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  1. UK Bletchley Park - Milton Keynes - May 2017

    Nice set there mate. You have captured it well. Cracking place this one
  2. UK TG Greens, Derbyshire. April 2017

    Thanks Andy
  3. Excellent mate. Looks a bloody brilliant place. Thanks for the share
  4. UK TG Greens, Derbyshire. April 2017

    Thanks mate Yep, it's certainly some size, keeps giving this one Well worth a look mate. Would be rude not to if your so close Give me a shout if you need any help bud Thank You mate Yep, the med room is lovely. Really glad I got to see it Cheers mate Yeah, it did have a George Barnsley's feel to it in places. Full of stuff to see
  5. Thanks mate Yep, the suits where cool. Looks like a scene from the film Hostel
  6. I was not aware of this place until I seen a report on it last summer and as with Octel Bromine it was the medical room that caught my eye. And a little beauty it was too. Great decay with some nice features left. This place is rather big. The sort of place that seems to keep going and going with shit loads to have a look at. The old kilns where very nice, especially a big walk in one down in the lower levels. Some cool decay and nature egress in here also plus some collapsed floors and roofs in parts. A cracking mooch this one which I thoroughly enjoyed. Visited with non member Paul. History T.G.Green & Co Ltd originally operated from the village of Church Gresley, South Derbyshire between 1864 and 2007. More famous for their blue and white striped 'Cornish Kitchen Ware' produced from the early 1920's (then known as 'E-Blue') the pottery produced many hundreds of patterns from Yellow wares, Victorian transfer prints, colourful hand painted Art Nouveau & vibrant enamelled Art Deco patterns, Wartime utility pottery, avant garde Retro designs and many well known Brewery wares, employing up to 1,000 local staff at the height of production. Now, the old pottery site lays in ruins, the land under private ownership, never likely to ever see production again, the last of the South Derbyshire potteries has gone, although as it nears its 100th anniversary the traditional Cornishware is still manufactured and sold through a new T.G.Green & Co Ltd. . . Thanks For Looking More pics on my Flickr page - https://www.flickr.com/photos/135648593@N02/albums/72157682973777741/with/34569316764/
  7. The Blue Hospital (Nov 2014)

    That is a fantastic looking place mate. The decay is awesome. Nicely captured
  8. Hell, the guy sounds a right dick mate. Great pics of what is left This must have been very grand in it's day.
  9. UK Chaos Manor - April 2017

    Ha,ha. Spot on @The_Raw Looks like it was a good night
  10. This was our second attempt at this place after the first one did not work out due to a Sunday league football match going on right outside. Fast forward to April and we where back and access was gained. Really nice site with a lot to have a look at. The variation was interesting also with industrial, labs, offices, locker rooms, workshops and an awesome medical room. The decay in the med room is brilliant and was my main reason for wanting to see this place. We almost did not get to see it but, luckily we managed to find a way in to that building at the last minute. Visited with non member Paul. Info on the site - http://www.octelamlwch.co.uk/ . Thanks For Looking More pics on my Flickr page - https://www.flickr.com/photos/135648593@N02/albums/72157682773340775/with/33967595542/
  11. Nice set that mate. Good wander this one
  12. UK Chaos Manor - April 2017

    Was it this one @The_Raw?
  13. Had a look at this spot while crossing the country earlier in the year. It has most defiantly seen better days unfortunately. With the water egress it's slowly crumbling anyway now. A bit more of the stairs had collapsed on the ground level, luckily missing the piano. I thought the big rooms on the ground floor was the most interesting part. They must have been very grand in there day. Just as we where getting ready to go a bloke on a quad bike turned up outside of the manor. He first started shouting hello for a bit then started shouting about the house being private property. Eventually he drove off which was our que to get out of there. Due to this I never got any externals. Visited with non member Paul. Thanks For Looking More pics on my Flickr page - https://www.flickr.com/photos/135648593@N02/albums/72157683292083825/with/34002816290/
  14. Nice one mate Looks in a better state then it was when i went. Them Farmers Weekly's had become a carpet by the time I seen the place
  15. Thanks Andy The entrance hall was the highlight for me.


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