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Found 138 results

  1. St.Johns's Hospital Chelmsford Visited with Skeleton Key, Tstranger1066 and Priority 7 The doors of St John's Hospital – where half of Chelmsford's population was born – swing shut for the final time on November 18th, 2010, marking the end of a vast chapter in the town's history. Nurses who have worked at the centre for decades fought back tears as they packed their equipment and mementos into a sea of blue plastic boxes. Pictures signifying a thousand happy memories were stripped from its peeling yellow walls, rows of empty beds pushed through bare corridors and a fleet of trucks delivered everything to the new £148 million wing at Broomfield Hospital. But there are fears the site, now prime for housing, could become a wasteland. Thanks for looking
  2. The school occupies what used to be the Lillesden Estate Mansion, built at the estate (south of Hawkhurst) in 1855 by the banker Edward Loyd, who moved there after marrying. The house and estate remained in the family until just after the First World War, when it was then sold and eventually became the Bedgebury Girls Public School. The school closed around 1999 and has been abandoned ever since. Due to the theft of its lead roof, water damage is now sadly causing the buildings to collapse. However, it is now owned by a property developed and expected to be converted into private apartments at some point in the future Ive seen previous reports and it really is a shame to see how trashed it is..the copper fairys have stripped it even the frame from the mirror is gone..This was a quick visit on our way back from west park and would have been rude not to pop in.. Visited with space invader.. I managed to avoid falling into this pool and after my luck at WestPark wasnt taking any chances Thanks for looking ,shame this place really is trashed..was also used for a dr who episode so i believe
  3. UK WestPark March 2011

    Right decided many years to late to go check what all the fuss was about..Was worth the 6am drive up in freezing cold tho.Somehow after climbing a fence and hopping over i found myself face down in an old bath full of freezing water,I honestly don't know how i did it ,it was to the lfet of me then i was laying in it..But hey Ho Space Invader pulled me out by the rucksack..so to say i was cold went and numb is an understatement..Met security ,asbestos contractors and more security ,unBothered by this we found ourselves at the tower and after bumping into a 28dl bloke who's name i know starts with anal(something) we where directed to the padded cell and had a wander round there before finally heading out to be greeted by more security "phoning" the police..To be honest the polish worker we first met wouldn't give a flying and tbh couldn't speak very good English neither could security so with a wave and a smile we went on our way..Fooking good laugh as they where smashing down stuff very Very close by .. A few pics of our morning Loving my wideangle btw ...I'd get there quick folks its going very fast and the buggers are still wandering round hassling us nice exploring folk.
  4. UK Barnsley Scrap Yard march 2011

    Visited with NIJ (from another forum) was not a bad day out to here and a few other places, Old scrap yard full of junk ! and 1 or 2 goodies.....
  5. Yes obscurity it was pants..But had made me mind up i was gunna find it and play some more with the sigma ..so we did.visited with spaceinvader(equally dissapointed) Borrowed history Gas making was Dover's oldest public industry, starting in Trevanion Street in 1823 and continuing later in Union Road. With the discovery of natural gas in the North Sea, the production of gas from coal ceased, and the gas works were demolished to make way for other industries. Not a huge place by any means but something we'd both decided to look at.
  6. Gilbeys have been making spirits in Harlow since the 1960's at one time all the Malibu in the world was made in Harlow. The company have closed bit by bit over the years and this was their offices in Harlow.
  7. Thanks to Troglodyte for the invite...After a days txting and trying to work out how we'd get up there a time was arranged and Myself Urbanginger(cheers for the driving) Space invader met up with Troglodyte and well..a car full..I havnt seen much of the history posted ON this well visited of late site..I found some very interestung facts and info on the deep shelters in london and on this site,so rather than me try and cobble in my own words some of it im putting this link upwhich says it all. http://underground-history.co.uk/claphamn.php The lights where a pain in the arse with exposingsome areas but easier to get around,Id packed up beforewe found the office areas on the way out ,but heres a few pics of the night,thing is as huge and great as the place is one extremely long corridor looks identicle to another so sorry same looking pics all round.. Pics Had to be done... Thanks for looking..the size of this place really is amazing
  8. Visited this site with OliverGT - big thanks to him for getting in contact with me. This was my second attempt, but first successful visit. What an amazing place, I am so glad I've seen it. Pictures just don't do it justice. Access was fun, and once you're in there are lots of holes to fall through Brief History The main part of the building was built around the turn of the century. The wing on the west side of the building was built in 1933 - marked near the roof on the west wall. The smaller brown-brick building to the east was Premier Rank Mill, which is attached but does not have any internal doors attaching the two buildings. To the south of the main building was once another Spillers building linked at the top with a footbridge, but that has now been demolished. There were other buildings on the 55-acre site, most notably CWS Mills. The chimney outside the site was left from another mill as a memorial (in stark contrast to the houses and apartments surrounding it). The site has been used as a filming location many times, most famously for a scene in the BBC cop drama Ashes To Ashes, and the music video for Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys. Also, according to the IMDb, a scene in some underground tunnels in the 2010 film Green Zone was filmed here. Pictures 1. External taken from Pontoon Dock DLR station. 2. Looking through broken window to the 1933 extension. 3. Offices. 4. The aptly named 'Open Room' - lots of holes dropping into huge silos! 5. One of the residents. 6. Notice on a tiny one-man lift. 7. Another broken window shot. 8. All looks pretty functional. 9. On the roof of the 1933 wing looking east. 10. Stairs 11. Peeling paint! 12. Yawning holes. 13. The famous grain chutes. 14. One of many trashed rooms. 15. Stairs/Window shot. 16. And a final external taken from the roof of Premier Mills. All in all a fantastic explore, I hope you enjoyed the photos!
  9. Nortel acquired the Harlow laboratories, originally Standard Telecommunications Laboratories, in 1991 and continued to use the site for research and development in wireless telecommunication technologies. It was the site of Charles Kao's research in fibre optic communications. This is their employees sports and social club The Nortel Sports Club trophy cabinet, very similar to the Arsenal trophy cabinet due to the fact that they are both empty!!!
  10. Went over to Sarre with space invader to have a look at Sarre BHQ. A nice trip, and a first for me. Sarre BHQ was built into the face of an old chalk quarry in 1940-41, manned by Canadian troops at a time when an invasion of Britain seemed likely. The Brigade HQ at Sarre existed as a satellite to the one at Canterbury. After an awkward entrance you climb over lots of old junk and head downstairs into one of two main tunnels, which leads to a second unlined main tunnel with brick lined rooms off of it. In this tunnel there are the remains of two other entrances, which are covered in chalk from collapses. Bottom of the only remaining staircase. Main tunnel. End of main tunnel. Tunnel leading to next main tunnel. Remains of second stairwell visible straight ahead. Second main tunnel. This would have been an administration office. And a little experimental lightpainting. Hope you enjoyed. I know the pictures aren't very well lit, I am still a noob at underground photography Thanks
  11. Located at Langdon Hole, in East Langdon, lays an air raid shelter deep underground. I can’t find too much information on this place but it is believed it was formerly known as Dumpy ‘B’ and used as a communications shelter during WW2. Also located in Dover was Longhill shelter which was formerly known as dumpy ‘A’. These two shelters were of an almost identical layout. Langdon hole Deep shelter originally had two entrances. One was steel lined and the other was un-lined chalk. After the WW2 there was no further need for the shelter and it was capped off with the original entrances destroyed. Over the years the top soil has caused a small opening to appear at one of the original entrances meaning that the rather hidden entrance is now accessible and this almost forgotten shelter has regular visits from historians and explorers. I had visited this shelter many times over the last couple of years but in my most recent visit I finally photographed the place. Visited with Urban Junkie, Shadow, Maniac, Frosty, Skydiver, Cave Zombie and Scrimshady. Originally there would have been a staircase entering the tunnel but over the years it has collapsed leaving a steep slope at the entrance The second entrance is now sealed. This is the un-lined/secondary entrance At the bottom of the main entrance is a small room and spur leading to the main complex The shelter consists of two parallel tunnels with a spur at each corner. Thanks for looking
  12. Lydden Spout Battery nr. Dover, March 2010 I had found this place a couple of years ago now but had never bothered returning to get better photos. This was my 6th visit to the shelter and along for the ride was Urban Junkie, Skydiver, Maniac, Shadow, Muffie and Frosty. This is still probably one of my favourite shelters in the area. The entrance is horrific to say the least. After a steep decent down the remains of a cliff edge walk which over the years has weathered into a mere verge down the cliff, you have to climb up to the entrance. Someone has very kindly tied up some rope but this has been there years and WILL eventually give way. Once at the entrance there is a large cliff fall supported by some wood. This is the entrance. Once you have carefully worked your way in being careful not to make the condition of the entrance any worse then you enter a large dome area, this is where there has been a huge downfall. Climbing over the down fall you are in History: Lydden Spout Battery was constructed in 1941 on the cliffs between Dover and Folkestone. This consisted of three 6� naval gun positions, magazines, gun rooms, a plotting room and a large deep shelter. The guns were removed in the 1970’s but the foundations are still visible to date. All underground parts are in a good condition. Above ground most buildings were demolished but an officers mess remains and is now used as a cow shed. On with the photos: Thanks for looking
  13. I visited this place in March 2010. It had been one of many on my list but had never wanted to travel to it with not a lot else in the area. I had visited it once before but didn’t get in as the police were in the area and asked us to leave before we even got to the wall. After visiting Essex with my girlfriend I decided to crack this one on my way back. What a place, the grounds are amazing and the building is beautiful. Upon entering the building it was clear that it had become irreparable and the damage was immense, some being caused by previous visitors and some by Mother Nature. The building had a very eerie feel about it and noises could be heard throughout the explore although no-one was there. I have tried to reflect my view of the place in my photos; a very spooky and dim building. History: The school occupies what used to be the Lillesden Estate Mansion, built at the estate (south of Hawkhurst) in 1855 by the banker Edward Lloyd, who moved there after marrying. The house and estate remained in the family until just after the First World War, when it was then sold and eventually became the Bedgebury Girls Public School. The school closed around 1999 and has been abandoned ever since. Due to the theft of its lead roof, water damage is now sadly causing the buildings to collapse. However, it is now owned by a property developed and expected to be converted into private apartments at some point in the future. 1. The Rear of the Building 2. The Front of the Building 3. Looking up what would have been a very grand staircase 4. 5. Looking Down the Stairs 6. One of the Many Corridors 7. The Heart Of the Building 8. One of the Lovely Bay Windows 9. And Another Thanks for looking