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Found 113 results

  1. Want to see more of my work? Like my page Colourbex and stay updated https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colourbex/834327016579594?ref=ts&fref=ts
  2. Want to see more? Like my page Colourbex and stay updated! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colourbex/834327016579594?ref=ts&fref=ts
  3. Belgium Abandoned Hospital 2015

    Want to see more? Like my FB page Colourbex and stay updated https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colourbex/834327016579594?fref=ts
  4. Decided to combine urbex with a little touch of fantasy.. Hate it or love it?
  5. Germany Coalmine LW 2015

    By the time we visited this coalmine, some of the machnies had been sold already, nevertheless i liked it still.... #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Some more pics on my website: http://www.industriesafari.de/Viewer/BergwerkLW/index.html
  6. I have never think that inside a vandalism factory in my town, gives so a nice staircase... 1. Lovely staircase 02 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 2. Lovely staircase 03 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 3. Lovely staircase 04 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 4. Lovely staircase 05 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 5. Lovely staircase 06 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 6. Lovely staircase 07 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr
  7. I've visited this location during my summerholidays in italy. Unfortunately i couldn't find anything about the history of the building. ;( Buchfabrik Buchfabrik Buchfabrik Buchfabrik Buchfabrik Buchfabrik Panorama
  8. Hello, this is my First Urbex location. This mineschaft is very Vandilised, but still much details. Hope you like the pics.
  9. These are my first "real" (conscious / aware) Photos from an abandoned place. I've took them 23 years ago, in 1991 (I'm getting old ... ). It was an abandoned mansion with a chapel in Trier / Germany (today it is restored). The image quality is not very good. But I think it might be interesting to see my old photos from that time. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 - Perfect shoes and clothes for Urban Exploration ... 15 16
  10. UK Morgue S - 2014

    Hey there. Pretty much anyone involved within exploring will know where this is Regardless of all the drama it may have caused it's a really nice place. visited on 2 occasions. Once on a nice afternoon with PROJ3CTM4YH3M and AndyK! and then early morning with Oldskool, Kriegaffe9, Perjury Saint, PeterC4 and a non-member. PICS!! Cheers
  11. Abandoned since 1986 this derelict prison camp located in a remote area of the North Island in New Zealand barely resembles a prison. The prison is heavily decayed with surprisingly little vandalism, the prisons strange colour schemes were meant to help calm prisoners. Our road trip taking us to this prison began with a sunny 18 degrees, five hours later we were in snow, this place had a very somber feeling to it. Cheers for looking at our explores in New Zealand, sorry if it was a little picture heavy! More here: http://urbexcentral.com/2014/05/20/waikune/
  12. This old college was a religious secondary school built in a religious “commune†solely by volunteer labour missionaries in the 1950’s who worked for the church. The school has a huge American influence as you can tell by the pictures, it is huge! The amount of things left behind is also astonishing, what a waste! The school was closed when church leaders accepted that mainstream schools offered “quality education†and the school has started to be demolished to either be converted to farmland or some other future usage. Our explore here began by cautiously entering a construction zone, in the past we had been greeted by angry residents who live on the commune and we were chased into a wet marsh behind the school, so this time we did our best to avoid that situation. After finding access presumably created by vandals, we were greeted by a huge American style school including full size swimming pool, gym and theatre, all without any signs of vandalism and the only graffiti being that of previous students to the school, making it the best abandoned school we have seen so far in New Zealand. For rest of pictures: http://urbexcentral.com/2014/10/09/a-religious-college/ Thanks for looking, Urbexcentral - New Zealand Urban Exploring.
  13. Got lots more coming. You can check out this video and more at www.projectsenium.com Cheers!
  14. Thanks to Man of two worlds for the heads up with this one... We were heading home from a trip up in Lincolnshire and decided to stop of here on the way.... His friend had visited a few weeks ago and it was meant to be in good condition... But as soon as we walked in, it was obvious that the local morons had been and visited.. Could not find much on the history of the site. But it would seem that it has been uninhabited since the late 90's after finding a cad dated then with his name on it. The guy seems to have some form of a MOD connection due to the odds n sods clothing wise laying about... But other than that the main think that takes over the house is the whisky bottle placed on every available space. There is also a great collection of asthma inhalers and Fag butts dotted all over the place. It is not the grandest of the sites out there and is small, but it could have been so nice before it was trashed. I am just gutted that I had not come across this place soon as it is so easy to spot, but had not 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  15. Evening all, Part of the first full day we went to the Police and Firestation and junkyard attached to the Police station. The majority of the photos were taken in the junkyard as it was a little dark in the police cells. Next time will do a proper recce of the police station (if I can slip away) History as per - Pripyat town part of the area that was effected by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident. Most of the vehicle left here were from the town and were dumped. The photos Thanks for looking in.
  16. Pritzer Fac Not much history i can find on this one due to it being codenamed everywhere. Inside it looks as if it closed in stages since around 1995. Such a great spot and was deffo my favorite on the Euro tour. Some really nice features scattered here. After finding out we missed a few bits here i'm dying to go back. Cheers, SM
  17. I visited that famous Welsh asylum with The Elusive and two other splorers. Wonderful place, could have been there for ages :-). Just posting some of my shots :-). Thanks for looking :-)
  18. I visited this place with The Elusive and two other splorers. Abandoned hall and quarry, now in ruins and overgrown. Beautyful place. And big. Very different from what I find back home. A very wet, great fun and very early morning splore :-) Thanks for looking :-)
  19. Evening all, Been back about 3 weeks now and probably a month since my last report on Duga 3. I don't tend to process that quickly as I find it a pleasure to take my time and not power through them. Unfortunately this has resulted in quite a backlog so have uploaded more or less all I wanted to from this spot to do a report. Think its been well covered previously, as many others have been and was quite late to this one due to going on trips to other countries since this one came about but still surprised to see more here than the underwhelming Dr Genitals which we slept in the night before and shot before coming here. This was my first trip to Belgium since last July so it was good to get back to the novelty of locations close to each other rather than the stretch across Germany between spots. This was the first full day with Dursty, Perry and Martyn and were lucky to explore this uninterrupted besides the neighbour spotting us pulling up which was solved by driving off and parking around the corner. Done! Anyway, on with some photos. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. Thanks for looking in.
  20. Afternoon all, Last stop on our first full day in a bit of a downpour was this location which is getting a lot of traffic now. Not much here besides some nice stairs and a few other details but was worth the last hour or so before heading to our hotel for the evening. This is one of a few buildings in the same complex that remains abandoned, the rest of the site was refurbished and some people were living in some of them and some were empty. Thanks for looking in.
  21. Visited during a road trip across the US late last year. Getting in took plenty of energy and ingenuity but it was well worth the effort! A couple of rooms hosted a very cool graveyard of technology
  22. Norway Truck. 2014.

    I happened to find an abandoned truck. Just some photos.
  23. Day after our Denbigh explore, my friend managed to arrange a visit for us at an old school in Cheshire. The usual story of she knows a guy who knows a guy...who turns out to be the caretaker of the estate. We arrived there after 90' on what should have been less than 30'. Gotta love the british motorways. Graham greeted us at the pool house (a big wooden structure that didn't get to see inside but standing at the door all the heat and smell of chlorine on that very hot day made me wanna take off all my clothes and jump in). The pool apparently is still in use, as an old lady walked out, and that is the main reason the guy is still there. He was with the school for something like 10 years and since it closed in 2010 been staying there to keep an eye on the pool and the buildings in general. Apart from a break-in 2 years ago (during Easter holidays) that resulted in a large part of the ceiling to having been stripped off (f**rs), the school shows little signs of decay, mostly what you would see in any other building. As always, a large number of student essays and drawings and stuff has been left behind, even an entire corridor filled with photos from excursions and other activities. Especially for a school dealing with children with special needs this really felt wrong. I don't know but I would never leave my kid's stuff behind if their school closed down. Especially if i knew pictures were left behind. Maybe it's just me. So Graham showed us the entire place giving the history along the way. The school was built almost 90 years ago, in a beautiful location but through the years the number of students grew smaller and finally it wasn't easy to maintain it financially. Though there was a case of a female teacher being involved with a student of hers that might have led to the actual shutdown. The school was meant for Jewish children so there was/is a synagogue. It was a boarding school too, though not all students stayed there. Some would commute to Manchester daily. But as being a boarding school too meant there were around 50+ staff working there with plenty living there too. Oh and there is a sports hall too that is MINT! Wouldn't mind moving that next to my house. Wouldn't call it the explore of a lifetime, but it was very interesting to be there, look at a different kind of school from up close, walk the empty corridors where once all those kids would run and laugh and generally grow up. And perfect location too. Sucks my school was in the city. ===PHOTOS=== There is always a chair One of the class rooms Same room different part One of the few hints at abandonment The synagogue I guess some adults should read this too The sports hall Not that kind of monkey The dining hall - the handprints and spray were recent as the daughter of the owner threw a birthday party or something.. Cooking class At staff's house One of the buildings How they put all the knowledge in your head Ice-cream anyone? That was cute One of two rooms that was filled with dead flies. I am talking about a proper genocide. ===THE END=== Thanks for reading!
  24. So, first of all, hello to everyone! This is my first report in Oblivion State (and any UE-related forum to be honest). Haven't been actively involved with any type of forum for a decade so it's a nice feeling to be back in active duty. Very briefly, I would like to say a few bits about me. I have been actively exploring since January this year (2014). Did a couple of explores last summer back home, but at the time had no idea there was a thing called "Urban Exploration". Despite it being very recent, it's a bit hard to draw a line between the various incidents that led me to UE taking up 80% of my time. I guess it's one of those things... I was pretty lucky to quickly get involved with seasoned explorers and already feel that I have seen some really amazing places, always with a true sense of "belonging". Ok that's it. On to the report! I visited Birkwood Hospital earlier this month (March 2014) with 2 non-forum explorers with whom I mostly run with. It was their first time there as well so it was great sharing this experience for the first time as a group, and as individuals. A few words about Birkwood taken from Archiveshub.co.uk "Birkwood Hospital was run by Lanarkshire Council for the care of children with severe learning disabilities. Opened in 1923, it provided care for both boys and girls and was one of the few psychiatric hospitals which dealt exclusively with children. Birkwood House, situated in Lesmahagow (Lanarkshire) was originally a stately home built in 1887 for the McKirdy family. Birkwood was purchased by Lanarkshire Council in 1920 and was first occupied as a certified Institution for Mental Defectives on 3rd July 1923. Birkwood House was one of several institutions which opened in accordance with the Mental Deficiency and Lunacy (Scotland) Act of 1913. The Act was passed ‘to make better and further provision for the care of Mentally Defective Persons and to amend the Law relating to Lunacy in Scotland.’ Birkwood House is a Grade B listed building and had extensions erected in 1921, 1946 and 1958. The new wing added in 1958 cost £94,000 and accommodated up to 80 more patients. The 1966 Western Regional Hospital Board, Hospital Survey and Draft Proposals for Mental Health Services, stated that Birkwood had 316 beds but suggested that could be extended to a further 376 beds to accommodate for overcrowding in Kirklands Hospital. However, by 1976, The Evening Times reported that Birkwood would have to cut beds due to a degree of overcrowding. Gradually, community based care became more acceptable concerning psychiatric patients and The Evening Times reported in 1981 that Birkwood was trialling an independent unit which would allow improving patients to look after themselves with minimum supervision. The Community Care Act 1990 gave rise to a more community-based focus for long-term care and consequently many of the long-term psychiatric hospitals closed. The hospital began to relocate patients in 2002 and officially closed in 2005." Arriving at the nearby village it already felt like a great day to explore an old abandoned hospital. The day was cold and miserable, though it wasn't raining (much) which is always a plus when you are unsure about your entry points and feel there's bound to be a lot of walking around. We made it over the bridge and started heading uphill a bit worried about a guy and his dog who was way up ahead. There have been earlier reports (and photos) of the owner's caravan laying at the front of the building with the owner living in it actually so we thought this could go either way. We decided to skip the pathway and walked uphill to cut directly to the back of the hospital. Reaching the high fences that ran the perimeter on the side and back we found a welcoming opening and once we were in we knew that all we needed was just a nice broken...and there it was, a nice basement window open and waiting for us. We climbed in and found ourselves in the pitch-black basement. A quick look around revealed amazing decay, though at no point did the place feel dangerous. Little did we know. We found a staircase and at the top was a small opening through a door through which we squeezed in. Right in front of the opening was just a couple of boards that we decided to avoid stepping on as the gaping holes revealed a significant drop that none of us wanted to experience. After getting through that bit, the first big room we encountered was a clear indication of how beautiful Birkwood was (and still is in a way), but also how decayed and dangerous it also was. The floors were constantly making me feel as if they were about to disappear under me and in many parts of the building there were big holes. However, it was such the excitement of being in there that we just kept going and going and spent a lot of time in there. After all, we knew of the famous spiral staircase and all 3 of us were desperate in getting there. The first big room we encountered. Stairs. Peeling. Decay. What's not to love. And a nice fireplace at the most inconvenient place ever. Awesome rooms. Simply breath-taking beauty. More stairs. And there it was, the spiral staircase leading to the top of one of the towers. I couldn't resist not stepping outside but as I put my foot down I realized the floor on the top was wooden (?) and obviously in terrible decay so I just stood on the edge of the door and took a few shots. One thing I love about UE in Scotland is that I get to see so much of this beautiful country. After the spiral staircase was done we were done with most of the main building and after taking another look around we made it back out. It was time to explore the rest of the site as there have been many extensions built through the years. All of these buildings were for the most part completely open, so obviously the level of decay was huge. Still, some pretty interesting bits and pieces. I know, I am a sucker for two things. Stairs and hanging lights/cables. I loved this instantly. Reflections are great. This chair screamed "shoot me". At the restaurant, a small room with beautiful peeling. And last, but not least, the Birkwood Hospital (main building) in all its glory. It is clear that there was no caravan at the entrance at the time of our visit and generally we found no security, or no sign of the owner. As it turned out however, they recently started restoring parts of the building. I think they started with the roof and the window we got in was boarded up recently, plus there are workers at the site now. I feel very lucky to have been there, not sure if they will actually make it into something or at some point (as it always happens) work will stop as money will run out. I would love to return one day. So there it is my first report and I feel I overdid it with the narration. I get carried away so I apologize. If you want to see more photos you can check my FB page (see signature). Thanks for reading and stay frosty people!
  25. Visited here to shoot part of a uni brief about detail, ring flash and crop, so was in the middle of doing that when another explorer and her mum showed up... Was more concentrating on shooting what I had visited for, but made sure I got enough images for a report... I left shooting the external stuff till after i had finished in the house. But unfortunately by the time it came to doing that it was lashing down with rain and I was pushed for time.. Could not see much in the way of history online, but if anybody knows different feel free to bung it my way and I will add it on.. Now for some photos.