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  1. Nice one cheers for posting
  2. Hail Well met!

    Welcome to the forum, let me know if you need help with anything
  3. UK Leri Tweed Mill

    Glad you got in there ok
  4. Lovely these mate
  5. UK Calcott Hall, Wales - April 2016

    Pretty cool these Trev
  6. UK The Car Enthusiasts, 2017

    Some nice bits left there
  7. UK RAF Neatishead (Permission) 2016

    Would like to see this myself mate
  8. UK Tone Mill, Wellington 2016

    Always nice to see this place
  9. UK Bletchley Park, Block D - 2016 / 2017

    Some lovely detail shots there mate, always good to catch up
  10. Germany Railway tunnel (visited 04/2017)

    Lovely this Andy, very much like a tunnel here, i thought it was the same one at first, great pics
  11. Basement is the bit that interests me
  12. Lovley mate, bigger than i thought this place
  13. Both quite similar i think, think i prefer the other one
  14. Belgium The Butcher's Home

    Thanks for posting up
  15. We gave this one a miss last time if you remember, we did the one the other side of the road with Andy
  16. Hi there

    Welcome to the forum and a great intro there, look forward to seeing some reports, gimme a shout if you need anything
  17. Germany Mausoleum at the lake (visited 03/2017)

    Veru nice this Andy
  18. USA Boston construction site, March 17

    Soon good pics there mate
  19. Belgium Slate Factory - July '16

    Very nice
  20. USA Westborough State Hospital March 17

    Looks an excellent wander this mate, great pictures