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  1. Not in great shape this, some typical social club decor going on
  2. UK North Staffordshire infirmary sept 2017

    Nice mate, I like that wet corridor shot. Always good to be on the ball
  3. Belgium Château D’ah, Belgium - August 2017

    What a sorry state! Still, nice to get an update on it
  4. UK North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary

    The best report I've seen from here so far. Lovely isn't it. The First pic is mint! Nice bit of slabbage there too
  5. Belgium Science Lab, April 2017

    Another cool place, like the bottle shot
  6. Belgium HFB may 2017

    Some lovely pics there nice to see you back too
  7. UK Pyestock Anechoic Facility - August 2017

    That's really quite something! Really interesting read too. Fascinating pics I like this, a lot!
  8. That's quite nice, some nice bits left. I like how nature is reclaiming
  9. History T.G.Green & Co Ltd originally operated from the village of Church Gresley, South Derbyshire between 1864 and 2007. More famous for their blue and white striped 'Cornish Kitchen Ware' produced from the early 1920's (then known as 'E-Blue') the pottery produced many hundreds of patterns from Yellow wares, Victorian transfer prints, colourful hand painted Art Nouveau & vibrant enamelled Art Deco patterns, Wartime utility pottery, avant garde Retro designs and many well known Brewery wares, employing up to 1,000 local staff at the height of production. Now, sadly, the old pottery site lays in ruins, the land under private ownership, never likely to ever see production again, the last of the South Derbyshire potteries has gone, although as it nears its 100th anniversary the traditional Cornishware is still manufactured and sold through a new T.G.Green & Co Ltd. Explore This is somewhere I have wanted to visit for some time so pretty pleased we eventually got around to doing it. Visited with @hamtagger. We got here and spent a little while just venturing round the site, there was a bit of activity from the far side but from what I could see there are various parts of the site being used. Not a hugely massive site but we spent quite a number of hours here. I really loved this place. Although a bit late on getting here and missing out on a few bits I have seen in various other reports there was still enough here to see and the decay is so much more established which made everything much more photogenic. Well worth a trip if you havent already. It was quite nice to see some finished products So, on with the pics. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 One of the companies they supplied to 15 16 17 18 19 Thanks for looking!
  10. Hi

    Hi, welcome to Oblivion State. There are lots of us about should you need any help with anything Tracey
  11. UK Meadows Cottage (Lancashire) - May 2017

    Agree with what's been said above, you should never judge a book by its cover so to speak. Welcome to the forum aswell
  12. UK Essence house

    Really nice Mikey, love the old photos, they give a nice story as to who lived there and I love this little place. They must have been very house proud because it looks remarkably kept. Really atmospheric shots too
  13. Your putting some niceness places on the map from over there mate. I like the building in this one. Lots of stuff left aswell. Nice
  14. New Zealand Holcim Cement Works, Westport - July 2017

    Certainly paid off taking the other direction that day didnt it but I can see what you mean about the weather. Thats mad! This site looks huge! Really nice though and lots to see
  15. UK Lost Traction (engines) aug 2017

    Different that and like hamtagger says lots of old machinery!
  16. UK Thoresby Colliery - Nottinghamshire - April 2016

    Boobs always make an explore much more enjoyable haha! At least you hadnt lost them, nice work
  17. UK Salem Chapel, Arthog, North Wales – May 2017

    I like this little place, the decay is awesome!
  18. UK St. Paul's Church, Denholme (visited 07/2017)

    Really nice Andy, I had wanted to visit this place for some time and finally got around to going recently. It is very damaged but I found it so photogenic. You have done a lovely job with your pics. I love how one of those gargoyles are pulling facesoh and I love the dead stuff. That roof really is something else though
  19. Thats pretty cool, fire stations isnt something we see very often. Did you go down the pole? Nice work
  20. UK TG Green Pottery - Derbyshire - July 2017

    Thanks everyone, well I really enjoyed this place and its one of those places that really captures you y'know. Comments apreciated as always. @Dubbed Navigator sure will matey
  21. My goodness thats lovely! I just love how back in the day people used to wallpaper ceilings. Can't think why that novelty wore off. Some lovely features here but I do like those columns! They are quite special. Lovely pics Andy
  22. UK College Labs - Wye - Kent - August 2017

    I too like the lecture theatre, nice looking place.
  23. UK RAF Church Fenton, Tadcaster - July 2016

    I really like #10. Stands out for me. I enjoyed this, despite you being close to death ....
  24. Really nice, nice to see some areas that I havent seen before too Those walkways are nice and the frontage is spectacular! Really like this
  25. Dials

    I am a big fan of a dial as some of you might know.. Here's a few of mine