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  1. Yes it is, I wish I had even thought about the other side of the river lol, the trunk was a mission!
  2. Do like a bit of industry, liking that gauge. I have a thing about gauges.. Thanks for sharing
  3. I was hoping to see cute bunny pics. Looks good though, shame you didn't get many pics. I like what I see
  4. Loving that lamp, you did well here. Great pics
  5. I'm loving that bay window and all of that wood! Great set mate
  6. Sometimes empty places are just as nice as full ones, I like pic 8 & 11. Great share
  7. As commented on flikr this is amazing. Absolutely beautiful and you have nailed it. I love everything about it, especially those windows.
  8. Thanks Boys, it was a lovely little gem of a place
  9. Perseverance paid off mate, glad you got around to doing it. It didn't dissapoint either.
  10. Love pics 4, 10, 25 & 27! It is deffo worth being shown, great pics as always!
  11. That second from last shot is perfect! I love it & the lighting is spot on. I have the same theory about getting in only my boobs are a lot bigger nowadays so basically I've grown some obstacles lol
  12. This really is stunning, in love with picture 16. It's very teasing. You did well, doesn't sound like an easy one at all but lovely to see. Even those wooden carved doors are a thing of beauty! I love this, all of it.
  13. Good stuff HT, look forward to more vids from you
  14. Hey & welcome to the forum, have a great explore whatever you do