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  1. UK Newsome Mill, Newsome - February 2016

    Can't believe someone has taken the best part of this mill, the gorgeous spiral staircase! well done for getting up there even without them. It was rather wobbly when it was in place.

    Aww poor cat with the bad eye nice report.
  3. UK Reins Mill, Honley Feb 2016

    Empty but has a lovely feel to it.
  4. Lovely spiral staircases. We had some of that in the old mills up here in the North.
  5. UK George Barnsley & Son - Sheffield - January 2016

    You've done a great job with this one. Some great close up shots. Looks almost the same as so many years ago but I suspect not.
  6. UK SSI Redcar Power Station. January 2016

    Some great photos, AR. Nicely done.
  7. UK SSI Power Station, Redcar - January 2016

    Very comprehensive and well covered.
  8. UK Lostock Power Station - Northwich - January 2016

    Some really good photos there.
  9. UK Cathedral Church, Sheffield - January 2015

    Nice view of Sheffield.
  10. UK Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge - Jan 16

    This is a lovely bridge. Nice report.
  11. UK Kingsway Tram Tunnel, London - January 2016

    So many secrets under London! Nice work Damo.
  12. Belgium 72 hours in Belgium - July 2015 - Part one.

    Great report. That station is gorgeous.
  13. UK A Lost Power Station, Cheshire, January 2016

    Nice name! Looks great despite being full of pigeon poo!