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  1. Germany Haus der Offiezere - Germany, September 2016 & March 2017

    What a great intro to the forum eh.. Nice! This place is amazing. I love love love that first internal shot. Architecture is stunning all around. Really impressive
  2. UK Nocton Hall & RAF Hospital in Lincoln

    As delapidated as this place is, it is one of the most photogenic places I have been to. Nice to see it pop up again
  3. Other An Island full of creepy dolls

    I saw this title and thought nah Im not clicking. Here I am! Stupid is as stupid does I guess... My sister made me watch a film when I was 10 called Dolls. It gave me nightmares for years and I could never look at a doll the same since, even now. Its their eyes, they follow you everywhere! Your number 6 picture has now imprinted on my brain. I do like the clown one though That said, your pics are great and I would probably visit the place myself given the chance despite the nightmares. Great work
  4. Poland Hotel - medical clinic

    I recon there is some pretty cool history to that place. I found it quite interesting looking through your pics. What are those blue things, bath tubs? They look pretty short. Maybe some sort of washing machine? Pretty cool none the less. Nice work
  5. Italy Colonia IL / Mono Orphanage - June 2017

    Thats awesome, so much to see too! The level of peeliness is just up my street, colours are really starting to come out too. Really like the class shot and the one of the little med room. Like that a lot
  6. Poland Closed hospital - Poland, 2018

    Really like that, especially those tiles. I particuarly like the green ones Very clean and looks like they are starting to dismantle with some of the bump strips and skirting boards gone from areas. Id visit that Nice shots, clear and crisp
  7. USA Dog Walker State Hospital - U.S.

    Lovely to see you back here Michelle, this place is amazing! I'm loving those bath tub shots especially the detailed one. You've come back with a bang
  8. That's real nice! Really like those sinks and what an impressive building exterior wise. Hall is awesome
  9. UK The Cold Slabs - Jan 2018

    That's cool, some nice bits in there too well worth seeing
  10. Poland Civil defense - Poland 2018

    That's a pretty cool find, everything looks new. Your pics are pretty cool. I'd like to know a bit about this place?
  11. UK 25 million mansion

    It seem like the weather has really got to one side of this. That staircase is nice thanks for sharing.
  12. That's different, had to laugh when you mentioned your leg sinking. The Chinese gardens look quite nice
  13. UK Brockman Family centre

    Some nice little lanterns/lights

    Probably one of the best reports on hospitals/asylums I've seen for a while! Nice to see another person made it in to the Lawn and Rossylnee is always nice as it doesn't crop up too often. Fairfield I'd be interested in seeing inside if you have any pics as this was down the road from where I grew up. thats some proper history there with many now no longer standing or converted. I like this, a lot!
  15. UK Severalls Hospital

    It's always nice to see sevs pop up shame you didn't venture in.
  16. Poland Mortuary, Poland- 2017

    Your pics a real really atmospheric, I like it. Thanks for posting looks like a really nice place
  17. UK George Barnsley and Sons, Sheffield - June 2017

    This is by far one of my favourite explores. Complete shitter on the outside but it was well worth it on the inside. I can't tell if much has changed in a couple of years but would be good to see did you go upstairs where all the wooden cupboards are? I like that exterior zig zaggy shot!
  18. UK Keepers Cottage Stud,Surrey January 2018

    Bit of a sad history really but interesting none the less. Looks relatively big too
  19. UK George hotel, Huddersfield - January 2018

    Lovely looking building that and some nice features on the inside too. I quite like it I haven't seen this before either, thanks for sharing
  20. UK Adel children's hospital, Leeds - September 2017

    I like what's happened with the floor tiles
  21. UK Eastry chapel and workhouse 2018

    Thanks for sharing I'm interested to see what else you have too
  22. UK Canon brewery, Sheffield - Sep 2017

    Bit of a shame it's in this state but always good to have an update thanks for posting mate
  23. France Bureau Central

    That's nice mate, really like that especially 2 & 3. Atmospheric
  24. History Barbour Mill has a long and prestigious history in Lisburn and as the end of an era draws near many local people will be recalling their own memories of Barbour Threads. In 1784 John Barbour, who hailed from Scotland, established a linen thread works in Lisburn. At the same time his son, William, bought a derelict bleach green at Hilden and set up business. Later, the thread works were transferred to Hilden and as early as 1817 it was employing 122 workers. In 1823 William Barbour bought a former bleach mill at Hilden and built a water-powered twisting mill. The Linen Thread Company was founded 1898 and it quickly became a large international company. In fact it became the largest linen thread mill in the world, giving Lisburn a richly deserved international reputation. By 1914 it employed about 2,000 people and until recently some 300 workers were still employed there, with the work- force dropping to just 85 in recent years. Among the company's varied products were nets, which could be made into snares and fishing nets. The company built a model village for its workforce in Hilden, which consisted of 350 houses, two schools, a community hall, children's playground and village sports ground. Lisburn became the envy of the world thanks to its Linen and Thread industry and now the last remnant of that history is to close its doors for the last time. The Explore Although I think we were about 6 years too late with this one. This was somewhere I have wanted to go for quite some time but with other commitments and other places to explore while in NI it always got shoved to the back seat. This trip we finally got to go, explored with @hamtagger we had quite a leisurely stroll round this one. The first thing I noticed when getting close was how it was becoming crowded with new housing and developments. Still, it sits proud within its place. A bit of the site has already been demolished. The place is bloody massive! It is easiest the biggest site I have been to. Spending numerous hours there and still not getting around the whole site led us to leave before darkness fell. The architecture was pretty impressive with the stonework and iron gables or whatever you call them. Surprisingly, despite being closed several years and falling victim to vandalism, graffiti & metal theft it still has so much to offer. There were little cupboards dotted about in most sections with linen/ thread materials. Loads of hand painted signs that were of little importance but I like stuff like that. The decay was pretty cool and I loved how trees were growing out of the top floors. Nature really was reclaiming it. A few of the ceilings had fallen in with those areas a bit more decayed than others. Right on to the pics The whole site (not my pic) Some old advertising material I found online 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 (I swear this hasn't been edited at all!) 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Thanks for looking!
  25. Really nice Andy, love the detailed shots and especially like number 18