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Found 4 results

  1. The History Stolen from @Buffalo Formerly known as Waldern Heath, the 85-bed home lost its nursing registration in July 2014, after CQC took enforcement action due to the poor quality of treatment uncovered in an inspection that took place early July. As a result of the closure, 28 elderly residents have been relocated to other care facilities. The care home was criticized by the CQC in a report published in June 2014 which found it failed to ensure people's safety and welfare. Inspectors found that some staff had a limited understanding of the English language and failed to recognize urgent situations, including incidences where ambulances needed to be called. There were also additional concerns about serious incidents including an unexpected death of a resident, and an individual escaping the building, as well as somebody choking to death which was followed by an investigation which is currently ongoing. In June 2016, a fire broke out at the former care home. Firefighters have not established the cause of the fire as of yet and due to the unstable building they have not yet been able to enter the property, however 2 teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of arson, who have been released on bail while evidence is being reviewed. The explore The explore was pretty straight forward, nothing crazy. Security caught us fairly early on so I didn't have the chance to take many photos, thought it was worth a quick share anyway. The place was f*cked in some parts due to to fire damage, the stained glass was pretty at least. Thanks for looking
  2. took another trip to Linford nursing home so i could show my friend around and so he could make a video in there... we set off about 4am this time to beat the traffic, after bumping into 4 groups last time.... and got there for 5 when it was light enough to shoot when we got there i instantly noticed how trashed the place has been in a little over a week! more smashed windows, crockery and even pikeys had been in there stripping the place of metal! luckily some of the rooms were left untouched and i got a few decent shots Thanks for looking
  3. thanks to KM Punk for this one. The village consists of a number of cottages, houses, daycare centres, greenhouses, an admin block & a hall. Not all of the buildings were accessible. Not only was the power on, but I was surprised to find some of the lights were left on in some of the buildings too. Nothing was in a terrible condition, and it feels a shame that it closed. The greenhouses contained some amusingly rotten grapes, presumably from a wine growing project. Apologies if this is a bit bland, But, at least it is fresh; and completely un-vandalised. CARE Shangton was a ‘Care Village’ for people with Learning Disabilities and Moderate Mental Health Conditions. It was established in 1966, but officially opened in 1973. The concept of the community based care provided, was a big step towards today’s supported living. It focused on promoting the independence of the service users by providing occupations that suited the individual, this was mainly in Catering and Horticulture. The company, CARE, also owned a tea room and a had a stall at the market in neighbouring Market Harborough. The service users planted and potted plants and made bouquets of flowers, which were sold on the market stall and all proceeds went to the resident’s fund for day trips and holidays. They also baked cakes, scones, etc and sold them at both the tea room and the market stall. The village was very successful, holding a very good reputation locally. It provided a service to 53 people, at times there was a waiting list to have a home here. One feature of the village that was visibly different from other care facilities, was that it was made up of several houses specially designed for 2-4 people and a more traditional 14 beded unit filled with corridors. With the success of the village and the aging of the houses, it was announced in 2007 that CARE Shangton was to close. However, after an outcry the village was temporarily saved. In 2013, it was announced that CARE had merged with Self Unlimited. Soon after they revealed plans to relocate to the local town, Market Harborough, to ‘help the service users integrate into the local community’. The process of moving people started in late 2013 and was completed in October 2015. The new facility can provide for up to 80 people and can provide for a wider range of abilities. The site has been sold and there has been a planning permission application for new housing. And the greenhouse, with its Skanky Skany rotting grapes! thanks for looking!
  4. Was heading over to the infamous James turner street for a good old gorp...must say we did have a giggle. We then went over to St Mary's and St joseph's care home in Coleshill. Yet again a moon lit visit and my compact cam which is dyer! Sorry guys I did my best. Father Hudson was the founder of Father Hudson's Society. This charitable organization was dedicated to the care of many thousands of children in desperate need in the Midlands region of England, and it still operates to this day. Father Hudson was born in 1873 in Worcestershire. He was ordained a priest on 1 November 1898. From his earliest days in the small parish in Brum, Father Hudson formulated ideas to reach out and help destitute children. The Bishop knew of Father Hudson's ideas and so asked him to undertake the rescuing of the children for the Diocese of Brum. The Brum Diocesan Rescue Society was formally set up in 1902. It became known as "Father Hudson's Homes" since he was the driving force behind the operation. Father Hudson remained at Brum from 1898 to 1934. During that time it grew and expanded including St Vincent's, a home for working boys, St. Edward's Boys Home and St. Gerard's Hospital for children. St George's & St James's cottage working home for boys. Father Hudson retired in 1934 due to ill health and in 1936 he died. He is buried in the grounds of the Society in Brum. More recent history 1957: Paedophile priest Eric T becomes assistant administrator at the Brum home and remains there until 1965. ] 1975: Eric T fined pounds 250 by Worcester magistrates after admitting five indecent assaults on boys while a parish priest in the Warndon area. 1988: All Father H’s homes closed as residential units for children. Although Father H's Society still carries out social work from its base in Brum. 1997: Eric T worked as a supply priest until 1996 before moving to Austria. It was during a visit home that he was arrested in February. 1998: Eric T found guilty of 16 indecent assaults and two other serious sex offences, between 1957 and 1965, and sentenced to seven years jail. 1999: Police inquiry opened but later closed into allegations that a was beaten to death at the Brum home in the 1950s. [ 2001: Eric T dies in Risley Prison, near Warrington, aged 81. 2008: A new victim comes forward for first time to tell of abuse at the Brum home and shed light on the murder allegations. big thanks for looking theres more complex to go back and see yet.so watch this space..,.................