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  1. UK Betamax House..

    Some cool bits left there
  2. Belgium HFB may 2017

  3. France Manoir Neglected Elegance July 2017

    Some nice bits left in there
  4. France Chateau des Anges Perdus July 2017

    Pretty cool, nice pictures there and welcome back
  5. UK TG Green Pottery - Derbyshire - July 2017

    Some nice detail shots there
  6. UK Thoresby Colliery - Nottinghamshire - April 2016

    Never seen so many emergency masks in one room before, cool stuff
  7. UK Church of St. Michael (visited 07/2017)

    Nice images there mate
  8. UK Oakwood Farm, Norfolk - June 2016

    Some nice bits there mate
  9. Italy La chiesa nascosta (visited 05/2016)

    Very nice
  10. Great pictures Andy
  11. Dials

  12. UK Bletchley Park - Milton Keynes - May 2017

    Lovely these, its a good site for sure, i went only recently and nice to see all the gear before anything changes
  13. UK Kaserne Krampnitz, Germany - June 2017

    Lovely mate
  14. Well worth a look that mate
  15. Cheers for posting up
  16. UK Tower Colliery, May 2017

    Nice pictures, its a a great site this
  17. UK RAF Kemble 2017

    We were there about 3 years ago and the place was busy that day so didn't even bother trying.