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Found 6 results

  1. Certain parts of longbridge that were left look amazing from previous reports, before my time unfortunaltely but i was still determined to check out every nook and cranny around the area just in case we had missed something! Ive been up the area a handful of times over the last year and despite the ever evolving building site and quite a few failed attempts eventually Lucan and I were able to have a look at the last few bits. Not much information about this place, This used to be part of the body shop areas for a Factory. The shelter is unique about 400ft long, it was constructed out of brick and reinforced concrete; using a cut and cover method with a possibility of mining. It has possibly been used for storage since the war. Sadly the Body shop itself has been demolish over a decade ago… this is all that left. I thought the way it was built is really curious, looking at aerial photos from the time the rest of the shadow factory was constructed it appears to have been built after westworks factory was already there. Hopefully ill turn up some more info. thanks for looking
  2. Longbridge Tunnels Visited during an interesting nights exploring in Brum with Lenston. Here's some history shamelessly lifted from from his excellent report: Here's the iconic shot of ladies building the engines during the war And on with some shonky pics. Lenston doing what he does best Some sections had been painted and were really well preserved That bin...... Thanks for looking
  3. Visited with Wellingtonian. Done a good few times before but a good mooch for an hour or 2. Some History The ‘Shadow Factory Tunnels’ are the remnants of Lord Austin’s secret plans that were hatched to bolster British military might in the face of German military aggression in the arms race that led up to the start of the Second World War. This was where munitions workers produced the Merlin engines that powered the Spitfires and Hawker Hurricanes used to regain control of the British skies during the Battle of Britain in 1940. The Shadow Scheme involved two parts - building nine new factories and extending existing factories - including the Longbridge plant. Australian-born industrialist and Conservative MP, Lord Austin - also the founder of Austin Motors - had already contributed to the war effort in the First World War, turning his factories to munitions and engine production. After the war, the factory returned to producing automobiles and the tunnels were abandoned. By the late 1960s, the Longbridge plant was the second largest car plant in the world. But since the collapse of MG Rover, part of the site was redeveloped for housing and commercial purposes Thanks for looking
  4. built during the war so work could continue in the event of the factory above getting bombed on with some pics from the explore with the elusive the mini was removed from this section of the tunnels and now sits elsewhere as the story of the mini being in the tunnels , workers were using it to zip about the factory and had a slight mishap with a crate and squashed the roof , they then hid it where the boss didn't know low mileage one not so carefull owner , needs more than just a tcut thanks for looking ,, more on my flicker https://www.flickr.com/photos/128166151@N05/albums/72157657321352753
  5. Took a trip with with a fellow explorer one night after spotting an entrance. We descended 4 the flight staircase deep into the ground and where confronted by a flooded passage, I was immediately thankful i had brought my wellies (unlike Bubblehead, who had a very squelchy explore). We waded through to emerge into a large underground tunnel, corrugated walls, the reminisce of a narrow gauge railway and the strong smell of diesel. I got the the guided tour of the main features, few of which have survived, although what remained made for some great shots, including the male toilets while looked like it was straight out of Trainspotting. Anyone for a dip? Played around with lighting quite a lot down here and was very pleased with the results. And Finally the worst bog in the Midlands award goes tooo...
  6. This was my first proper underground splore, so please excuse the pics, new to the light painting so a big thank you to SK and Baron for letting me pinch their light Teeny bit of history Longbridge was where munitions workers produced the Merlin engines that powered Spitfires and Hawker Hurricans used to regain control of British skies in 1940, the factory was built underground to increase war production and be well protected from possible bombing. Hundreds of women was employed at Longbridge during the war when many men was sent to fight. The Longbridge Mini We had known there was an old Mini hidden in the tunnels, we all searched and alas we couldn't find it, we search for ages and actually thought we was going mad. Its only when I came home and done a bit of research, i found it... I had a brilliant time underground and cant wait to get back under, ive caught the bug! Splored with Skeleton Key, Baron, Trog and Peaches Thanks for looking in people