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  1. Belgium Hospital exodus - 2015

    That is a beauty, thanks for sharing
  2. Theater Varia(2015)

    Yes, lovely shots
  3. HMP Kingston Portsmouth July 2015

    Very nice indeedy, lovely set
  4. Hello from South London

    Hello and welcome to OS, nice to have you here
  5. Spain Majorca 2015

    Oh bless him, he looks well chuffed in that last shot, Well done Baron Jnr
  6. UK Royal Hospital Haslar

    Nice one!! You got some wicked shots there
  7. Hello From Portsmouth :)

    Hello and welcome to OS
  8. Italy Manicomio di R - 2015

    Oh my, this is just amazingly beautiful
  9. UK Odeon Cinema - 2015

    Thats a smashing report there, nice shots also, thanks for sharing
  10. Prison 11 (2015)

    Oh very nice, i want to see more please
  11. UK Royal Hospital Haslar - July 2015

    Thats a cracking report and shots! We got collared by Stan when we went, he was cool though
  12. Poland The Library and Forbidden Archive - July 2015

    Wow, brilliant first report, love this and thank you for sharing
  13. Greetings from Kent!

    Hello and welcome to OS, look forward to seeing you around
  14. UK Castle Market, Sheffield - May 2015

    Nice, bit of everything there, thanks for the share
  15. It is a bit bashed but does still look like a good mooch
  16. UK Reins Mill - Huddersfield - July 2015

    Thats really lovely!! Thanks for sharing
  17. Other Abandoned asylum 2015

    Welcome to the forum and great set, liking the ambulance
  18. Germany House anatomy (2015)

  19. Belgium indiana jones (2015)

    Oh i like this, looks an amazing bit of underground there
  20. UK Thames steel..April 2015

    Love seeing this place pop up, you covered it well!! Thanks for sharing
  21. UK loxley chapel june 2015

    Thats a beaut, thanks for sharing
  22. Belgium from dust till down 2015

    Nice set, thanks for sharing
  23. lost cycling - 2015

    That is a bit different, nice shots
  24. Germany Clinic Paralyticum... - [visit 07/2015]

    Very nice, like the look of this