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  1. Welcome to the forum Nice to see the 'then and now' pics, thanks for sharing
  2. All I wanted was the morgue, would have been nice but hey ho you win some you lose some..
  3. Never in a millions years did I expect what was on the inside to be on the inside judging from the outside. Nice
  4. Some nice bits of club memorabilia left over Thanks for sharing
  5. Wow thats quite something, I love that tiled green bathroom shot. So much to see here and although it was a 7 hour journey doesn't it make it more meaningful when you really have to go the distance. That spiral staircase is super nice. Cracking
  6. Really nice! Loving the decay here, nice and matured enjoyed your write up too
  7. The lights lovely in pic 4, really like that one really nice report
  8. Love love love 3 & 7! Nice crisp shots mate, building is decaying beautifully. What an amazing place
  9. Cheers, very enjoyable Thanks Andy, some very nice bits there Cheers mate ๐Ÿ‘ Cheers Damo, worth a look Cheers
  10. backlog or no backlog, its always nice to see a returning member posting and sharing their explores
  11. same here, that nice curved bit at the front adds a lot of character to the place
  12. Welcome to OS Look forward to seeing some more from you, you sound interesting
  13. Nor would I ๐Ÿ˜‹ a good polish up and I could eat my dinner off that! happens a bit though doesn't it, most people follow the trail of photo's that have been taken before them so nice to see something different we have seen the rest of for so long