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  1. Nice these Andy, I wish I took a bit more time and took some pictures here that day.
  2. Welcome to the forum, not a bad first post that, quality carpet there as well
  3. Pretty cool this mate
  4. UK Abandoned movie studio/film set - Beijing, China

    Looks good this
  5. Not documented on here and i was passing through so thought i would post it up. History (Forgotten Relics) Overshadowed by its bigger and more celebrated brother called Rhondda, the 164-yard Gelli Tunnel formed part of a line built to connect the collieries of the Rhondda valley with the Swansea Bay ports. As it transpired, the considerable efforts of its engineers never reaped great financial dividends due to the tortuous gradients involved. Heading eastwards from Cymmer, trains clung to the northern side of the Afan gorge, disappearing into Gelli Tunnel on a curve. The first one did so on 2nd July 1890. Both portals and the original lining were built in masonry. An additional two-course brick lining was inserted towards the northern end as part of a subsequent strengthening scheme. A handful of refuges were also provided. The tunnel became surplus to requirements on 13th June 1960 when British Rail opened a connection to the Great Western's parallel Abergwnfi route from the Gelli ground frame. Although the structure remains generally in decent order, the eastern portal has deteriorated considerably since closure. Pics Thanks for looking
  6. UK RAF Coningsby Bomb Dump - lincolnshire - October 2017

    Like the look of this place, some nice snaps there as well
  7. hi everybody

    Welcome along, let me know if you need anything
  8. UK Hook End Manor September 2017

    A lot has been propped since we visited this be fair, the ceiling was actually painted by Dave Gilmours ex wife for their children’s room. As already mentioned cool while it lasted.
  9. Thanks Andy, nice chilled wander some of these tunnels
  10. UK Parc Lead Mine - North Wales - Sept 17

    Thanks Andy, nice near death drops here if you fancy it next time you visit
  11. Visited with The Kwan A nice wander around the upper levels of this mine, some nice bits dotted about with false floors everywhere so a keen eye on your footing is essential. A return visit needed to see some of the lower levels and thanks to The Kwan for another great afternoon in North Wales. Some History Parc Mine was the last working mine in the Gwydyr Forest and its extensive connections with older mines make it an important resource from the point of view of both history and industrial archaeology. The mine started life as part of Gwydyr Park Consols in 1883 and passed through various hands over the years. While both lead and zinc concentrates were sold, this generally didn’t cover working costs of the mines so that many of these enterprises ran at a loss. Eventually the long suffering mine shareholders forced liquidation of the companies and the mine setts were sold on to restart the cycle. After the Second World War prospects improved and more modern equipment and better separation plant increased yields and the mine ran at a profit. Sadly the yields of ore at depth proved to be poor and by the late 50’s a combination of low content and poor metal prices meant the enterprise was finished. By that time the principal lode had been driven to connect with the older Llanrwst and Cyffty mines, but neither offered any substantial reserves of ore. During the early 60’s the mine was used for experiments with new ore separation techniques and a considerable amount of material was processed. While the experiment showed the new techniques where worthwhile it also demonstrated that the overall yields from the feedstock were commercially unviable and this marked the end of mining in the Gwydyr Forest. In 1968 the mine was used as the location of an experiment to try and measure the deformation of the coastal region due to the tides. An area on level 2 was prepared and sensitive pendulums and ancillary equipment was installed. The results were not conclusive as problems associated with the deformation of the rock cavity housing the equipment marred the measurements. The equipment was removed from the mine and the portals sealed. Pics Thanks for looking
  12. Belgium Shutter Island August '17

    Lovely this
  13. Hi guys! Newbie from London!

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  14. UK RAF Coningsby Weapons Store - October 2017

    Looks a good wander this place, shame i;m not a bit closer
  15. Italy Pharmaceutical Laboratory

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  16. Hello from eastern Germany

    Welcome to the forum, great intro, let me know if you need help with anything, look forward to seeing some content from yourself
  17. Germany Peppermint Powerplant - April 2017

    Lovely pics mate
  18. Hi, Everyone

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  20. Hello from Italy!

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