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Found 85 results

  1. History Castle Wolvenhof, also known by many as Château Du Loup, was designed by J. Vercoutere and constructed between 1912 and 1914 for the industrialist, Gaspard Vanden Bogaerde. It was one of two castles built in the area. With the outbreak of World War One, Bogaerde and his brother Émile, the owner of the second castle, volunteered to enlist in the Belgian army and they were subsequently sent away to fight. While they were away, German forces commandeered the buildings and the site was converted into a prison camp and a small airfield named Flugplatz Abeele. Towards the end of the war, Castle Wolvenhof sustained a significant amount of damage as much of the wood, including the very expensive floorboards, was torn out and used as firewood. Following the German defeat, the two brothers returned to their properties and spent the next few years renovating them. The Bogaerde families continued to live in the castles long after the Second World War. However, in 1999, both buildings were sold to the city and the grounds were opened as a public park. Today, although it is a heritage building, Castle Wolvenhof is abandoned. Yet, after someone, presumably the city, invested 322,500 euros in the property in 2016, restoration work has begun. The aim of the project is to bring back the building and return it to its former glory. It is unknown what purpose the building will serve once the restoration work is complete; one source suggests it will remain a central part of the park in which it is situated. Our Version of Events Although we’d just returned from New Zealand and had barely set foot on English soil, we decided that a new trip was in order, to make the most of the good summer weather Europe has been experiencing. So, with an epic explore in mind, somewhere along the Maginot Line, we decided to travel through Belgium to reach it. Our decision to visit Belgium was twofold: we could see a few abandoned sites along the way, and drink lots of Belgian beer. The first stop on our travels, mainly for a quick break after driving from the north east, was the legendary Château Du Loup. Surprisingly, finding it was easier than we’d imagined, and gaining access wasn’t as hard as we’d anticipated. However, no sooner had we stepped inside the building did we set off an alarm. From the inside, though, it didn’t seem to sound too loud, so we decided to crack on and take some snaps anyway. For the next half an hour, then, we raced around the building trying to take a photo of each room. The entire time it felt as though a farmer might turn up, or some kind of Belgian security guard, but, fortunately, neither did. In the end, we were able to leave without further incident. It was only when we were making our way back outside that we realised how loud the alarm really was. It was clearly attracting quite a bit of attention from the people who were making good use of the surrounding parkland too. At this point, then, we decided to casually join the general public and take a wander around the park. Our blending in seemed to work rather well, other than the fact our French and Flemish skills don’t go much further than ‘Hallo’, ‘Ik ben op zoek naar, John’ and ‘Bonjour’. Still, it was enough to get us back to the cars. After that, our next destination was Bruges, with plenty of time left in the day to drink lots of beer! Explored with Ford Mayhem, MKD, Rizla Rider, The Hurricane and Husky. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: 24:
  2. This was the first stop on our little euro trip! Not sure on the history of the place, but like many others around Europe its a beautiful house! Looking at other pictures online it looks a little stripped now. Thank You!
  3. Another instalment from the derp trip with Baron, we arrive nice and early in the morning with mist all round, we soon made our way to the right place and we were in. Not much to this place, it was fairly empty but there were several great rooms and the stairs or course! Stupidly on the way out, whilst climbing over the smallest wall ever, I slipped and impaled my hand on a spike, stupid boy! Thanks for looking!
  4. Part of Euro derpage explore with Baroness of Scotland, we ended up here fairly late in the afternoon to have a wander around. Parking up and making our way blindly through the trees we soon came across this site... Quickly making our way inside, it was a slight disappointment to see the place had been ransacked by thieves, little vandlism, but lots of things strewn around the rooms. Luckily we met an explorer inside who was the first to find the Chateau and he showed us pics of how it used to be, it was a bit of a shock and a sad reminder of what some people are capable of doing to earn a couple quid. So it was off to our next location, very nice explore indeed, even it had been messed up in many rooms. More pics can be found on my Flickr. Thanks for looking!
  5. A long time to get round to posting this fabulous location in France, visited with Baroness of Puddleland and Hector. This was the first stop of a long weekend and it was a major bit of wantage back when it first became known! We arrived shortly after sunrise, having been told to expect to get wet feet with the entry, we were lucky to get in dry, albeit a bit muddy. This Manor house is/was stunning, as I have since heard it became a tourist hotspot and has been alarmed and sealed. We waited for the to come up and had a good walk around the place, so much to take in, anyway here is my effort. Proper picture overload, but it was hard not too! Thanks for looking!
  6. I finally got around to post this report, so here goes: If you didn't get to see my previous Belgium report, feel free to take a peek: 48 hours in Belgium 2014 I wake up in my hotel room in Amsterdam, later I'm going to meet up with @Merryprankster, @The_Raw and a non-member (Jane) in Antwerp, for some kick-ass urban exploration days. I grab a trusty sandwich and make my way to downtown Amsterdam. It is incredibly hot, hitting around 30 °C and I'm about to catch a train to Antwerp. The entire station is crowded and I can't find my train, which is supposed to depart in a few minutes. I finally find a train conductor who can tell me where to go. I make it to the correct platform, just as the train is rolling in. I get on the train, but just like the station, it's cramped. I literally end up sitting between two peoples luggage – but there's air-condition, so I can't really complain. Two hours and a pair of sore legs later, I'm finally there. The door opens to another train carriage, and it hits me… The stench of the sweat from 15 persons, all mixed together in a hot train-pot and left simmering for a few hours. I was told that our carriage, was the only one with functioning air-condition and I'm inclined to believe the person who told me that. I make my way through Central Antwerp Station and it's such a beautiful place, if you haven't seen it, google it. And knowing that I would be standing at the top of it all, gave me butterflies in my stomach. I head down to our hotel for the night, where I'm meeting with the rest of the guys. After our greetings and a few necessary ice creams, we make our way to: Château de la Chapelle. As the name might suggest, it's a large residential building. Complete with its own wine cellar and chapel. The size and number of chairs, suggests to me that it was used for weddings or the likes. The were signs of construction and I think it's definitely it's worth saving. A very beautiful building. The entire house is protected by a moat, where I managed to get a VERY wet shoe. I was later reminded of my clumsiness by another Belgian explorer: “I think you're the first one getting wet feet there”. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. After trying out another spot and not finding a way in, we head back to Antwerp. A take a quick shower and we head downtown for a copious amount of cheap chips. A big shoutout to The_Raw and The Antwerp crew for getting us up on: Antwerp Central Station The original station building was constructed between 1895 and 1905 and is regarded as one of the finest transportation buildings in Belgium – and I can see why. The station itself has four levels, with three levels for tracks, 14 platforms in use and a shopping center on the fourth level. The station also houses a diamond gallery with more than 30 diamond shops. Most likely a once in a lifetime experience to explore this. 11. (The station in the distance) 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. After the exploration, I wasn't feeling too well, so I got our only room key and went home for the night and the others went to explore a few other places. I was awoken early in the morning by a loud banging on the door. I opened the door to a very stern looking The_Raw. When he got home after the explore, I slept right through his door knocking and he therefor went to sleep on the roof of the hotel. Beers were brought as an apology. We made our way to Château Nottebohm. Château Nottebohm is cottage-style manor built in 1908 and it's history is a bit unclear. Some say it was built for the family Nottebohm, who were a very prominent family and known for their work in curing skin diseases, the manor was later occupied during WWII and during the 50's used as a hotel, banquet hall and restaurant. Others claim it was a wealthy German family living in the manor, whom fled during WWII and it was since left to decay. 17. 18. 19. Stick aroud for Part Two!
  7. Almost a year ago I've visit this big castle with my friends. I was overwhelmed by the things that were still inside. In particular that beautiful library! A lot of bedrooms with different kind of beds. Beautiful chairs, paintings and much more to see. Here's a little collection of my set, more you'll find on my flickr/fb account. Thanks for watching . #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
  8. Belgium Chateau Congo (12-2015)

    December 2015 we made a visit at this Chateau in state of decay, upper floors are not quite safe and some places already collapsed. Still besides the big mess a lot to see at this Chateau. It was a nice visit! Yes the obvious photo of the 2 chairs an couch is missing, guess everybody has seen that a zillion times already 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 9: 10: Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this short serie. grts Peter.
  9. Belgium Chateau Hohner

    The last location I did in 2015. It's not really a chateau, more like a big house, but codenames can be tricky sometimes I guess. The owner had lots of cars, on the last pictures I saw from other people there were more spectacular ones, but I guess they cleaned up the garden. A lot of mess in most rooms, but two of the rooms where actually quite worth photographing!
  10. It was a morning it was sunny, 25 degrees. I already had a few hours of driving in my arms when I arrive at the castle. I do like my habit, a small tour around the castle to watch the outside architecture and also find an entry. I managed to find an entry that made me go through the underground. In the underground I find a small staircase to go up, it remains only a small door and I'm officialy in the place. My first impression (when i see the big orange staircase) was "there someone who still lives here" The furnitures are in perfect condition, nothing is damaged, the paint of some ceilings begins to flake ... I decides to explore at great speed in case something could happen. 45 minutes later, I'm outside and falls on the neighbors with whom I speak 1H. The neighbors, who are also the guardians of the castle tell me that since 1951 no one lives in the castle, but there is an owner today ... What luck to have been able to explore here. I let you appreciate the intérior. FULL SET on my web site: http://www.msixphotography.com/reports/gallery/chateau-jumanji/#reports Some pictures of this place:
  11. A beautiful chateau tucked away in the French countryside... Luckily we got to see it just before it was horribly trashed! ...CHATEAU FACHOS... Thanks for lookin' in...
  12. I really enjoyed a couple of hours at this beautiful location. Can't tell much about it, but the building near is still in use, thankfully nobody noticed us #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9
  13. So this is my first post, I hope I'm doing well This used to be a very beautifull castle. Not only the inside but I also loved it from the outside OMG. It was first mentioned in 1108, so it's very very old!! Tnx for watching and any feedback is welcome. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9
  14. A few months earlier I was standing in front of this building, they actually closed it completely down, wow. As I was looking for an entry, I heard voices inside - jump scare - , I shouldn't go exploring so often on my own.. , Oh right..remembered the concierge put on the radio and light just to keep people away from it.. Now last month one of the few fellow explorers in this area posted pictures from a revisited, the castle was for sale and open for visitors twice a week, yes! I dragged my mom along with me because this was my only chance to ever get her in an abandoned building, legally. She thought it was awesome, even tho' she was scared of the ceiling crumbling down and the floors that could be rotten Anyhow; here are the pictures from our little trip!
  15. Belgium Chateau D'ambiance

    My first repo on here! Once upon a time, near a big city there was this big wealthy hotel/restaurant, full of chique guests, expensive food such as lobster and glamorous rooms. After the business went bankrupt, the owners couldn't find anyone who had interest to buy it from them. So now, nature is slowly taking over the grounds again. The exploring itself: After tumbling into the basement (I'm gracefull like that.. ) , we came into this huge wine cellar. Now let me tell you, I absolutely don't like basements, I always try my best to avoid them when I don't need to be in there. When we finally got upstairs, I was kinda suprised how dark some parts of the building were, while other couldn't be more open and alight. I absolutely loved what was left of the old glamour. When we were about to leave the building, the rest of our team wanted to go down the basement one last time, so I moved along on my own a little bit.. they came out a little bit creeped out but still laughing, apparently they came across another man down there; whose only words there: This would be perfect for SM. And disappeared Loved this part with the little wedding-ish look! Detail from the ceiling of the previous picture The corridor to the guest rooms. And last but not least; A picture of the wine cellar!
  16. First stop on a July trip with Darbians to Euroland, we explored this Chateau?, I have no idea why its called Chateau Ambience, its a hotel, and looked to have closed reasonably recently. Anyway, the reason for the visit was a lovely staircase, but it had been dismantled before we arrived, so a few quick shots. Just outside these doors was a lovely blue swimming pool, it was such a hot day, in the high 30's it was very tempting to go for a dip, until we realised the neighbours still loved there! Old Fish tank, but no fish Quick external before heading off to a couple fails and a evening hotel Thanks for looking
  17. LEGAL !! Chateau GM (visit 2015)

    Hi guys, this time a legal visit in an older location, I was trying to get in when the owner arrived I quickly acted like I was taking pictures from the outside, turns out this guy was really friendly and he let me and my girlfriend inside, took a few pics , but no much , because the place was a complete mess. GM by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr GM by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr GM by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr Only 3 pics sorry guys....
  18. A quick trip across the ditch to Belgium with the good fella Darbians to see some lovely cream. Right in the middle of all the Migrant Crisis and Operation Stack. It took me about 10 hours to drive south to crash the night at Darbians, with the plan to leave early the next morning to hit up Belgium for a couple days. An early start for the 3 hour drive to the Chunnel, which then because of Operation Stack turned into an almost 5 hour drive, meaning we would pretty much miss out train! After a bit of a wait in border control, Darbs got a bit confused and swerved around a waiting car, resulting in us getting a full check of the car and Darbs getting the finger treatment! Somehow, we managed to just drive right to the boarding part and get on the next train while loads of others waited, still not sure how that happened. The first stop of the trip was to a hotel, but somehow I forgot to upload those pics to Flickr, but will do that another time, so the second stop of a trip was an evening jaunt to this lovely old Chateau, which has more recently been used as and probably is still used as a school. Access took quite a while to figure out, we tried several different windows, doors and basements, only to end up in a dead end, but the first one we tried but didn't go the right way turned out the be the correct one! Although fairly empty the fireplaces were rather nice, oh and a wee trip into the none derpy bit couldn't be avoided! Thanks for looking!
  19. Much like raws report-who i visited this with btw, can't find much history on the place, its a chateau, there's signs of restoration work started and then abandoned, the place is folding in on itself in places, couple of years and it will look like congo or nottenboum- visited on the rosbif 36 h invasion of france- all that really entailed was this chateau, a prison, a quarry, some sweaty sausages, a bottle of rum and a very very drunk merrprankster went a bit crazy editing in places, im staying in all weekend after a month of exploring and partying so i'm dragging it out for fear or becoming bored! oh yeah thanks raw for lending a brother a wide angle much appreciated! please forgive any unparallel lines as i'm still rocking a pissed sensor and yeah i took 3 angles of one banister- and what!! its a nice banister!! #banisterporn! thanks kids, take it sleazy
  20. One of the best Chateau's i explored.. The decay and colours are so pretty in there! Here are some photo's, enjoy! Pictures : 001 : Chateau Verdure (1) by Urbex Joey, on Flickr 002 : Chateau Verdure (2) by Urbex Joey, on Flickr 003 : Chateau Verdure (3) by Urbex Joey, on Flickr 004 : Chateau Verdure (4) by Urbex Joey, on Flickr 005 : Chateau Verdure (5) by Urbex Joey, on Flickr 006 : Chateau Verdure (6) by Urbex Joey, on Flickr Thanks
  21. Situated in a wealthy area outside Paris we almost thought we were in the wrong place for this one but it was just well hidden amongst the trees. I don't know any history about the place unfortunately but it was clearly once a very grand house which has been left to rot for one reason or another. We spent an hour or so in here while it was chucking it down outside before heading onto a party with a bunch of French (& English) nutters 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Oh yeah, there were some creepy dolls too Thanks for looking
  22. Where to start on this place.... Ever since the first photos popped the scene of this place, I knew I had to visit here... It was on top of my wish list for so long, Back in Summer of 2013 I stood outside here, only to find out it had been locked down a few days prior, there was no way in to be had. Couple externals from my first visit back in 2013 Fast forward 6 months, no one had explored the place, but a couple people started posting pics again, was it back on the scene again.. obviously it was, but entry was not quite permission, bit an arranged visit through third parties. I missed an opportunity to go earlier in 2014, I won't go into that, ehh MrB Part of the Jupilerrrrr tour with Baron and Mega Magpie Masa, it was arranged for us to pay it a visit in exchange for a few beer tokens. This was a once in a lifetime explore and sits proudly as one of the best places I have had the pleasure to visit and take photos. We were given about 6 hours inside, I could spend days in here, I hope I do the palace justice, it really is the Castle of Dreams. BEWARE SERIOUSLY PIC HEAVY!! First shot of the day, has to be massive marble staircase. Being so dark, I decided to take a look in the basement area to grab a few pics before the decent light came up, the pics were always going to be light painted, so best get them out of the way first. Basement / Kitchen I would leave the ground floor till last, hoping the light would improve later in the day, so headed to the first floor. Turrent Bedroom & Ensuite Sitting Room The Green Bedroom The Green Bedroom with Turrent Sitting Room Some of the children's bedrooms First Floor Dancing Room (So I like to think) The Master Suite + 1 First Floor Hallway Cont'd....
  23. Hi, This will be my first post on this forum. I am already for quite some time on the facebook page, but I wanted to post some on the forum, because this is where the forum is for ) Begin this year I did a trip to Belgium / Luxembourg / France / Germany ... It was a hell of a trip! So many amazing locations to see!! I will start with Sous les nuages in France.. When I saw some pictures online of this location I knew we had to do this one..! When we arrived we already saw the HUGE building! It was tricky to find some entrance and there was a goat as an guard, but we made it! We started in de library ... what an amazing place!!!! The living room and dining room was amazing too ... so well preserved that somehow you had the feeling with some cleaning and painting you could still live here very well!! Upstairs was a bit more decayed ... you could see the roof had his best time... After some hours we rushed to our next location ... but we were really happy we could do this one! It was worth the trip! Will be back with some more locations! Please leave a comment below if you like it! See ya, Marco
  24. We arrive and we stop at the edge of a small road. To our right , a full mosquito creek. To the left a huge park with the forest. We descided with Offone Decay (one off my exploration friend) going into the forest. And here we come across a huge castle , no window is broken, no sign of forced entry. Only the few walkers can see us enter the castle . We look through a window before entering. And here we see that all the furniture is still there, as it nobody ever left this place... Its feels like a perfect plan. Here I share a few pictures of this find (1 full day for the exploration of this castle), I hope you enjoy it Today this castle is in a big mess, it's missing many small objects and everything is the ground. ... So sad:mad:


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