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Found 1 result

  1. Gone but not Forgotten

    It might be a useful tool to have a thread dedicated to places that have either been demolished, are in the process of getting demolished or those locations that are being renovated so you can get your skates on and see them. As is the nature of this hobby things can change for a location very quickly, one day you can be exploring it and the next contractors have moved in to tear it down or it gets burned by bored mindless idiots. Over the last year or so we lost a few well known sites, so if you have any of these pencilled into your plans I'd remove them. Other members feel free to add details of places you know are gone, or going, to save people a wasted journey and disappointment. Pianoforte, Roade - totally demolished. Villa Wallfahrt/Das, Belgium - under renovation Val Benoit University Mechanics Institute, Belgium - part demolished, parts under complete renovation. RAF Upper Heyford - pretty much totally demolished, although tours of the semi-live airfield side are still available and highly recommended. Sileby Maltings - being renovated Centrale Thermique, Luxembourg - demolished Angel Croft Hotel, Lichfield - being converted George Dyke Drop Forging, WIllenhall - totally demolished Foster Bros. Mill, Gloucester - totally destroyed in an arson attack Bellerbys College, Wadhurst - being converted These are only from places I visited myself, I'm sure there are many more out there which you guys and girls know of that are recently 'no longer'. It could save someone a wasted trip.