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  1. lost cycling - 2015

    That is a bit different, nice shots
  2. Germany Clinic Paralyticum... - [visit 07/2015]

    Very nice, like the look of this
  3. Italy The road of cement - April 2014

    Very nice indeedy
  4. Beautiful, some lovely detail there, thanks for sharing
  5. Belgium Rooftopping (2015)

  6. Germany The cages Kauen... - [.../2015]

    Amazing set
  7. Wow, really lovely shots and what a location, nice one
  8. That is a nice fine indeed, lots going on there! Thanks for sharing
  9. Italy Hospital SC - 2015

    Wow, that is quality
  10. UK Milford Mill - June 2015

    Thats really nice that, thanks for sharing
  11. Germany Audis Farmerhouse [2015]

    Oh this is just lovely, i bet Andy would love those cobwebs in the second shot
  12. That does look a bit nice, thanks for sharing
  13. Belgium Chateau Marguerite - 2015

    Thats a stunning location, thanks for sharing
  14. UK The Gunmans Cottage - June 2015

    Wow, that's some amazing little cottage, thanks for sharing
  15. Hey from kent!

    Hello and welcome to OS
  16. UK The eccentrics scrapyard..April..2015

    Oh i do love a car graveyard, and this is just quality, thanks for sharing
  17. UK The Cornish works..June 2015

    Bloody lovely set right there
  18. Czech Republic Resort Atlantys - June 2015

    Love this, and i like pic 4, superb
  19. UK Celuan Mill - Wales - April 2015

    Very nice indeedy
  20. Hello from Castleford!

    Hello and welcome to OS
  21. Italy It's only cloth - January 2015

    What an amazing place with so much to see, thanks for sharing
  22. Germany The queen of steel - June 2015

    Beautiful set, thanks for sharing