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Found 288 results

  1. The first is right beneath Paris, but the other beneath a suburbian cemetery. "] "]
  2. Hi, A couple of weeks back we visited this location. It's quite large, as we walked around there for about 5 hours. And we didn't even see everything. But it's a really nice location. It looks like it's abandoned for 10 years, although it's only been abandoned since 2011. I had my Canon 500D with me, but also 2 GoPro's. So expect to see a movie in the right section on this forum . But here are some pictures i've made. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Sorry about the big selection, i already excluded a lot, and it was difficult
  3. Bonsoir a tous ! voici mes dernière photos. C'est ancienne cantine abandonné depuis 2010. Désolé je n'est pas plus d'image car seul 1 étage été accessible. Je rappel que nous avons trouvé le lieux tel quel.
  4. Ce bâtiment est abandonné depuis au moins 10 ans et c'est un hippodrome. Hésitez pas a liker ma page Urban Stalker
  5. Je vous présente un sanatorium bien connu en France ! Follow me - Urban Stalker
  6. ok, been a while since I posted from this trip. Day 3, after a very messy night involving several bottles of "baron" red wine, our motley crew awoke. Where were we going ?? The night before had been frantic messages home and abroad trying to figure out if the place was still open.......... yes/no/yes/no, then we decided Foret, but then we decided prison........ the last message I had stated it was open, so we got in the car and set off. After at least 3 wrong turns on the motorways we finally got heading in the right direction !! We met up with 2 explorers from Holland, Mornix and Mallory, good friends and really good to see them again. (Mallorys Apricot pie was amazing !! and who says prison food is rubbish ) Long story short......... we got in........ took some pics......... go out........ no dramas no gypsies but we heard a few guns being fired in the prison next next door. cheers The Baron
  7. A gem of a Chateau! Struggled to find any history on this bad boy! :( On with the pics: Cheers!!!! Chris
  8. This was on my list since I first saw reports earlier this year and I was fortunate to be in mainland Europe when I heard that access was possible since earlier this year. Spent a few hours here before heading back to old Blighty after a few days on the Continent. The place seems to have gone down pretty quickly since the first reports were found of this place. I suspect the nearby Gipsy camp has helped in stripping this place full of valuable metals as there was evidence of their handy work. 3 cell blocks and the admin blocks...pretty much similar but still a good look nevertheless....and my first prison! Pictures:
  9. A long walk in the woods, until arriving in bamboo ... This unusual jungle region crossed, here we are with my two exploration acolytes behind this castle of 19 ° with his new roof wich contrast with the rest of the building. Formerly pride of the neighbour chemical industry, the building is now used to stock archives. We quickly find a passage to the inside, and once again i want to kill tagger and the f****** paint bombs ... How can you be silly to the point of painting designs worthy of a child of 2 years on tapestries, mirrors, wood paneling of a castle? Thank you Photoshop on this one! Scribblings aside, only time seems to have damaged the premises. The humidity is wreaking havoc, so that the floor of the top floor of one of the towers decided to join the ground floor two floors below. The structure moves under our feet, making quite stressful visit. Many pieces are full of archives, chemistry books, old fax ... Side details, it does not lack, various moldings, gilded, adorn the walls and ceilings. A fireplace dated before the construction of the castle warmed a small lounge which there is only a chair and a newspaper.
  10. Somewhere in my beautiful country, there a old orphanage, abandoned since 20 years, the time is doing his job just in front of the stupid owner of this place who also own the little mansion juste behind ... Visited many many times betwin 2010 and last month. In the past, childs would be crying, playing, make noise, now it's just the wind in the broken windows ... Nobody is running in these stairs ... Hope you'll like it . Sorry if my english is not very good
  11. It’s summer and we are cruising on the road, when we saw a little abandoned house … Few meters in the nettles, some mosquitoes, we hope that there is no snake, and walk in what appears to be an old farmhouse. Thieves and thugs of all kinds have already gone, but there are still small things to see and photograph. Starting with a workshop, with its old established wooden, vices of the same materials. Here and there small wooden storage boxes, a huge closet steel … All in a veranda overlooking the nature, a place that makes you want to tinker! Old tools lying around, some still stored, pending a hypothetical user .. More pics on my blog http://rossifumi46.fr/2013/08/house-of-cynophile-cat/?lang=en
  12. An old hydroelectric power plant Hidden in the trees, a few dozen to a long path in the woods, I could never find this plant without the help of an old man who protect a nearby castle … The use of this plant is unknown, I thought to supply military camp during World War II, but the facilities are dated to the late 50s. It can be used for a nearby farm, or a missing from the factory. Protected by its location, it has suffered little damage, except the windows stolen, and flooding due to clogged water retention When I got there, disappointment, I see the dam, but do not see how this will produce electricity! Dirt has replaced water, doors gave way under the pressure, I cross to find the stairs leading down under restraint to discover what I wanted. [1] Flywheel and regulator. [2] FLywheel and generator. [3] [4] Alternator details [5] Regulator http://rossifumi46.fr/2013/08/centrale-hydro-electrique-sfu/?lang=fr
  13. Hello everybody ! I'm a new one from France, i live in Tours (castle, wine, ... ) . I love to explore old and rusty factory, powerplant, castle ... and many other things without Tags and recent human degradation. I shoot with an "old" 450D mounted with a Sigma 10-20 and sometimes a Canon 18-55.
  14. The other side of Prison 15H - Woman and Men New areas @End.
  15. Of the whole European road-trip, there was one site in particular I was ridiculously excited to see. In terms of exploring a building that you would not normally get to see, it does not get much better than a full-blown prison. The irony of spending weeks researching and planning how we were to get into the place was also beautifully ironic. Right up until the night before, we were weighing up the viability of driving to France and using up a valuable (in urban exploring terms) early morning for this place. Our local contacts gave conflicting reports regarding the current state of play here and, while we were immensely grateful to have such information, we saw it as a gamble. Would we get inside? Would we get there and find it sealed? Would we bump into unfriendly locals? Sometimes, when the prize is grand enough, it's worth taking the gamble. And, so, we got up early in the morning after not nearly enough sleep and set off towards France. As we did an initial drive past the grounds surrounding the prison we saw our biggest potential problem - a camp (or should I say, shanty town) of literally hundreds of caravans, tents and tarpaulins. Right at the front gates of the prison - a giant mass of travellers. When I say that they posed a potential problem, rest assured this is not some hasty generalisation. Far from it. As I say, we had been doing quite a bit of research about this place and there were numerous accounts explorers being confronted by those from the camp who were liberating the valuable material throughout the prison. On top of all this, there were also reports that the prison was frequented by the local police for live firearms training! If nothing else, this was to be a little more exciting than your average Sunday morning. We parked up and met up with a couple of explorers who had travelled down from Holland to spend the day exploring with us. In such a niche pastime it's always nice to meet like-minded folk to share stories and tips. It's also very nice indeed when they bring a massive delicious apricot pie to share amongst the group. I fully support this becoming a regular form of exchange when meeting up! Anyhow, we all exchanged greetings and introductions and set off into the unknown. As it happened, our worst fears were thankfully unfounded. Making our way inside, we soon found ourselves in the grand dechagonal central hall. Looking up, the ceiling was surprisingly grand for such a utilitarian building. Squint and you could almost have been in a cathedral - albeit a high-security cathedral with one of the country's most dangerous congregations. Leaving the central hall, I ventured out into one of the large wings of cells. Despite the decay and the graffiti there was no mistaking what this place was for. Few buildings are as instantly recognisable. The rows of closely spaced, heavy metal doors with the tiny viewing windows. The railings and, looking down past them, the netting stretching across the central gap - to catch any thrown projectiles, I would assume. There really was no mistaking where we were and what this building was only a few short years ago. Little clues as to the lives of those incarcerated here were dotted about the place. Walls were decorated with magazine cut-outs of fast cars and bikini-clad women. It only takes small details such as this to pull you straight into the world of the cell's final occupant. As I examined the pictures and stared out the small window at the bleak view outside, I was met with a strange kind of empathy for the unknown occupant. It was futile, I know, but I wanted to know more. What was his name? His crime? Did his family visit him often? How did he feel to be waking up inside this room day after day? I would never have my answers but just immersing myself in his cell brought these questions into sharp focus. As I explored further into the prison, I found myself moving away from the rest of the group exploring on my own along corridors which had the sunlight boarded out. I made my way carefully through pitch black jungles of uprooted cables and collapsed ceiling supports. Once I found the sanctuary of sunlight I gathered myself and gauged where about I was. I looked around and peered out the window. Oh crap! I had been happily ambling along towards the very front of the prison. Meaning I now found myself, alone and out of earshot, right next to Traveller City and with a load of valuable equipment. This was not at all part of the plan. I don't usually worry too much about the ever-present possibility of running into unfriendly scrap thieves in a derelict building - but then, I would not normally be alone, and would not normally have the language barrier to contend with...and there would not normally be 500 of them parked next door! I froze and trained my ears on any noises I could make out. Was anyone else inside the building at this end? Is that the noise of footsteps or chains banging in the wind? What was that loud popping sound? Wait, there it was again! Is that...it's bloody gunfire! Jesus! What have I gotten myself into? Adrenaline levels at 11, I quickly made my way through the front section of the prison. It seemed to be made up of a mixture of kitchens, administration, medical rooms and shower blocks. I tried to get a few interesting photos but have to admit I was more than a little distracted by the gunfire and threat of angry scrap thieves around every corner. My fight or flight response was pushing increasingly towards the flight end of the spectrum...and it was awesome. I have said it before but it bares repeating - this is the sole reason I don't get too excited by computer games any more. They just seem a bit pointless when you can actually do this stuff for real. Bollocks to paint-ball and the like too - if you want to feel a genuine rush of exhilaration, as far as I am concerned, you need genuine danger. Not a sanitised, watered down version mass-produced for the XBox or organised for corporate team-building events. I find too much of today's society is risk-assessed and we have gotten to the point where there is an unwritten contract within society whereby we expect danger should simply not exists - anywhere. I disagree with that at a very fundamental level. Genuine danger is useful, it's character building, it's exciting, it trains you to think hard about problems since there is no safety net. Anyhow, checking the time I realised I should be getting back to meet the others. I made my way back retracing my steps back to the front door, back along the dark treacherous corridor and back to the atrium. Or at least, that was the idea. However, once I got back to the barred gates to the atrium I found they were locked. I could have sworn I came through this gate to get in. Maybe it was via one of these side rooms! Yeah that was it....or not - none seemed to lead anywhere. As I searched for the way back I began to get increasingly concerned. I had no intention whatsoever of becoming locked inside a disused prison. I put down my things, turned the torch back on and tried to take stock. I was relieved to see there was a single bar missing near the base of the gate. It certainly was not how I had gotten into the corridor and it would be a squeeze but it would do. So, I forced my podgey torso through the gap and dragged my camera and bag after me. I found the others who were setting up for the obligatory group shots. We took a few final shots around what appeared to be the high-security isolation wing as we reluctantly drifted towards the exit. It was very difficult to drag ourselves away as there was clearly so much more we simply had not had the time to see but, the schedule had already been agreed and there was plenty more to see and it was already the afternoon so we bid the place 'au revoir'. Thanks MrD
  16. It's been ages since I posted on here as I have been kept really busy with work, family life, my own blog and, now, studying towards a BA in photography part-time. I thought I better change this and what better way to start than showing some of the highlights from the Silly O' Clock Crew franco-belgian urbex tour last month! Joining me for the 4 days of exploring were The Baron of Scotland, Project Mayhem and Lowri Jen Bate. 1000 miles were covered, 6 countries were spanned (technically, if we're including Wales and Scotland) and we met some awesome european explorers along the way. Drinks were drank ...especially on the 14-hour ferry crossing! And, all in all, a very sucessfull few days were had seeing some of the best of European derpage. So, without further ado and in no particular order, I present The Franco-Belgian 2013 Silly O'Clock Crew European Tour Highlights... 1) Tapioca Farm 2) Horror Labs 3) Prison H15 4) Inside Prison H15 5) Villa Hector 6) La Bobbins Clothing Factory 7) CDC 8) CDC (again - it's rather nice so deserves two!) 9) Chateau Gramophone 10) Schola CLXXV Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the pics - I hope to put reports up for each when I get the time. Until then... MrD
  17. Almost 400 meters long, this sanatorium have been built between the two world war. This exploration was painful for my legs!
  18. Chruch of Throne... A really huge church with an imposing blue roof. Full Gallery available on http://www.lempreinte-photographie.com/the-forgotten/religieux/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/bales9238/sets/72157635443836442/with/9705452542/ `
  19. Kingdom Monastery... an unknown building abandonned from a while. A great architecture and white room give its a special atmosphere. A magic place
  20. Unique ... A fantastic feeling discovering this place: an open cemetery vehicle, but not any type of vehicle. These are many military vehicles per hundred slowly end their agony in nature. Used for various world wars, mainly in the field of aid, these US monsters of war are today totally abandonned in nature, as if the war has stopped suddenly. A treasure hidden in nature. Full gallery available on http://www.lempreinte-photographie.com/the-forgotten/militaire/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/bales9238/sets/72157633416567371/
  21. No story about this mansion, all covered by the nature... http://www.flickr.com/photos/haileiselassie/sets/72157635980698983/ Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  22. My first topic on this forum. A convent. From the outside, impossible to expect the real treasure. But what a surprise when we opened the church doors closed since years... rest of set on http://www.flickr.com/photos/haileiselassie/sets/72157635739969685/, facebook https://www.facebook.com/mcphotographyurbex
  23. As you may have noticed i'm not big on doing reports anymore. Probably though no other fact that i can't be arsed half the time and that it takes me so long to edit the shots that by the time im done several thousand people have already seen it, bought the t-shirt etc, etc. Anyhow's, here we are again. June 2012 saw the tourists hit Belgium and France (briefly)and did it the only way a tourist would, by seeing everything that everyone else has already seen As much as we failed, we succeeded. Dodgy sat nav's bad co-ordinates and a close encounter with France's finest couldn't stop us rolling across this fine country on our quest to boldly go where everyone one else has been. These places don't need any introduction and i don't intend to start now, so sit back, put your feet up and i hope you enjoy the pics. Cheers for looking
  24. Evening folks, Just finished processing and editing another set from our mad trip across Lux, France and Belgium. Part of our road trip across Luxembourg and France with some brief time in Belgium was a few nice locations in France. We had a big list of locations in the sat nav and while checking out a decommissioned power station and running into security dogs and finding cameras everywhere, we spotted this impressive structure on the other side of the motorway. Tracing our steps back and following the structure in the distance, we navigated to the vicinity of the place and managed to arrive on the site to find people everywhere and a barbecue happening. Apparently, it is not only a park for the public but a tourist place where they light the insides of the structure up and hold concerts and events. After a brief chat with the greeters on the desk, we were informed that the site was open at certain times and we were welcome to come back another day. Noting that the opening times was at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon and today was Saturday, we aimed to come back and access through an earlier spotted hole in the fence at the back of the site in the morning. After visiting and photographing another location, we found a hotel and had food for the night with the intention to visit in the morning. It was apparently a working blast furnace and after being decommissioned was tidied up and used as a tourist attraction. We arrived and accessed the site, my one friend opting to stay outside and photograph the exterior while myself and one other decided to climb in and attempt something within the structure (within reason). I say in reason as all the workways were cut off, hence we had to climb some areas but avoided going too far as it was quite rusty further up. In the meantime while we were exploring this, one of the crew on his first trip fell over and put a rock right through his main camera. Two days before coming home meant that any further shots would be taken with his newer compact type camera and by sense using a camera that still working but was damaged and had no viewfinder or display. After an hour or so in the warm sunshine, we retraced our steps out and made our way back to the car. Not before having a brief jog back to the fence as we thought we were spotted. I still have no idea what it is called to this day. Some of the photos are below. Thanks for looking in.
  25. Evening all, Its a residence I guess but feel free to move mods/admins. Yeah its a set from here - doesn't need an introduction as you probably all have seen a few photos floating around of this place. Still got a few to post and will end up in the usual place on Flickr but here are the majority that I've processed from here before it got all busy. The 3 of us had the run of this place the weekend we went. On with the photos Thanks for looking in.