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Found 4 results

  1. UK All Aboard

    So here is a short film I made on a few abandoned train carriages in Norfolk. Probably not going to appeal to all tastes, ya may find the intro comical though. As I have said before I don't want to make shaky cam videos so trying to work out ways of making them with steady shots. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed. I have a few other bits on my channel from non exploring to tutorials. Feel free to take a look.
  2. In this age of hypercoated glass, super-ultrawides and space age image editing, the merits and intrinsical beauty of oldskool analog photography is often easily overlooked. Hence my new little facebook group: The Analog Urbex. https://www.facebook.com/groups/AnalogUrbex/ 100% Analog pictures of explorations and urbex related adventures. With 3 exceptions: - You can of course digitally scan your image, or photograph it digitally, as long as the base material is film. When in serious doubt, users might be asked for a discernable pic of their negative. Editing is allowed - Digital pictures of the gear you took your analog pictures with are acceptable - Relevant comparisons stemming from deep philosophical discussions on the analog vs.digital subject, we can't say no to that can we!? The group is off to quite a slow start, due to the fact that I can't actually seem to find more than a handful of people that still do the analog thing. I just turned down the analog path myself with a Pentax ME that was obviously destined for exploration (In the sense that I found this beauty 'abandoned' at a recycling yard, in full working order, with a 135 Takumar lens as a bonus. The stuff people throw away these days!) If you can't become a member on the group page itself (it's a closed group) drop me a message! Come show off your analog works of art over at the The Analog Urbex! And don't forget to join the cover photo contest! (To ye mods, If you wish I'll link a group post back to oblivionstate.com as soon as we get some activity going!)
  3. Pontins. Hemsby. Norfolk. September 2013. shot on Velvia 50 35mm Film Visited here with my good friend and my daughter. I new the site well but had never visited, so decided that we would as I had a roll of Velvia 50 35mm film to shoot to test my new canon eos 5 out prior to starting uni. Absolutely stunned with the results. This is the 1st time I had loaded a roll of film, let alone shoot film. All the images are as they were taken in the camera, but some of them have had a minor crop to straighten them. The weather was very over cast and kept spitting with rain, so the images are taken in a random order as kept nipping back into the old pool to keep dry HISTORY Weeds now flourish on the 2,440- capacity camp which has sat empty since 2008 when Pontin’s closed it “following a period of sustained operating lossesâ€Â. Landowner Northern Trust had pinned hope on developing the site for residential use, but following heated objections from residents the plans were withdrawn in January 2012 before they came before the development control committee. Residents feared the development would place a strain on schools and doctors’ surgeries, put more cars on the road and take a valuable tourism asset away from Hemsby. In a change of tack, the site has gone back on the market advertised for “tourism/ leisure usesâ€Â.
  4. Other Mixed Film 2012/2013

    If this is a repost of stuff...forgive me. For I am majorly bored having not been on an explore since the beginning of July for various reasons As an aside to my usual digital photography I also own a Canon T70 which I picked up last year for a bargain price, one of the best purchases I've ever made as it's such an easy film camera to use. I've shot a few rolls of film on it and sometimes get it out on explores - although a few times I have gotten so engrossed in a place and focused on shooting digitally it has sinfully never left my bag! Anyway here are some images I have made over the last year or so. I don't pretend to be an expert, I'd never seriously picked up a proper film camera once in my life before I started using the T70 so it's all a learning experience, but I'm pretty pleased with the results. All shot on bargain poundland film as well! Excuse the dodgy cropping on the first lot, they were scanned in by myself as I didn't get a disc with them on....