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  1. UK Lostock Power Station Dec 2015

    Great set of pics!
  2. Hello all, new Londonder here!

    Welcome to te forum, you deffo wont get bored in londinnium!! looking forward to seeing your reports!
  3. Germany House of mess (visited 11/2015)

    Very appropriately named! captured it well in the detailed shots! That doll is creepy as hell...
  4. UK St Joseph's College Upholland Dec 15

    I like the lightbulb shot and the puddles have just made a nice reflection! lovely stuff!
  5. Belgium Chateau Hohner

    Brilliant stuff! Picture 3 is my fave! i agree with the raw, creative watermarking
  6. Hello from GK WAX

    welcome aboard to OS!
  7. Czech Republic Kostel z man┼żelka (visited 12/2015)

    soooo pretty! Great pictures!
  8. Lush amount of peely paint!
  9. UK Vanity House Wales Dec 15

    Neat little find
  10. UK High Royds Asylum, Leeds - Feb & March 2015

    Brilliant set!, 11 has to be my fave!
  11. Hello from Derbyshire

    Evening! welcome to OS
  12. UK Battersea Power Station 10/2015

    Fun evening! No dramas
  13. Italy The Black Crow Sanitorium... June '15

    Brilliant stuff! this one will be added to the list!
  14. Other Haunted Royal Palace, UAE. Feb 2015.

    Beautiful place! good write up to go with the pics! Not so sure what that crazy wall feature is in pic 6.


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