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  1. Some nice bits there mate
  2. Great pictures Andy
  3. Dials

  4. UK Bletchley Park - Milton Keynes - May 2017

    Lovely these, its a good site for sure, i went only recently and nice to see all the gear before anything changes
  5. Well worth a look that mate
  6. UK Tower Colliery, May 2017

    Nice pictures, its a a great site this
  7. UK RAF Kemble 2017

    We were there about 3 years ago and the place was busy that day so didn't even bother trying.
  8. UK Chaos Manor - April 2017

    Looks to have been a bit special back in the day, nice pictures
  9. A chance message about access as i remembered someone getting caught in the grounds a little while ago. Couple of weeks later back in Wiltshire we managed to get in. Nice to see one of the lesser known mines in the area. Some History (mrca) Singleway Mine, is a small underground quarry probably as a result of the poor quality stone. The entrance had collapsed but was re-opened in 2009. A short vertical drop requiring a scramble down a boulder slope leads into a 3m high and 2m wide passage with passages branching off right and left to complexes of workings. The main passage continues straight ahead and terminates in a similar complex. Pics Thanks for looking
  10. UK RAF Kemble 2017

    Nice, anyway on the aircraft?
  11. UK HMYOI Finnamore Wood 06/2017

    Same with this one guys, externals are not classed as explores really, probably best just to post it as a lead or something next time
  12. UK Lluesty Hospital 05/2017

    As already mentioned, if you dont get inside its best to post it in the leads and rumours part or something, externals its not really classed as an explore as such
  13. Missed this, looks a nice wander