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  1. Dials

  2. Some nice bits here, like shot 10.
  3. UK Lluesty Hospital, Holywell, North Wales – May 2017

    I love the peely, nice amount of decay. Some nice bits here. Always nice to see an update on somewhere
  4. UK Minffordd Hospital, Bangor, North Wales – May 2017

    Oh blimey! That's not looking good. Thanks for sharing
  5. New Zealand Chrome Platers Ltd., Timaru - July 2017

    Nice little place that.
  6. UK Fat willys house 2015/16

    Lovely set mate I really like the handbag on the door handle shot. Very atmospheric
  7. UK Oakwood Farm, Norfolk - June 2016

    I don't think I can remember an explore where you haven't emptied your bowels! Fuck sitting on that toilet though! Your a braver man than me. Hovering is where it's at nice set, was a nice little mooch this
  8. History, of which I (believe it or not!!) didn't steal from another poster!! Bletchley Park was the central site for British codebreakers during World War II. It housed the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS), which regularly penetrated the secret communications of the Axis Powers – most importantly the German Enigma and Lorenz ciphers. The official historian of World War II British Intelligence has written that the "Ultra" intelligence produced at Bletchley shortened the war by two to four years, and that without it the outcome of the war would have been uncertain. There were 16 huts, mostly timber built. Some of those are still on site, most are demolished. One of them, Hut 4 which was used for Naval intelligence is now used as a restaurant for the museum. There were quite a few brick built blocks too, most of which still stand on the site. Block A: Naval Intelligence. Block B: Italian Air and Naval, and Japanese code breaking. Block C: Stored the substantial punch-card index. Block D: Enigma work, extending that in huts 3, 6, and 8. Block E: Incoming and outgoing Radio Transmission and TypeX. Block F: Included the Newmanry and Testery, and Japanese Military Air Section. It has since been demolished. Block G: Traffic analysis and deception operations. Block H: Tunny and Colossus (now The National Museum of Computing). Explore I visited with @hamtagger & @Session9. We had wanted to visit this place for some time and as we were making our way through the H & V's of Milton Keynes I was vocally expressing my reminiscence at the days I used to take journeys to go raving and got pretty excited when we came across V7 Saxon Street! Anyway when we got there I was quite surprised that this sat literally in the middle of a really built up area. We had a nice dander round Block G and then through to Block D. I really enjoyed it, very leisurely explore. No one around, at all. Everything was perfectly silent and at one point I even sat next to a window listening to visitors of the museum talk about how their wife really did make a shit cup of coffee. I liked the decay, especially in Block D. There was so much memorabilia I could have spent days here just trying to work out what everything was! Really pleased we eventually got around to visiting. Anyway, on to the pics. (apologies, these are completely non edited as Flickr is stillshit but not as shit as photofuckit) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Thanks for looking!
  9. UK Bletchley Park - Milton Keynes - May 2017

    Thank you No vandalism at all in D Block, always nice Thanks mate, hahaha! I will make sure you demonstrate this under water dancing next time I see you Most definitely Lee, I really liked this Thanks Andy Thank you Andy
  10. Scottish Explore recommendations

    There are a few guys on here from Scotland but I'm not sure if they'd give out locations etc. Might be worth just doing a little research on places you intend to visit and see what you come up with. What part of Scotland are you going to?
  11. UK Caen Wood Manor, London - July 2017

    Looks like a really nice place, some bits remind me of chaise abbey. It would be lovely to see what happens after resto. The guy sounds like a dick!
  12. Germany funeral carriage (visited 06/2017)

    I really like this! I love the fact that its more or less intact, even with the curtains and I love the wooden cross on it. Really nice
  13. Dials

    Another few...
  14. Nicely shot! I like your style of pictures I enjoyed this place when I visited, not much has changed
  15. UK Kaserne Krampnitz, Germany - June 2017

    Really like 4 & 11 Some really nice detailed features too. Not too shabby really either, graf isnt too bad either
  16. This is nice and as mentioned above, considering when it closed its in really good condition. The science areas remind me of my old school actually. Nice work
  17. UK TG Greens, Derbyshire. April 2017

    Nice mate As Hamtagger said we were here recently and I loved it. I have to agree on the med room. Real little gem here. Still, I found it fascinating
  18. New Zealand Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital, Karaka - June 2017

    That's a real array of buildings there. Nice though and pretty photogenic to say the least. I enjoyed reading the history and plans for the future on this place
  19. That first shot is perfect! Scroll down to pic 12 and it's almost like it's not the same place. Really nice Andy and I liked the history
  20. UK Chaos Manor - April 2017

    This is one of those places that I'd love to have seen a few years back. Those broken stairs are a bit mad. Love the balustrade.
  21. UK Octel Bromine, Anglesey - April 2017

    Some really nice bits here mate, I like those suits. nice one
  22. That's cool and pretty interesting too, fair bit of history
  23. UK Bron Y Grath Vagrants Wing - May 2017

    Some nice shots there mate that peely is nice you don't see this place crop up much really. Thanks for the update
  24. New Zealand Bruce Woollen Mill, Milton - May 2017

    That's nice loving the frontage of the main building. Some really nice machinery there too