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  1. That's nice mate, pics really do it justice! Perseverance well and truly paid off. Nice write up too
  2. Nice to see this pop up again, getting proper peely in there now
  3. Really nice! Would have been an interesting place to work no doubt. Some lovely features too, that old safe is nice
  4. UK Chamberlin & Hill castings - Leicester - May 2017

    I think it's important to know this haha! Well you can be a joker I'm sure loads will want to visit
  5. Some really nice features in there, that staircase is beautiful! The mural is a nice historical touch
  6. UK Classical Chapel (November 2016)

    This is stunning @jones-y-gog as you say very ornate. The ceiling is beautiful, I love how intact it all is Really quite something special Your pics do it justice nicely.
  7. I really didnt know what to expect when I opened this up but pleasantly surprised. Some very interesting military history right there. Found it an interesting read and pics back it up nicely. I really like that dor in the first shot
  8. UK Mountain Ash Hospital - Wales - May 17

    Hey, that would have been lovely in its day. I have edited the title to add the location
  9. I don't have any history on this little place except for the fact that it was a farm in a remote village in Norfolk. As you can probably tell I have a little backlog. With various personal events over the last year allthough I have been out a bit I havent had much time to post so catching up on it now Thanks to @Mikeymutt for some details on this place! Helpfl as always mate Visited here with @hamtagger, we had a really relaxed explore with this one. Probably one of the fullest interior wise of the residential places we have visited but stacked with personal memoroes just such a shame to have been left behind. I remember thinking I wouldnt like to rifle through someones personal posessions but it is really nice to build upa picture of the people that once lived here. Can't remember much else except this was another place welcomed for @hamtagger having an urbex shit. I swear there is not one place we have been to where he hasn't christened the almighty ceramic throne! Anyway, on to the pics 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Thanks for looking!
  10. UK Winch Hill Farm And Guest House 05/17

    That's seen better days for sure! I do like the old remnants of wallpaper though
  11. UK Tower Colliery South Wales 05/17

    I like that old contraband sign
  12. That's a bit nice Andy, wasn't expecting that when I clicked on it. 11 is ace
  13. Finding new places to explore

    Research is always beneficial imo. Like @jones-y-gog says the more people you meet the better as you can 'trade' so to speak when you trust them. I always concentrate on an area, pick somewhere you'd like to go then see what else is in the area. I am not too fussed about finding something new. It's just a bonus if we do. If I like the look of somewhere I go & that's that
  14. France Chateau Stromae - April 2017

    I really like the library, what a grand place! Such style in design too. Fab shots
  15. UK Bletchley Park 05/17

    I find it quite a lot more satisfying to find things on paper, it builds a picture to go along with the buildings. Nice work
  16. UK RAF Cheddington 05/17

    I think it's safe to say you have caught the bug for exploring nice to see your getting out and about a lot. I love how heavy those interior doors are
  17. That's pretty cool, despite the fire damage I really like pic 3. Some really photogenic areas too. Nice work
  18. UK ROC Post Great Offley 04/2017

    Shame about the flooding, by the sounds of it had some decent stuff inside. Good luck for the next
  19. UK ROC Post Olney 05/2017

    Was there much left inside? You can find a bit in some but nothing but floods in another. Thanks for sharing
  20. UK Oakwood Farmhouse - Norfolk - June 2016

    Thanks guys,some really nice comments. I do like a little time capsule
  21. That's nice Andy! Love that architecture inside on the ceiling.
  22. UK Tonedale Mill, Wellington 2016

    Beautifuly shot I really love the look of this place too, those old machines are worth the visit and some nice light coming in from the windows
  23. USA Boblo Island Warehouse April 2017

    Place looks bloody massive! I like those floors with the pillars. Some nice bits of graf around the place as well
  24. UK Fullers Earthworks in 4K May 2017

    Hey, thanks for posting. I have moved this to the video section
  25. Luxembourg Power Plant X, Luxembourg - April 2017

    That looks huge! Really nice shots, love all the peely