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  1. UK Calcott Hall, Wales - April 2016

    So sad to see this place just left to rot.
  2. Are they not demolishing some of this hall?
  3. France Bustes 2016

    Amazing place.i wonder how its just been left like this.furniture still in good condition and has its original features still intact.
  4. Any history about this amazing building.great find and pictures thanks for sharing x
  5. Belgium The Little Green House Feb 16

    Great explore there. Looks like everything has just froze in time.
  6. UK St Josephs Seminary, Upholland - April 2015

    This place has recently been fenced off. Went to go explore it the other day and i was so gutted when i seen there was no way in. Just wondering if there has finnaly been any plans for this place ,or has it been fenced to be forgotten and let rot all the more.
  7. Other The KATANA House

    Really nice place this is,Love the bedroom furniture and bed frame. Thanks for sharing.
  8. UK St Joseph's College Upholland Dec 08

    love this place,thanks for sharing
  9. Czech Republic The church of nine ghosts (Permission Visit)

    amazing thanks for sharing.love the title too x
  10. Italy Palace Casino, Italy - April 2015

    What an amazing place.would love to explore something like that, the bedroom look a bit creepy. thanks for sharing.
  11. UK Streatham High Rd Crane, London - December 2015

    OMG ,Streatham high road is allways hectic with traffic. have they knocked down most the shops there?
  12. Other The Spanish Mirage House

    love the old fashioned kitchen with the shutters on the windows. loved looking at your pics. Thanks for sharing. cant wait to see the ones you put on here in the Spring
  13. UK Camelot Theme Park. April 2015

    ive been her about 3 years ago and there was so much more to see.Its had a couple of arson attacks since then.
  14. UK Billinge Hospital. May 2015

    I thought they have knocked that part down by now.Last time i went the workmen were in the process off knocking some of the building down.Manged to get in the other part .Am talking about 2 years ago.. Thanks for sharing .
  15. Hi,since skeleton key has gone.where does the donations go to?i used to donate to skeleton key alot but since he gone i dont know who recieves it?

    i do hope he comes back as he is sadly missed .

    1. Lenston


      Morning, the donations go to @Maniac who owns the forum and is webmaster. It costs £24 a month to keep the forum going so any donations are very much appreciated :) 

    2. Gothicangel


      ok thanks.

      where are you located?sorry just asked as am making a list for ues.cant go on many because of this rain just now and any buildings are unsafe due to this rain.