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  1. Germany Blue Theatre Hospital, Germany - August 2014

    Alrighty Stussy. Nice little gaff that. Love the peeling, cracking shots mate :-)
  2. Seriously nice shots there mate.
  3. Like this a lot. Love pic 4 :-)
  4. Nice shots, never seen this place before.
  5. UK The Snow Factory April 2014

    Like that site a lot. Last pic is a rasper :-)
  6. UK AP Primary School - Febuary 2014

    Always a pleasure, never a chore Mr Stussy :-)
  7. AT Primary School. Visited with Stussy. Part of another great weekend up the road. The school taught children from the ages of 3-12 years. Approximately 112 children were taught in the primary section and 30 children in he nursery. Closed it doors for the final time in 2008. Been on my list for quite some time so i was well happy to embark on, what turned out to be a very enjoyable explore. Big thanks to Stussy for the usual great banter.
  8. Hello from The Fake Snowman

    Thanks for the welcome guys. I'm in the process of getting my lazy backside into action wi a few reports :-)
  9. Hello to everyone on the forum. I'm looking forward to share some reports, past and present.
  10. Mr Shatners, you never cease to amaze with your incredibly creative photography. Top drawer mate!!