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Found 268 results

  1. Hi all, A place quite known in the world of the urbex I therefore propose to visit this site 'Alienworks' with these few photos. Have a nice day
  2. Hello all, Some photos of a restaurant that was closed for some time Known as "Auberge de le Lutin", here are some photos of this place Have a nice day
  3. Situated in a wealthy area outside Paris we almost thought we were in the wrong place for this one but it was just well hidden amongst the trees. I don't know any history about the place unfortunately but it was clearly once a very grand house which has been left to rot for one reason or another. We spent an hour or so in here while it was chucking it down outside before heading onto a party with a bunch of French (& English) nutters 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Oh yeah, there were some creepy dolls too Thanks for looking
  4. Hello all, Some pictures taken at "Manoir du professeur / Maison Denis" Have a nice day
  5. An abandoned prison in Northern France, constructed in 1906 and used until 2005. Despite stories of this place becoming more and trashed by the day I've still always wanted to see it for myself. Arrived late morning with maniac, merry prankster and elliot5200. We avoided the gypsy camp on the way in which was a slight worry beforehand but needn't have been, they seem to be past caring now that there's nothing left to salvage. We only made it into the men's side of the complex as the less trashed women's section was sealed on this occasion. The main wing has suffered from the worst damage, tagged from top to bottom and anything that can be ripped off has been trashed. Aside from that the rest of the joint makes for a good wander. Yes there is still tagging but also some decent graff dotted around, peely paint galore, and ultimately loads of prison cells in various states of decay. It's certainly a fun place to photograph and a novel place to have a picnic. Anyway we spent 2 or 3 hours in there until we felt we'd done our time..... Onto the pics....of which there are quite a few 1. 2. Main wing 3. 4. At one point we thought Indiana Jones had joined us but sadly it was just boring old Maniac.... 5. 6. Heading for the smaller wings 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Pics of cars on the wall, perhaps looking at page 3 cut outs gets a bit much when you're facing years of celibacy.... 12. 13. The impressive dome roof at the centre of the complex 14. Each wing had different coloured walls 15. 16. 17. Over grown prison yard with basketball court 18. 19. The most intact cells we came across 20. Above one of the small wings 21. Some cool bits of graff about the place amongst the other garbage 22. 23. 24. 25. Watch Tower 26. The women's side, sadly it was sealed on this trip but there's always a next time. Elliot's already signed up for pole vaulting tuition. Thanks for looking
  6. France Bureau Central, May 2015

    This is a slightly older set, from May 2015, whe I had just the basic skills and gear: a Nikon D3200 with 18-55 lens, and NO AB -function , the pictures don't look exactly the way I want them to, guess that i have to go back now with my new equipment. these images are all single raw , processed in ligtroom, so forgive me 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  7. France Les miettes du casse(2015)

    Car grave yard France. _MG_7345 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_7334 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_7339 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_7329 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_7298 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_7295 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_7287 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_7291 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_7321 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_7308 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_7310 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_7282 by puppet factory, on Flickr
  8. France Usine D'orges(2015)

    _MG_6303 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_6289 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_6286 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_6313 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_6297 by puppet factory, on Flickr
  9. France Pottery (2015)

    An old long disused pottery manufacturer located in France _MG_6160 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_6138 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_6120 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_6098 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_6119 by puppet factory, on Flickr
  10. A lovely castle in France again. Nothing to say about it, just today it's only possible in legal and no picture allowed inside Enjoy this small report Msix
  11. France alienworks (2015)

  12. Some shots from a visit to a small power plant in France last year. Lots of rust and vintage control panels made it a cracking place to see and possibly one of my favourite explores last year
  13. France Hotel des thermes 2015

    _MG_3831 2 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_3842 by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_3848 met mist by puppet factory, on Flickr _MG_3854 by puppet factory, on Flickr
  14. Some pictures of "Manoir Tipografico"
  15. I first visited here in March last year and ever since it has been tightly sealed. I had no tripod, no torch and just my kit lens back then so I'd been dying to get back in. This time it appeared luck was on my side, a nice easy way in and no spiderman shit involved. However, someone had altered the access point from the previous day so I was a bit on edge because it appeared that I might not be alone. Most likely junkies I was thinking to myself, but several strange noises from upstairs turned out to be nothing, just my imagination putting in some overtime. It was good to see it again, worth popping in to see the grand staircase if nothing else. I've nicked my own history from last year's visit. This was originally a hotel called Hotel Chappaz. It was Joseph Chappaz, a wine merchant who specialized in vermouths such as Noilly-Prat who had the building built in 1868 for his wife Augustine. He commissioned Jean Antoine Injalbert (1845-1933), a famous sculpter from Beziers to execute the statues on the front of the building. The building is now much neglected but Injalbert's sculptures are still intact and are arguably some of his best work. It has since belonged to a wealthy family and was last lived in by the mother who passed away a few years ago. Her son tried to sell the property but to no avail, it was due for demolition although there is a possibility of it being restored and used as lawyer's offices for the court house being built next door. Although it is pretty much entirely stripped it still retains some stunning features, the ground floor is almost entirely made from marble and Injalbert's sculptures are pretty impressive. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Thanks for looking
  16. Not much info on this house. Just that 'Trou' means hole...and there was a big one in the floor between two rooms, hence the name of the place I reckon Rather small & messy house but the leaning wardrobe made it worth the stop imo. Anyways, hope you'll enjoy this tiny report 1. 2. 3. 4.
  17. Built in the 13th century on Roman foundations, this magnificent chateau was placed strategically at the crossing of two rivers, ancient property deeds described it as a fortress. During the 14th and 18th centuries major building works took place and in 1941 it was listed as a significant historical monument by the Ministry of Culture. It now sits disused while developers make proposals to the local council for redevelopment. 1. Huge thank you to my friend Mr W. for sending me this location. He had no idea if it was still abandoned or not but google earth showed a very desolate looking site so I decided to chance it. My journey was a bit of a mission involving a bus, train and a 4km walk so my heart sank a bit when I arrived to see a crane and fencing at the front of the main house (the car appeared just before I left ). I figured there would most likely be workers present and the outbuildings leading up to the main house were stripped completely bare so things were looking pretty bleak. I had a good wander around the back of the house and there didn't seem to be anyone around so I looked for an access point and found my way inside the house. 2. This was the first room I walked into and things were all of a sudden looking up 3. Two pianos in here including this antique gem.... 4. 5. ....and a more traditional piano 6. 7. The family coat of arms came complete with a unicorn on it 8. I think this was my favourite room in the house, so many amazing items in here. I didn't have time to photograph it all as it was pitch dark so everything had to be light painted. 9. 10. 11. 12. A little reading room next door 13. There was an amazing ornate ceiling in here but my pics didn't capture it well unfortunately, fisheye required. 14. 15. Check out the ancient fencing sword at the bottom of the steps 16. Some bedrooms 17. 18. 19. This lounge room was very cool 20. 21. & 22. Going back down a different staircase took me to a part I hadn't seen yet 23. Here I found this Chapel 24. & 25. Soon afterwards I found the family crypt 26. 27. This was totally unexpected, I mean who has a crypt in their house?! I'm not gonna lie, I loved every minute of exploring this place. I'd never seen any pictures of it before so everything was a surprise like it should be. Well worth the effort and for a random holiday explore I really can't grumble at all. Thanks for looking
  18. In the mountains , a beautiful house stands near a torrent. That day there was a heavy rain outside . But the colors were superb. Nice exploration. I hope you enjoy
  19. France Fire Station 2015

    This is the old fire station in Brive. It was derelict all the time I lived in France & whilst I was there it was occupied by Gipsies for about 2 years. I don't think they left with good grace so the place is rather trashed. The roof felt like a trampoline so I didn't explore that much plus the fact it was pissing down when I arrived....... Pics Always wary of fluid coming out of old toilet areas. Full set https://www.flickr.com/photos/infraredd/sets/72157654929313545 Thanks for looking.
  20. Here a small church in France, some cool light and nice objects. Enjoy
  21. On the way back to Dunkirk I happened across this in a little town/village called Verberie. It looked like an old derelict church & vicarage but once inside it became clear that at some stage it was an Antiques warehouse. The pictures on Google Earth show it inhabited but it's not like that anymore. There were other buildings on the plot but they were too overgrown with brambles which become like razor wire in the warmer weather. Pics Ornate gate to an inaccessible house. Clutter Inside the church the 1st floor was done in chipboard which now constituted the floor at ground level. Old spiral staircase in corner. Inside the Vicarage. Interesting ornament on the fire surround. Upstairs was mostly cleaned out. And through the door to... Not going up there. Out buildings Full set https://www.flickr.com/photos/infraredd/sets/72157654286344958 Thanks for looking.