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  1. UK Salem chapel arthog Wales April 2017

    Very nice, loads of character still
  2. UK Soar chapel Wales April 2017

    Nice find there
  3. France Chateau Poseidon - May 2015

    That's so pretty
  4. Very nice indeed, enjoyed reading this
  5. Mad Scientist's Lab, Poland (May 2015)

    That's flipping amazing, nice one
  6. USA Hudson River State Hospital March 17

    That's gorgeous, like this
  7. Belgium Slate Factory - July '16

    Nice bit of rusty stuff there
  8. Lovely pics, as per
  9. Belgium Gazet van Antwerpen - Belgium (visited June 2013)

    Very nice indeed
  10. UK "Little Miracles", Belgium - May 2015 (Graphic)

    Nice pics there, it is a bit weird but fascinating at the same time
  11. USA Westborough State Hospital March 17

    Very nice! I enjoyed every single one of those pics
  12. UK Greys vehicle graveyard Norfolk

    Nice one Darbs, enjoyed this
  13. Amazing! Well worth all the mud
  14. UK Teapot Cottage (March 2016)

    Oh that is very pretty
  15. Beautiful looking place, nice one
  16. France Odeon Raccord - Paris - Jan 17

    Very nice shots indeed
  17. Other Ghost town Akarmara. Abkhazia.

    Wow, amazing place, thanks for sharing
  18. Nice lot of pics that
  19. France Bustes 2016

    That is just gorgeous
  20. France U-Boat Pens, Bordeaux - January 2017

    Liking this, and like the old pic you found of the place
  21. UK 60 Lombard Street, London - January 2017

    Pretty nice views there
  22. Nice one, like this one also


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