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  1. UK 3 years of exploring the steel city of Sheffield

    Some good bits there, the old Courthouse is amazing
  2. Germany Abandoned Fuel Storage

    That is a bit nice, great pictures
  3. UK Belfast City Mortuary, 2016

    Pretty cool this, thanks for posting up
  4. Welcome Lili'Graphy

    Welcome to the forum, let me know if you need help with anything
  5. Welcome BritishRanger

    Welcome along
  6. Lovely that mate, nice pics there
  7. Untouched that place mate
  8. UK Snibston mine, coalville , Jan 18

    Look like there is a lot more here to see mate
  9. Welcome lennyvd

    Welcome to the forum
  10. Thats a bit nice, great images as well
  11. Nice these mate, we were joined by the Police last time i was here Good to meet you the other day
  12. Derelict Toilets of the UK, 2013-2018

    Nice to see Trev lol
  13. Welcome to the forum, my advice would be to put some reports up so people know what your about. Looking forward to seeing some content from yourself
  14. Some good bits there
  15. A bit of a revisit to see if anything had changed since my last visit in 2014 Well worth a look if your passing. Some History The Culvert in Ebbw Vale is along the River Ebbw Fawr, a stretch of just over a mile of the river was Culverted in 1937 to accommodate expansion of the steel works. The tunnel was originally a brick lined concrete arch for its entire length. In places it has raised walkways on either side, it is well documented that someone died in this Culvert from touching a live wire that some metal thieves had cut some years ago. Pics Thanks for looking
  16. Some nice bits there Thanks for posting up
  17. Thanks Andy, hope you have a great xmas, look forward to seeing you in the new year
  18. Germany Children´s Hospital N. - August '16

    Nice this
  19. UK Former Ashworth Hospital - Merseyside- (July 09.) 2013

    Hi there, i have resized them and added them to the thread, hope this helps
  20. Some nice bits left in there mate