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Found 17 results

  1. On the news this morning. New Adler Hey Children's Hospital to open shortly leaving the old one in the Springfield park area empty and awaiting demo next year http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/new-alder-hey-what-happens-10160093
  2. Hey from Bavaria! ;)

    Hey guys, I`m new here. Already been in the Facebook-group for some time and now joined this forum I am 19 y/o, live near Munich in southern Germany and study Architecture. I do photography as a hobby since one year now and like decayed buildings best! Maybe some of you know me from Flickr or Facebook already, hope to see some known faces and of course new, too Here you can find my photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/timelessseeker/ Cheers! Peter
  3. Hello, my name is Mike and I'm from Buffalo, NY. I've been a part of the Urban Exploration community for 10 years, though mostly arm chairing on UER. I consider my photography to be okay. Let's group up and go somewhere.
  4. Hey all

    Hi peeps, some of you may or may not know me from other forums/Faceache. Just a quick 'what's up' to say I've finally signed up to the forum! Now just got to finish sorting the massive backlog of pics and get some reports up! Happy sploring all! ; ) 5PR1NK5
  5. I practice urbex there are 4 years ago i'm from France, but i spend many time outside. I have two hobbies in my life, first travelling like a hobbo and vagabond and secondly urban exploration (and photography of course). I visit many spot around the world: all eurpoe ukraina, romania bulgaria kosovo mongolia russia china nepal......
  6. Hey

    Hi everyone - Just moved to London and looking to get out and about. When I was in Cambridgeshire I visited a few places but very small scale and more for practice. I love abandoned spaces and I hope that by joining this forum I may get the opportunity to get out and see more of them.
  7. Hey people I'm Dennis, 22 years from Bochum (NRW) in Germany. Every free minute, i look for new Lost places, drive hundreds miles for only one Picture. I love HDR <3 work with Photomatix and Photoshop. My first Urbex Picture i made in 04.2012 Ask's? Write a PN plz Sorry for my Bad English. Greetz Dennis
  8. Visited with the usual lot. One of the few big mills that I've yet to do/see in Bradford. The mill suffered from a fire in 2010, the damage you'll see in the pictures, although it was contained to the top floor, the lack of roof is slowly effecting all the other floors.
  9. So I'm new at this, any comments and tips would be greatly appreciated guys... Oh, wait, hang on... Nah, thought I'd join up here, after meaning to do so for a long time SK and everyone seems to have done a good job with the place, so keep it up guys. So HEY And on another note, if anyone is down Bristol way or new around here, feel free to get in touch and we can get something organised!
  10. I am Conor, I have recently got into Photography and have discovered I really enjoy it, it gets me out and about. I am using the Canon EOS 450d to take my photos, it is a really great camera. I would love to go to a few places like Paris, Venice, Rome, Shachental and a few other area so that I could take some images there, I do not think me enjoying Photography is a thing I will enjoy for a few months and then I will drop it, I am only starting off and plan to become a professional Photographer in my life, I have never been so happy and serous with something I am doing in life and that's why I enjoy what I do! Other then Photography, I am a very keen gamer, I always have been since I was around the age of 4 when I first played Spyro The Dragon on the PlayStation 1, now I am into games like Halo, Battlefield, pretty much First Person Shooter kind of games. I usually use Twitter a lot and talk to many people on there, so if you would like to follow me then please do. I have come to this site because I want to try something new, instead of taking photos of Nature I would like to go to places that are pretty much unknown to most people unless you are willing to do a bit of searching and climbing, I have never been to any abandoned places nor do I have anyone to go with, so let me know about any meet ups in the Kent area! Thanks. Here are some links to my accounts! My Twitter My DeviantART ( For my Photos )
  11. Hey

    Hey, Im from bedfordshire, quite new to photography im learning as i go, I love architecture and decay, mostly into hospitals and industrial sites but always up for any explore..
  12. Hi all. Been exploring for a while now. Not as much as I used to though coz I'm now an old fart. Some unfortunate souls will know of me from other forums. Looking forward to joining in the fun. SH.
  13. hey guys

    hey guys. just thought id say hi. i was recommended to this forum so thought id take a look and join up. ive tried starting a new thread but its denying it as im only allowed limited photos. do u now how many i can have.
  14. Hey Up Guys!!

    Just registered after an invite from Nelly, just popping on to say hello....usually found skulking around with Oldskool ( for my sins!! ). Right lets go have a butchers around Cheers Critical!!
  15. Hi there, my names Kimmie! Been exploring for a few years now, had some awesome adventures so far. I live in the Norfolk countryside but was originally an Essex lass. I play the drums, drunk copious amounts of tea, and like metal music. Always happy to find new 'splorin buddies local to me, preferences for hospitals and asylums but cant get enough of peely paint no matter where it is! Nice to meet you all
  16. Hey!

    Hello everybody! Just thought I'd introduce myself and say hello to all! I'm a young novice explorer from north Kent. I've been curious now for a very long time, and only started exploring recently. So far, I've only done a few small sites, none of importance, not worthy of report. I've joined up in the hope that it'll encourage me to start photographing sites, exploring more, getting involved more in the community, contributing etc You're all an inspiration to a lot of people, including myself.
  17. Hello, I'm Stussy based up in Aberdeen. Been exploring for around 18 months, hopefully get to know a few more of you a bit better. Seen various usernames kicking around "the others" and looking to do a bit more networking etc and hopefully wet my feet doing several explores in England possibly Europe this year! Hope I can contribute to you site, with some of my crappy pictures