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  1. I was here first in 2011. Since then this place has had a large fire and a lot of vandals. Not sure where hotels should go. I like the irony of this, the name on the piano is in German and means mold.
  2. UK St. Saviour's Church, Bacup May '15

    Beautiful work
  3. Belgium Bowling Mill (04/2015)

    That is really sweet, great work.
  4. Got the coordinates for this place. Its an old church closed since the early 60's, due to communism I believe. A local artist has made all these ghost that represent Germans praying before the war. Its is one of the more remote locations I have gone to, the roads to the village were just rough tracks. _COZ8819 _COZ8854 by _COZ8777 DSC_6991
  5. UK Royal Haslar hospital - March '15

    Sweet as dude
  6. Belgium Eglise de Paintures - 2015

    Nice work dude
  7. UK Church of Giants-Mar 15

    Really a thing of beauty
  8. Belgium Maison Boon, July 2014

    Stunning dude.
  9. UK Bellboys College, 2015

    Great shots dude
  10. UK Fort Gilkicker, Gosport - Feb 2015

    Beautiful location nicely captured
  11. UK Silverlands Orphanage, December 2014

    Very cool dude
  12. Germany FDGW - March 2015

    Cheers Hamtagger, still learning how this site works.
  13. Free German Trade Union Federation. Looks like this place was a small holiday camp for trade union members in the forma East Germany. Found this place early this month. Didn't look like much from outside but had quite a few good details shots inside. Beds were still made up!