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  1. Italy Crying Baby Hospital - September 2014

    Love that curtain shot!
  2. UK Silverlands 2014-Feb 2015

    Great report & pics. Just love that staircase
  3. USA White Star Mansion - March 2015

    Really moody looking from the outside but surprisingly beautiful inside. Thanks for sharing!
  4. USA Roebuck Plantation House - March 2015

    I love everything about this, especially that staircase and arched corridor shot and bathtub and.. Everything!
  5. Dead Things - Not For The Squeamish -2015 (NSFW)

    Dead cat at a Mortuary The funky fox at Haslar
  6. UK Cookridge Hospital - 2015

    Really like the level of decay here, thanks for sharing
  7. UK Morgue up north - Feb 2015

    She's a beaut! Always loved a bit of porcelain. Great pics
  8. UK Cambridge Miltary Hospital... Sept '14

    Some great pics mate! I still haven't managed to get myself down here so better get my ass in gear!
  9. UK Bellboys College, 2015

    This is great! Love all of the detail. Great pics
  10. UK Royal Haslar hospital - March '15

    Lovely pics, one of my fave places!!
  11. Germany Prison 19H [03-2015]

    One of the places im hoping to visit this year, nice set.
  12. UK Girls High school - Feb 2015

    This looks nice Simon, I'm loving those tiles
  13. USA Ivy Hill Psychiatric Center - March 2015

    This is awesome! Well done on getting in. Some great pics!!
  14. Germany Chest hospital B - 2015

    Really like this, especially the curved ceilings. Top job
  15. UK Ushaw Seminary-March 15

    Very cool indeed
  16. UK High Royds Hospital Remains - 2015

    Fantastic pics!! Particularly love shot 5! I visited here at the weekend and was in awe of the place! So much to see, will make a return visit at some point
  17. In the heart of Essex this little school has gone unnoticed for some time. Done some research on it and found out that it is to be converted in to 11 luxury apartments. It opened in the early 1900's served as a school for some time before closing a while ago. It still has a lot of character. I loved it. The hall was absolutely amazing, walked in and just stopped. I have never seen anything so beautiful. I must admit that wasn't what I expected from the outside. You can see that some bits have started to be stripped, I got here a little too late for that but I am pretty pleased none the less.
  18. UK County High - Essex

    Thanks SK & Urblex
  19. It looks nice and loving those tiles, great captures
  20. UK County High - Essex

    Thanks guys, the hall was truly beautiful. Loved the squirat
  21. UK County High - Essex

    Hamtagger, he was posing. Thank you Lara
  22. UK County High - Essex

    It was stunning mate, shame about the rest but this really made up for it.
  23. Poland Mauzoleum w lesie - visit 12/2014

    This is lovely, great pics!