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  1. UK Harperbury Hospital 04/2017

    Thanks for sharing, this side of the site has seen better days for sure. Well done on getting out and about wil be good to see more from you
  2. New Zealand Popotunoa Houses, Clinton - May 2017

    That's a cool little place! I like 3 & 4, that Aztec shower curtain is a bit crazy and the bedroom is awesome! Nice work
  3. UK The Big Idea Inventor Centre Scotland

    A shame you couldn't get inside but some nice pics all the same thanks for posting
  4. France Hospital Plaza - France - April 2017

    That's lovely! I like all of those little rooms, gives a real perspective of it's true size
  5. France Chateau Sarco - April 2017

    That's mint! Im liking that green room That viewing balcony is lovely with the wrought iron too
  6. UK Wingfield Railway Station - April 2017

    I like the dental truck too, would be interested to see how that's lifted out inside..
  7. Really nice to see this again, still haven't got around to seeing it though! First shot is ace!
  8. 9, 12 & 21 lovely old place this with real character, nice mate!
  9. UK Old Rectory Care Home - March 2017

    That second shot is very atmospheric
  10. UK Calcott Hall, Wales - April 2016

    Nice to see you have remembered how to post a report haha! Love 9 & 10, that's the room where the queens velvet was
  11. UK RAF Neatishead (Permission) 2016

    Nice! I like how the names are still on the lockers, some really cool bits here.
  12. UK RAF Upwood 2016

    Compare that 3rd shot to the same area of Raynham and the true extent of how trashed this place is comes to light.. those tanks still make good pics though!
  13. Nice! Love how dusty those seats are, very photogenic. Some nice shots.
  14. Some really nice features left here, the building was lovely. I like the before and after shots. Relatively unleashed too which is always nice. Nice to see something new
  15. UK St. Peter's Mortuary, Chertsey - December 2016

    Wow! And I thought this place had gone downhill badly a year ago. You can't polish a turd I guess..
  16. UK Tone Mill, Wellington 2016

    Nice to still see this place standing and hardly touched. Some niceness pics there i do like it when nature takes over
  17. Like pic 4, very photogenic & the bath in 17 is proper old Skool! Nice features here
  18. UK Scouts chapel Machynlleth Wales April 2017

    That's nice, like that green wall
  19. UK Mountfield House Devon

    I really love that fireplace, very decorative and those balustrades are stunning! Amazing what treasures these places hide away! Thanks for sharing
  20. I do like a pool! The viewing area reminds me of Durham baths.
  21. USA Hudson River State Hospital March 17

    Really nice mate, love shot 4 and that hall is a bit tasty
  22. UK Theatre Royal, Hyde - March 2016

    Really nice and such a shame this is in this way when the theatre next door laps up the attention. It looks huge! Curtain adds a nice touch too as do those projectors
  23. UK Maiden Law Mortuary, April 2016.

    I never tire of seeing this place! You've done a great job showing it off
  24. USA Westborough State Hospital March 17

    Real nice! Great selection of pics and like Lara said I enjoyed all of them. Sounds like a fun trip