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  1. Nice to see this rise again, is the med room still in situ @Lavino? Nice
  2. History Chamberlin & Hill Castings Ltd have been manufacturing in Leicester since 1864 and are part of the successful Chamberlin & Hill plc group. They produce castings from 0.1 kgs to 6000 kgs supplying product for turbines, transmissions, oil and gas compressors, earth moving equipment, vacuum pumps and more. Metal types include Ductile Iron (SG Iron), Grey Iron and Alloyed Iron. The company is also a world leader using Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI). Medium castings were done at the Leicester site. Chamberlin & Hill Castings Ltd is the result of two successful foundries joining together. The existing company scattered around various sites company currently has 200 employees and a turnover of over £19 million. With demand for products produced here repidly decreasing the company decided to close at the end of 2016. Explore After seeing this pop up from AndyK! me and @hamtagger decided to venture over to Leicester, picking up @Session9 on the way! After finding our way in relatively quickly, we made our way through the place. The place is a nice size, dotted with various rooms used for offices and laboratories and obviously the workshops and main There is such a vast amount of stuff still here but with only having closed at the end of last year explains why. So much to see and we spent quite a few hours just wandering. Doing what I normally do and venturing off on my own from the others I was happily just looking around the place. I walked up some stairs and needed the loo. I decided to just take some pics of the few rooms upstairs before going so off I went. On the way back I walked down a little alley bit to go to the toilet. On the way I heard someone coughing. I stopped and suddenly realised that they didnt sound at all like anyone I was with so made my way back downstairs. I found a little dark corner and texted hamtagger to ask if he or session9 had just been to the toilet. He replied "No!". Oh great. So I went to find them who were on the other side of the building and get that section done. Convinced that either there was someone else in there or they were playing a joke on me we actually got round alot of the place. It was only when we went back upstairs to do the offices that upon glancing outside we saw secca walking about glancing up at the windows. The offices were only right above his office. Well, we stayed put and went right to the top. We heard him come up stairs, have another pee quite loudly and when he walked up nearly had a heart attack when he walked in to the room and saw us all stood there. Pretty friendly bloke though and kindly allowed us to walk out the front gate All in all a great explore, definitely one I would return to. Anyway, enough of my rambling and on to the pics. 1 2 3 4 I didnt take a crooked pic, I just liked how the labels were wonky 5 6 7 8 9 10 A lot of machines here bearing the same logo for Wadkin, the same company I believe which closed some years ago too also from Leicester. 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Thanks for looking!
  3. UK Chamberlin & Hill castings - Leicester - May 2017

    Cheers @Andy & @The_Raw
  4. France Camp militaire d'Angevillers (visited 05/2017)

    3 is my fave Andy, that's great! I love the old shots, amazing how nature changes a place isn't it. Loved this
  5. UK HMYOI Finnamore Wood 06/2017

    Really interesting history for this place and would have been great if you could have got in. Like someone else said on another of your threads, getting in is the name of the game in this hobby.
  6. UK Punch Lodge - Surrey - April 2017

    I wouldn't mind seeing this either. Some nice features and those carpets are awesome!! Stepping in to the pool could have been interesting! Really nice find
  7. UK The axe house June 2017

    I like this mate! I'm totally in awe of that wallpaper too, it's kind of retro with a modernish design. Sime really nice little bits here, love that doorway and that staircase too. Fantastic
  8. Like 6, 7 & 11. From the outside it looks like a couple of houses joined together, how deceiving. Nice witk LM
  9. UK Denbigh Asylum 2017

    It's always nice to see an update on buildings, unfortunately not much has changed with Denbigh. This is one of those 'must do' sites for any new explorer. If I'd have known you were on route to Wales I could have pointed you in the direction of some more worthy explores
  10. UK Harlow ODEON, Essex – March 2017

    Shame about that but considering how long it's been closed I'm more durorised there isn't more damage to be fair. Wonder what will happen to the place. Thanks for sharing
  11. That's beautiful! The Stasi ease is awesome and that ceiling is just beautiful! Really nice
  12. What a shame it's in that state, I do like how nature is slowly reclaiming though
  13. Really clean. I like those science labs/class rooms. Nice
  14. UK Worthen Farmhouse, Shropshire - April 2016

    Wowsers!! You really are getting the hang of posting reports again aren't you haha! Those teeth are awesome, lovely pics and a real time capsule of bits and bobs!
  15. That's nice mate, pics really do it justice! Perseverance well and truly paid off. Nice write up too
  16. Nice to see this pop up again, getting proper peely in there now
  17. Really nice! Would have been an interesting place to work no doubt. Some lovely features too, that old safe is nice
  18. UK Chamberlin & Hill castings - Leicester - May 2017

    I think it's important to know this haha! Well you can be a joker I'm sure loads will want to visit
  19. Some really nice features in there, that staircase is beautiful! The mural is a nice historical touch
  20. UK Classical Chapel (November 2016)

    This is stunning @jones-y-gog as you say very ornate. The ceiling is beautiful, I love how intact it all is Really quite something special Your pics do it justice nicely.
  21. I really didnt know what to expect when I opened this up but pleasantly surprised. Some very interesting military history right there. Found it an interesting read and pics back it up nicely. I really like that dor in the first shot
  22. UK Mountain Ash Hospital - Wales - May 17

    Hey, that would have been lovely in its day. I have edited the title to add the location
  23. I don't have any history on this little place except for the fact that it was a farm in a remote village in Norfolk. As you can probably tell I have a little backlog. With various personal events over the last year allthough I have been out a bit I havent had much time to post so catching up on it now Thanks to @Mikeymutt for some details on this place! Helpfl as always mate Visited here with @hamtagger, we had a really relaxed explore with this one. Probably one of the fullest interior wise of the residential places we have visited but stacked with personal memoroes just such a shame to have been left behind. I remember thinking I wouldnt like to rifle through someones personal posessions but it is really nice to build upa picture of the people that once lived here. Can't remember much else except this was another place welcomed for @hamtagger having an urbex shit. I swear there is not one place we have been to where he hasn't christened the almighty ceramic throne! Anyway, on to the pics 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Thanks for looking!
  24. UK Winch Hill Farm And Guest House 05/17

    That's seen better days for sure! I do like the old remnants of wallpaper though
  25. UK Tower Colliery South Wales 05/17

    I like that old contraband sign