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Found 2 results

  1. Mega Mix of Derps (2012) 2013

    Stuff here doesn't deserve it's own thread, whether it was a backup location after a fail, or I just didn't take enough shots there to stretch it to thread-length they are here. This is the 'bread-and-butter' type exploring, it can't all be epics every week and I'm just as content to have a peaceful wander through a small location as I am to run away from angry guards in an epic location, even better if it's a peaceful wander through an epic location but you get my drift! So this is the best of the rest from last year. Click on the photos to go to the full sets. Mosaic House GEC Siemens Lighting, Birmingham RDB Interiors, Stourbridge Radford Mills/Viyella Works, Nottingham Currently being demolished. Gieterij Vuylsteke Foundry, Belgium All taken handheld in low light and pouring rain so it's lucky I got anything! Tile Factory, Belgium We passed this on the way to other sites and not being able to resist the allure of broken windows we went for a nose...no idea who used to own it but apparently it was a tile/ceramics factory at some point. Kasteel Goorhof, Belgium Newport Towers Hotel, Glos. Berkeley Vale Hotel, Glos. Now demolished
  2. These are the shots that even i cant stretch to a report on each of them.. So i thought id lump them into a combined report. Uni l L'ecole Labryinth IM cooling tower One more report at some point then im done..thanks for putting up with the huge amount of reportage!