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Found 1 result

  1. BULL MANOR... AT LAST!!! I've been itching to see this one since NKs report from last summer... Tried just after Christmas but was thwarted by the razor wire!! FAIL!! So, a few weeks pass and I get myself up at stupid o'clock and shot down the M40 for another pre dawn assault!! Surprisingly, access was fairly easy this time (thankfully no sign of the hairy secca!) So I settled down in one of the armchairs with a ciggie and waited for the sun to come up... It didnt dissapoint! And I spent a good 8 hours wandering from room to room, sifting through all the memories that have been left behind, whilst avoiding some of the massive holes that litter the floors! She really is as rotten as a pear!! Cant see it being too long now before she collapses in on herself taking all her treasures with her!! Extraordinary, beautiful, beguiling and a little sad, I wont be forgettin this explore for a LONG while!! Sorry for the amount of pictures... I found it VERY hard to whittle em down!! Thanks for looking...