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  1. great to see pictures f this place again nice one
  2. HaaHaa I also had a go of the cameras some nice pictures well done
  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment everyone , yeah this place is very nice you don't get to see much Metrovic gear now days , if I could have lifted one of those switches I would have taken it home that's for sure
  4. I met up with Always Sneaky and off we went to have a look at this old building Built around 1912 and used right up until the mid 1980s when it was used as a supply feed before being fully decommissioned in the 1990s. The main intake was from Acton Lane that fed two 22000 volt circuits at 400 amps, this feed Originally came from a power station at Park Royal but this power station ceased generating in the 1950's, I'm not sure where the substation took its supply from after that. The 22kV switch room, which is the Western most building still has all the gear in place and its all Metro Vickers kit but it looks like it wont be there for much longer as I'm sorry to say this substation is now being stripped, all the copper has been pulled and most of the panel fittings are now gone Carillion Rail are the Principal Contractor on site and Morrison Rail Services are acting as sub-contractors so its very busy here right now. here's some pictures Substation by Dmax, on Flickr Circuit breakers by Dmax, on Flickr 1920 by Dmax, on Flickr synchroscope by Dmax, on Flickr Light box by Dmax, on Flickr Control room by Dmax, on Flickr Control Panel by Dmax, on Flickr Substation by Dmax, on Flickr Metro Vickers switch gear by Dmax, on Flickr 22000 Volts 400 Amps by Dmax, on Flickr Metro Vickers by Dmax, on Flickr
  5. Great title and some cool shots, well done
  6. thanks for the comments guys
  7. Thanks it was a fun weekend that's for sure
  8. A run around the Paris Catacombs with some friends
  9. very nice set of pictures matey, I love the look of this place PS; they are not turbines I think they are steam engines driving DC dynamos , very old but still very cool
  10. I now have a Nikon D810 with a genuine Nikon MB-12 battery grip and I love it, my main lens is a Nikon 14-24 mm and I love that too , I also have 50mm 1.8 and a cheap but very good Tamron 70-300 mm zoom I also have a Nikon 35-70mm but its not that great, I've also got a 28-something but I cant remember any more than that right now and don't use it that much and last but in no way least is the other love in my kit bag and that is my Samyang 24mm tilt shift this thing is awesome. so there you go its a bit costly but I do love taking pictures.
  11. Got to say a very BIG thank you to Maniac for sorting this out , it was a great weekend !
  12. I hear good and bad about these Sony cameras not sure myself until I get to try one out, one thing I don't like the idea of is the electronic viewfinder last time I looked though one it looked awful but that was a few years back, you say you love it so maybe I will have to have another look not that I will be dumping my D810 just yet
  13. very nice site and some great photos , well done
  14. Got to love this place, you got some great shot too well done
  15. That first shot looks like a scene from the movie "Close encounters of the third kind" Well done