  9. Just a quick hello

    Welcome back in
  10. Proper Euroderp that. Lovely pics and report duck, this has shot up the list for next time!
  11. UK RAF Chilmark Dec 2012

    Lovely shots there. I second Mike, my shots from here were awful as well - would love to get back here.
  12. Nice that, still an old favourite of mine. The HDR isn't my bag but you got a good look around the place by the looks of it! Did you climb a headstock?