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  1. Really nice looking place this one. Great shots also
  2. UK

    Good shout mate, great track. After all, what is love without lust
  3. Luxembourg

    Brilliant that mate with great shots. Looks a hell of a place
  4. UK

    What a cool looking place mate and well shot. Loads to see in here by the looks of it That flag looks like it could have been at Waterloo.
  5. France

    That is bloody lovely. Spot on SM
  6. Nice report that HT. Some great decay and bits left to see
  7. Thanks your the cool comments everyone jones-y-gog it's well worth a look mate.
  8. Nice report that mate. Looks a cool place
  9. There was some great stuff to photograph in this one
  10. I had wanted to see this place for a while and was over the moon to get the location. Checked it out on recent trip down south and it did not disappoint. Very derelict now and, I'd say bordering on unsafe looking at the huge cracks in the outside walls. Their was loads of stuff left in here and the decay was awesome. Bumped into another explorer from Norwich whilst inside. Did not get his name but he was a sound lad. Really enjoyed this spot and I'm really glad that I got to see it. One of my faves this year. A big thanks to Mikeymutt for his help with this one. Visited with non member Paul. Thanks For Looking More pics on my Flickr page - https://www.flickr.com/photos/135648593@N02/albums/72157678371542364/with/33495916191/
  11. It was a cool little area mate, very peaceful Thanks Andy The newspaper was really cool mate. The oldest I have seen for sure.
  12. Looks nice mate and well shot
  13. Good to see something from you again bud. That second shot is class mate, really nice.
  14. Had a look at this spot after an earlier fail near by. I had looked at the location of this place on goggle maps and tbh I was not holding much hope of getting in here due to it being late enough for a lot of people to be up and about. One of the things I love about this hobby is the constant surprises it throws up and, this was one of them as we waltzed in undetected. Darting about in between the barns and out buildings was a bit trickier. The inside of the house has been knocked about a bit. The kitchen is an overturned mess now. Still some bits to see with the barn and outbuildings containing the best items. Came across an outbuilding that had one of the best examples of nature ingress I have seen. I could have sat and looked at it for ages. Must of been a belter this when people first came across it. Visited with non member Paul. Thanks For Looking More pics on my Fiickr page - https://www.flickr.com/photos/135648593@N02/albums/72157681638684366/with/32758191014/
  15. France

    Brilliant location mate. Spot on


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