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  1. Oh I do like this
  2. Gorgeous place this, the sister to this one, Crossness is also worth a visit. Thanks for sharing
  3. UK New Scotland Yard, London - November 2016

    Nicely done, flipping brilliant
  4. The things you get up to while im asleep!!
  5. Belgium Central Station - July - 2015

    Wow, thats is stonking
  6. Oh my, some beautiful features there, love this set
  7. Germany Air raid shelter 4287 - [visit .../2015]

    That is a nice set there
  8. UK RAF Upwood - Cambridge - July 2015

    Oh it does sound like you had fun, and thats whats its all about, nice set Tracy
  9. Hey....from the U.S......

    Hello and welcome to OS
  10. I really enjoyed reading this, and great set there, thanks for sharing
  11. Oh i do like them stairs, is the admin block being demo'd?
  12. Leeds (South) From Above

    Bit nice this, thanks for sharing
  13. UK Portsmouth July 2014

    Stonking views there
  14. Poland The Laboratory - 2015

    Yes to this, lots to see in there, love it
  15. I like this, i would live there
  16. Morgue F (2015)

    Yes, we all love a derpy morgue, nice shots
  17. Germany Health Bunker - revisit [.../2015]

    Very nicely done, like this
  18. I really like this set, thanks for sharing
  19. Revesby Abbey, Lincolnshire - June 2015

    That is such a beautiful building
  20. UK Durham county asylum-may 15

    Nice bit of slab there, and love those windows