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  1. Chernobyl Reactors 5 & 6 - October 2014

    Love pic 8! Great pics & report was pretty cool too
  2. UK Haslar - December 14

    Obviously we all know the history on this place so I wont put much, The Haslar site was bought in 1745. It is a glorious 55-acre site overlooking the mouth of Portsmouth harbour, and it became the first purpose-built hospital for the Royal Navy. It was opened in 1754 and took some 1,800 patients. Its distinctive high walls were there to prevent the patients from escaping should they wish to do so, having been press-ganged into the Navy initially. It is historically very interesting. The expression "up the creek" refers to Haslar creek, which is not a good place to be. It was for years the main home of the Royal Naval Medical Service, but following changes it eventually became the only military hospital in the United Kingdom, and was renamed the Royal Hospital Haslar. That was the position on 10 December 1998. On that date, the Government announced they were proposing that the military forces withdraw from Haslar, and it was stated that the hospital would close in about two years. In fact, some 10 years later the Royal Hospital Haslar [was] still there. The Explore Visited earlier this year. Decided after seeing the padded cell we would return and take a look for ourselves. Did not anticipate for a second what was lying in wait! Went with no one off here. We got there in darkness around 6am, got in and decided to make our way to the main building, doing this on our route meant that we had to bypass Security. We saw no one, excellent. Made our way round keeping close to the buildings. As we approached the Mortuary we tried the door, unlocked! We got in and couldn’t believe it. After the recent hype we thought we were being lured in but no. The Mortuary was awesome, completely untouched and clean. Blew me away as mortuary’s are my thing! After that we made our way to the Main building, again unlocked! Got some shots of the sunrise on the roof and after exploring the main building constantly looking over our shoulders then headed to the Psychiatric Unit. I walked in the door literally and was confronted by a woman with a clipboard who asked me what I was doing. I was a bit stunned and the only thing I could say was “documenting the hospital photographically” she explained that she was one of the assessors who were in the grounds today. I just stood there thinking shit, this is it! I’m out now, she is going to ring security and we will all be busted! She told me to get some pictures of the lovely big rooms in the Psychiatric Unit as they let beautiful light in. Shocked to say the least. Of course now it was beginning to make sense as to why the buildings were not secured. Officers mess was next, then the Squash courts which we had no idea about until we walked in the door, then the Laundry room, A tunnel leading under the road next door, then the Water tower. Yes, the water tower. There were a few buildings secured and I have no idea why unless they were not being redeveloped? We saw no sign of Security all day, all in all 10 hours well spent and yes maybe the luck of the draw but seeing the unseen was well worth it, especially after all of the recent hype over that padded cell. Well, here is the Mortuary, Water Tower, Officers Mess, Squash Courts, Laundry room & Tunnel. Had a real good day, Just call me Dora! PS Sorry it's pic heavy, got a little excited! Tried to give you something new but there are a few of my faves in there too. Inside the water tower The Laundry Room Out of the tunnel Squash Court Entrance to Officer's Mess One of those 'lovely big rooms' me! Padded Cell Rooftop Rooftop Gymnasium Library That stunning staircase Window shot Sunset Mortuary Fridges Mortuary Fridge trays More trays Mortuary table More table More fridges
  3. UK Haslar - December 14

    Thank you Shaddam, appriciated
  4. Good evening from a misty Bedford!

  5. Had to check yours out too! Light paintings of people who look like giant willies lol time well spent haha! Great pics!
  6. Looks like you had a great time! Some wicked pics there too
  7. UK Haslar - December 14

    The stairs are incredibly beautiful! Well worth a visit
  8. UK Terry's admin building, York - December 2014

    Love this building!! Great shots
  9. UK Highgate Cementry - 10/2014

    I went here on a charles dickens tour in July, wonderful at night as the raw says. Very eerie but great!
  10. UK Haslar - December 14

    Thank you very much I must admit I was like a kid in a sweet shop!
  11. UK Haslar - December 14

    Thanks Lara
  12. UK Haslar - December 14

    Well there is that. I think it was sheer luck
  13. UK Haslar - December 14

    I wonder how people will feel about eating in there thank you, appriciated
  14. Recreation home (visited 09 & 10/2013)

    This place looks amazing!! Love photo 2!
  15. Belgium Sanatorium Du basil - October 2014

    This looks great, love the corridor and pool!
  16. Cool shots! I love this place, one of my faves