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  1. Thanks, as I said in the words, The pictures are my mates, mine have been misplaced on a HD somewhere lol. The outside ones are pretty ropey, not sure what he did there. But it was an on the spur thing, so no torches all pics were taken with flash and the iso was to high in the night ones by the looks of it.
  2. No Nelly, apparently it never had cells as it was mainly the old equivalent of a police garage for the area. Any crim's were taken to folkestone.
  3. I was going to title this post as Headquarters No. 6 Area Traffic Division Seabrook, but I thought it may be a bit of a let down when you looked But thats what it is, built in 1908 as station and garages for Headquarters No. 6 Area Traffic Division under Chief Inspector David Godden. Over the years after closing in the 60's as a police station it appears to have been a youth centre and canoe centre amongst other things. I and others had been trying this place for years but never getting there, unexpectedly a way was found so myself and a friend had a look. This is what we found, these are his pictures. I am having a backup misplacement issue lol I will find mine Unfortunately its now a hole in the ground and the site is being built on.
  4. Done sorry No one had been in there for years, time was short as we had to dig down to the manhole cover first to find it. All the stuff in there, the pile, has dropped down one of the vent hole over the years. I am surprised its not been done before as its easy to find.
  5. UK Cliff Fort 2012

    Thanks, that shot was a real bitch to get.
  6. UK Cliff Fort 2012

    Hurry up before it sinks, every time I have been back its lower lol
  7. UK Cliff Fort 2012

    Just a few I took at Cliff a few years back. Yes Wevs, one or two has some HDR, so keep your gob shut 2011-04-23 at 15-30-50 by dualster, on Flickr 2011-04-23 at 15-06-52 - Version 2 by dualster, on Flickr 2011-04-23 at 15-21-19 - Version 2 by dualster, on Flickr 2011-04-23 at 15-17-46 - Version 2 by dualster, on Flickr 2011-04-23 at 15-41-02 - Version 2 by dualster, on Flickr 2011-04-23 at 15-49-12_HDR by dualster, on Flickr 2011-04-23 at 15-19-34_HDR by dualster, on Flickr 2011-04-23 at 13-56-55_HDR - Version 2 by dualster, on Flickr
  8. November 2013 This was a quick visit with little time available, which was handy as the place is tiny. All that I have managed to find out about this place is that it was a reservoir built to service the East Ashford Union Workhouse. In 1837, the East Ashford Union erected a workhouse on the west side of Kennington Road in Ashford. It was designed to accommodate 350 inmates and the architect was John Whichcord of Maidstone whose plan was based on Sir Francis Head's model courtyard design. Sorry about the picture quality. Ash res by dualster, on Flickr Ash res (2) by dualster, on Flickr Ash res (1) by dualster, on Flickr
  9. Hello again :)

    Hi No forgot my password and changed my email, my account was there just could not get into it.
  10. Hello again :)

    Just thought I would say hello. Not new to the forums but its been a long time since I was last active, everything always gets in the way of my exploring lol. So hello, I look forward to having a good look around and posting a few bits I have managed to do.
  11. HMS Plymouth sept 2012

  12. No, I was behind the main doors, you can walk into the old bit from the new bit, must have got seen lol
  13. HA, I got kicked out of there last week, did not even manage to get my camera out before 2 security turned up lol
  14. Nice, i used to buy lunch in there sometimes lol
  15. WOW, amazing plce, i envy you lol