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Found 7 results

  1. During a Italian trip waaaay back in 2016, I visited this rather lovely Manicomio in the heart of a seaside Italian City, it was impressive to say the least. Huge stairs, huge windows, high ceilings, but sadly rather empty, but I enjoyed it enough to go back this year with Baroness Von DerpBangers. Thanks for looking
  2. Italy Manicomio di R - 2015

    More Italy reportage! This place was particularly special and possibly my favourite location on the whole trip Italy is just full of goodness, no matter what sort of derp it is! We hit this one late afternoon and was the last location of the day, we didn't get as long as we'd liked in here, we were losing the light fast. However, the warm afternoon light worked so well for photos in here, but i'm gonna have to go back for some for some more asylum goodness Pics: Of course, this report has to start with the corridor shot Tried my best with the lens corrections here.. This awesome corridor leads to the main theatre.. By this point, i'm buzzing my tits off And there it is.. So much better in person! Cheers
  3. Manicomio di R is an abandoned asylum in Italy. Built in 1871 the hospital was a transformation of other buildings that were originally a hospital of charitable institutions, and later a military college. The hospital was used to treat the mentally ill, and electroshock therapy was used extensively here, along with experimental operations on the nervous system. Facilities included a laboratory of clinical research, one of pathology, one radiology, one of electrotherapy and an operating room for intervention to the nervous system. The asylum closed down in the early 1980s and has been abandoned ever since. Very little damage has been caused, so natural decay has been allowed to work its magic on the old corridors and rooms resulting in a pleasant glimpse of the Italian past. Our Visit This place went straight to the top of my list of favourite asylums in the world! Unassuming from the outside, the building has so much to offer inside. The huge corridors with tall windows are so bright and airy, and the building has a lovely feel to it. Add the old fashioned operating theatre and x-ray machines, chapel and left over items into the mix to achieve urbex heaven! We arrived here quite late in the day and didn’t have long before the light faded, I could have happily spent all day here. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Want more? View the full set from here on my website - Behind Closed Doors
  4. Italy Manicomio di R. (okt 2014)

    Contrary to Art 'n Decay, we didn't get caught Really liked the hallways in this one.
  5. Manicomio di R - visited may 2015 Manicomio di R, one of the most precious and famous asylums in Italy So this one we had to do, and we did... for like 20 minutes :-( We decided to do the underground-route because that was the 'most unseen' one. Once on groundfloor, we were welcomed in the very nice corridors. I wanted those corridors since a long time, so I couldn't wait to do this shot. Unfortunately, 20 minutes later, two men in very cool uniforms stood in the hallway: carabinieri! Not smiling at all, also the farmer (owner/guard/I have no idea) wasn't amused with our visit. they told us some old folks saw us getting in, and called them up. Lucky one: the carabinieri spoke a bit english, we could make ourselfs a bit understandable what we were doing. We had to leave immediately, off course, so we came back in that park-area... 5 or 6 grandpa's and granny's were looking at us coming out the building, thet looked like we were some kind of scum. They even closed the frontgates of the park, to make sure we couldn't escape. We all had to give our ID-cards and domestic details. This time, it was a warning, next time it will be court... so they told us. This is one of the most beautiful decayed asylums I've ever tasted, Oh I will have my vengeance on this one! Here the only shots I could make of this amazing location, at least I have a pic of the cool corridors I wished for, but thats all... be careful what you wish for, God can be a funny guy I guess :-) 1. 2. 3.
  6. It was late afternoon by the time we arrived on site, but the plan remained - carry our gear in with us and spend the night. This was, after all, the main reason for the trip. I know, always dangerous to pin the success of a trip on one place, as if you don't get in, the disappointment is going to be pretty high. Still, that is the fact, this was the main reason for going. In terms of the history of this place, as I understand it, the site was originally an asylum built towards the end of the 19th Century. Initially used as a hospital for the mentally ill, in later life it was used as a military academy. As there have been a number of different visits to the location, on with the images It was great to find that, even after all this time, this observation light was pretty in tact. Once the sun came up, the day was a really glorious one. I ventured outside after taking this corridor shot The view from outside, in the courtyard of the main building Of course, another favourite of this site is the room full of cupboards I had seen images of this before I went, and feared that the cupboard room has been burnt out - fortunately, if that is the right way to put it, it was a different room Staircase shot - had to be done. Although to be fair, this staircase is very photogenic from a number of angles Final shot of this post - many more images on my flickr though thank you for viewing
  7. An awesome sauce place! A huge complex with a great forest nearby, rumoured to have gold buried beneath it from soldiers from the time the hospital was used in World War II Also rumours of a guy living here with a weapon, but I saw jack shit. I did however get cut to pieces via brambles and nettles, so lots of blood and scarring later I was in! Found a much easier way out! DOH! Enjoy!