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Found 17 results

  1. Another rooftop that's been on my list since i began Urbex and photography 2 and a half years ago. Europa house 63m high, constructed in 1969 for offices. I'm not sure when the place closed... but it's now being redeveloped for (I'm assuming) uni student accommodation. Explored with @CuriousityKilledTheCat, @TheVampiricSquid & @Biebs Enjoy Thanks for looking
  2. History Brunel House is a former Ministry of Defense office building that was used to provide accommodation to civil servants and naval officers from the 1960s until the Cold War ended. Visits I've had this building on my to do list for over 2 years now, ever since i started getting into exploring and photography. after not trying for months, I thought i'd try my luck with the place again with @CuriousityKilledTheCat while trying to give her a tour of some local spots and miserably failing every one. To my surprise, we'd found a way in, and took a long walk to the top... i know, 12 floors isn't a long walk, but i was pretty shattered already xD We'd finally reached the top, and what a view! can honestly say it was worth the wait! The second visit was with @TheVampiricSquid, we'd spent a good couple of hours up there taking a few snaps and enjoying the view, The walk up was a lot easier that time xD Enjoy Cheers for looking!
  3. The Explore. This was the first stop off on our 24 hour road trip, celebrating @Redhunter's birthday with @TheVampiricSquid, @CuriousityKilledTheCat and a non OS member. After spending the day before shooting a wedding, and having no sleep since 7am... we set off for the midlands at midnight to pick hun up, Then up to leeds.... After a long ass drive, silly o'clock McDonald's, copious amounts of energy drink, reversing around an island in a service station we finally arrived at about 4-4:30 am and met up with a few more people. We reached the top in time for a dissapointing sunrise.... but the views made up of it! The rest of the building has been pretty trashed now, and set fire to, but they still made some interesting photos Enjoy Thanks For Looking
  4. Visited with The_Raw, ExtremeIroning, Raz and Jamie_P Setting the scene; 5 people, 1 206, a huge squash. After exiting my clown car which was clearly not designed for more than 3 people (French so i guess i expect too much) we jumped the wall, shimmied the scaff, over a fence and we were in... or we thought we were... secca come running over while we make our hasty escape. Fast forward 3 hours and we are back, after doing another location ready for another crack. Mr secca had tried to be clever by securing the helus, but had failed to note the ladder like fence next to it... how proffessional. So over it we went and up the steps. Tiring but so worth it, I dont know which took my breath away the most, the stairs or the view. I could have stayed up there all night but alas eventually we had to leave in order to go to the Kent meet up. Heres what i got; Raz taking it all in... If you got this far, thanks for looking
  5. History Taylor and Emmet Solicitors is reportedly one of the most successful law firms in South Yorkshire and the north east part of Derbyshire; it has, apparently, retained this title for over 130 years. The law firm prides itself on delivering high quality legal advice to both private and business clients and, as a result, it now has a number of offices located across the region. The Sheffield office is located on Arundel Gate, neighbouring the O2 Academy. This year the firm had extensive renovations carried out in an effort to maintain their noteworthy position, as they have invested in opening new offices, utilising up-to-date technology and expanding their geographical location. The company’s overall goal is ‘to be the law firm of choice in the region’. Our Version of Events After a random night of talking to strangers in a pub on karaoke night, myself and Soul ended up back at my place eager for some exploring. Since we’d been out earlier; scouting around before we hit the pub, we had a good idea that a new rooftop might be on the cards. So, we quickly packed our tripods and a couple of cameras into a bag, grabbed a few beers for the journey, and set off into the night. When we initially arrived, the 02 Academy was heavy with partygoers and pissheads, and the local pub next door to the solicitors was closely guarded at its entrance by a mob of shady looking characters, veiled by the dark cloud of cigarette smoke they were discharging. We waited for what felt like an eternity, contemplating something philosophical, until the pub finally closed its doors for the night. We hastily ascended up the side of the scaffolding, and managed to squeeze ourselves through a gap in the sheeting a few floors up from ground level. Seconds later, however, and I mean, quite literally, seconds after we’d managed to get onto the scaffolding platforms, a group of people staggered onto the street below us. The snippet of conversation that drifted up to our prying ears went something like this: Woman: “I gotta get off the fuckin’ street Gav, I don’t want the police to catch me smoking this again do I?†Gav: “Nah, probably not. You’re still on the street thoughâ€. Woman: “Ya twat. I only need it for medicinal reasons, yeahâ€. Gav: “Yeah, yeah. Me tooâ€. Woman: “Yeah, so like I was saying, right, I had to break up with him. He was decent alright, but he showed me his fuckin’ gunâ€. Gav: “A gun!?†(laughs) Woman: “I can’t be getting involved with that shit right now… You got a light Gav? Gav? Gav, I said have ya got a fuckin’ light?†Gav: “Yeahâ€. Moments later, a potent waft of weed met us up on the scaffolding. It was pretty strong. We continued to linger in silence, and as we waited for the rest of the group to spark up I remember briefly thinking to myself, as I reviewed the moment silently, I hoped the ‘gun’ was code for something else. It wasn’t long until the group moved on, and as soon as they had we made for the ladders which we hoped would take us to the top of the building. Indeed they did, and we were able to take in the views of the city from yet another different angle. It’s certainly not the highest rooftop in Sheffield, but from our vantage point we were able to get some of the city’s iconic buildings into a couple of our shots. Explored with Soul. 1: Park Hill Flats and Beyond 2: Sheffield City Centre 3: The Three Towers 4: St. Paul's Tower 5: 02 Academy 6: Arundel Gate 7: The Towers by Moonlight 8: St. Pauls Closeup 9: The City of Sheffield 10: The Town Hall and Church Tower 11: Starry Night
  6. General Background; Ranking in as the third tallest building in Leeds at 25 floors tall or 269ft above Leeds city center. Situated above the Leeds First Direct Arena this building dominates the sky line. Completed in 2007 it now plays host to some 500 plus students studying at Leeds Uni. Photos; -Raz- photo Low quality phone image; If you made it this far, thanks for looking
  7. Mini rooftop hotel Germany by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr Mini rooftop hotel Germany by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr Mini rooftop hotel Germany by Vancolen Kevin, on Flickr
  8. sooo i went to london last weekend and flashed a skyscraper, first time for everything, me and the gherkin compared gherkins, needless to say the gherkins gherkin was massive so i put my clothes back on, and sheepishly went back to my bottle of sailor jerrys. My excuse is it was bloody cold and i didn't have my long johns on prior to said gherkin comparison, i've left the bare faced cheek out for now as i dont think the forum can afford to provide bleach for every poor sod who sees it. Anyway i did however also take a few shots of our fair capital without any bums in. ill keep it short and hopefully sweet... cant wait to do more high stuff in london, one of those things where a picture doesn't ever do it justice compared to actuaslly standing there and being surrounded by all that awesomeness!, thanks to raw n slaya for having me!
  9. During a visit to London it would be rude not to hit up a few of the capital's rooftops! We visited a couple of them with great views. The first was a building site near Tower Bridge, offering great views of the bridge and along the Thames. It was a shame a crane was slightly obscuring the view from the tallest building, but it was still a great vantage point. A painful cloning job and the crane was gone! The second rooftop was on another building site where a 26 story skyscraper is being constructed. Set a small distance away from the city centre, the tower offers great views of the city skyline with some nice buildings in the foreground. I headed down south with Proj3ct M4yh3m and Spider Monkey, then met up with Peter, MrDan, and Dirty Jigsaw. Cheers guys Thanks for looking
  10. Will post a report at some point but for now ill just post a video
  11. After sneaking in and reaching the top floor of the Opal Tower to find a locked hatch we headed over the road to the British gas building in leeds, after not having the luxury of a lift unlike the opal tower 14 floor's later we was greeted by a amazing view overlooking the city. The building itself has seen alot better days and is usually home to crackheads and arsonists. Thanks for looking
  12. Found this roof with gabe, extreme_ironing and monkey near the river in London. It's currently a construction site for a new block of offices. Not especially high but proof that you don't necessarily need to go too high to get a good view of the London skyline. There's a few like this in the area at the moment, on with some pics. Looking towards the Tower of London Looking towards Tower Bridge, another nicely placed little roof in view.... HMS Belfast The Shard & London Bridge The City The Leadenhall building, otherwise known as the cheese grater The walkie bloody talkie and a church which is a ruin from a WWII bombing, only the spire remains intact Thanks for looking and Happy New Year!!
  13. First episode of a new documentary series about urban exploration. In this episode invasion takes place in the Stalin's skyscraper in Kiev(Ukraine) - the so-called “House with a Starâ€Â. Overcoming difficulties and getting to unforeseen situations, the host with a filming crew passes through the complex maze of internal communications of the building, to achieve the target of the expedition - the highest point - the five-pointed star. This show will immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of exciting adventures, historical aesthetics and thoughts about the confrontation of man and metropolis. - first episodeLinks: http://insidersproject.com/ https://www.facebook.com/insiders.project https://www.youtube.com/insidersproject http://instagram.com/project_insiders Enjoy and tell about us your friends! Insiders Project!
  14. St Alfege is the Anglican parish church in the centre of Greenwich. There has been a church here for over a thousand years, dedicated to the memory of Alfege, the Archbishop of Canterbury who was martyred on this site in 1012. The church has connections with many famous figures in British history, including Henry VIII, Thomas Tallis, General James Wolfe, and John Flamsteed. The present church (which replaced an earlier medieval building) is nearly 300 years old. It was designed by Nicholas Hawskmoor, Sir Christopher Wren's famous pupil, and is one of the churches built under the Fifty Churches act of 1711. The interior contains many fine examples of 18th century craftsmanship and design. This was an opportunistic visit on what started out as drinks and dinner with some friends in Greenwich. I spotted the scaff from the bus, sent a couple of quick messages out to Sentinel and Gabe and we were up top 3 hours later. A nice place to chill for a couple of hours with beers and the views weren't too bad either. Thanks for looking
  15. I really love this location and construction will soon be finished, so I went back to take some more pictures Rooftop Antwerp by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Rooftop Antwerp by Vancolen Photography, on Flickr Little clip : http://youtu.be/bp4E8tDzhk4
  16. This was a great visit, apart from the fact I had a really bad cold! 22 flights of stairs climbed and we finally were at the top... I almost died there and then through coughing! There wasn't much of interest in the actual tower itself as it was pretty stripped out, but the views from the roof were brilliant. Dalton Tower was a halls-of-residence for students studying at Aston University. It was built in 1970 along with Lawrence and Stafford Towers. In May 2011 Dalton Tower, along with Lawrence Tower, were demolished to make way for new buildings. On with my photos... Lawrence Tower's to the left in this photo. Just after I'd taken the photo above, a police car pulled up outside the university building. It was funny to see them, but we were crossing our fingers they didn't look up and see us! There were more places to take photos from, but myself and one other had a train to catch so unfortunately had to leave before we got the chance. Thanks for looking
  17. I had visited this site a week earlier but was thwarted in our attempt to do the roof by a persistent sec in a white van viewtopic.php?t=1877&f=9 So it was a revisit, this time there were four of us, Myself, Skeleton Key, UrbanX and Mad Axe, a great explore rounded off with a nice pint!!! It's always nice being on the other side of the cameras The rooftop plant rooms Building 2