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  1. UK HMS Forward - South Heighton - September 2017

    Very cool set of tunnels and great shots to go with it
  2. USA army of the 12 monkeys

    That's awesome. Loving the photos with the snow on for comparison too. Nice location
  3. France U-Verlagerung W. (visited 10/2017)

    Very nicely photographed Andy.
  4. France Chateau French House - August 2017

    Damn, really liking this place. Nicely shot
  5. France Manoir Neglected Elegance July 2017

    That's lovely, nice photos too
  6. UK RAF Coningsby Bomb Dump - lincolnshire - October 2017

    That's pretty cool tbh, nice set of pics too
  7. What an insane building inside, great for some photos and exploring tho, nice one
  8. USA Boston construction site, March 17

    Thanks man Yeah, good old nifty fifty is great for shots like that
  9. That's some nice photography right there, love the upward stair shot
  10. UK Pyestock Anechoic Facility - August 2017

    Some cracking shots there and some epic selfies!
  11. Every time I've gone here (3 times I believe) I've never gotten inside, although I could see that lovely staircase though the windows at the front. Nice one
  12. UK St. Paul's Church, Denholme (visited 07/2017)

    Pic 31, lovely POV. Nice set
  13. Lovely photos. Nice one
  14. UK Kaserne Krampnitz, Germany - June 2017

    I like the look of this place, some nice art in there too along with the decay. Nicely shot