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Found 12 results

  1. Another rooftop that's been on my list since i began Urbex and photography 2 and a half years ago. Europa house 63m high, constructed in 1969 for offices. I'm not sure when the place closed... but it's now being redeveloped for (I'm assuming) uni student accommodation. Explored with @CuriousityKilledTheCat, @TheVampiricSquid & @Biebs Enjoy Thanks for looking
  2. The Explore. This was the first stop off on our 24 hour road trip, celebrating @Redhunter's birthday with @TheVampiricSquid, @CuriousityKilledTheCat and a non OS member. After spending the day before shooting a wedding, and having no sleep since 7am... we set off for the midlands at midnight to pick hun up, Then up to leeds.... After a long ass drive, silly o'clock McDonald's, copious amounts of energy drink, reversing around an island in a service station we finally arrived at about 4-4:30 am and met up with a few more people. We reached the top in time for a dissapointing sunrise.... but the views made up of it! The rest of the building has been pretty trashed now, and set fire to, but they still made some interesting photos Enjoy Thanks For Looking
  3. History Brunel House is a former Ministry of Defense office building that was used to provide accommodation to civil servants and naval officers from the 1960s until the Cold War ended. Visits I've had this building on my to do list for over 2 years now, ever since i started getting into exploring and photography. after not trying for months, I thought i'd try my luck with the place again with @CuriousityKilledTheCat while trying to give her a tour of some local spots and miserably failing every one. To my surprise, we'd found a way in, and took a long walk to the top... i know, 12 floors isn't a long walk, but i was pretty shattered already xD We'd finally reached the top, and what a view! can honestly say it was worth the wait! The second visit was with @TheVampiricSquid, we'd spent a good couple of hours up there taking a few snaps and enjoying the view, The walk up was a lot easier that time xD Enjoy Cheers for looking!
  4. Hi all this is a cool little place. Its the barton undercroft in manchester. I couldent wait to give it an awesome title name cause well its an abaondoned horror walk also now lol. Very cool. Anyway on with some history. History The arcade was listed as a Grade II* listed building on the 25 January 1972. The listing includes the "block of shops (Barton's Building) and offices enclosing the arcades." It was constructed by Corbett, Raby and Sawyer in 1871.[2] Hartwell describes the Barton's Building facade as "utterly ignorant.. the ground floor pilasters must be seen to be believed."[3] The arcade, however, is "a gorgeous glass and iron shopping arcade with glass domes..., the best example of this type of cast-iron and glass arcade anywhere in the country."[3] The entrance to the arcade on St Ann's Square incorporates a large, cast iron and glass wall. The two entrances on Deansgate are hidden behind the Barton Building. The building is of "four storeys with an attic, a long nine-bay facade to Deansgate, divided in half horizontally by a balustraded balcony".[2] The structure is composed of cast iron and glass. The iron work was supplied by the Macfarlane Saracen Glass Factory in Glasgow.[3] The building was one of the first to be built on the newly widened Deansgate.[4] The arcade was restored in the 1980s. The original shop fronts and decorative floor no longer exist Thats from wiki but some other bits i found It was used as some sort of ghost tour by a company called flecky bennet. And they talk about anne frank etc. It was used has a bunker in the blitz etc. When they was told they couldent do it anymore seems they left a lot of stuff. very intresting if a little fooked up and creepy has shit when you turn a corner and 6 mannequins stare back. Anyway was bloody great fun And visited with @stranton and a big thanks to @bolts also. Things went fairly well until we opened a door and out came the alarms and secca. Talk about move fast lol. we got out ok but fook wish i could have mooched a bit more. Got a couple of pics from roof also. Overall just a fun night. Just dont mension the fact we went into a carpark found an open door went for a we mooch has you do only to find a fooking bank vault and cctv every where jeesus we ran like the wind lol. Shame sadly no pics for obvious reasons ie bloody cam right at us. Outside on the side of the building in big fooking letters it says BANK lol. Yes folks a maybe live bank by accident lol. Awesome. Never stuck around to find out. And good job cause a guy was seeling us in and he said his stuff about police and we where robbers etc etc lol. And off we went. Anyways some pics for you. Enjoy all thanks for reading. Pics.. Give me an hand lol... Lovely old stairs Roof shots Thanks to everyone who looked i hope you all like it. On to the next laters all.
  5. houses of god rooftops seem to be the flavour of the day so heres a couple from my myself and perjurys hometown of worcester back in the summer only got up one side as they were only working the SW tower, my old lady was actually up in the tower helping archive some of the library ready for internal renovations, some of the literature dates back to the 10th century, saw some pics of them looked pretty damn cool, needless to say she wasnt in there as i scaled the scaff outside as id have had a clip around the earhole, but was around the same time they were working the exterior, nice little spot to watch the sunset and have a beer in the summer
  6. Hello all, Few pics from above leeds on roof tops/car parks Train leaving Leeds Station Cheers for looking
  7. Please be aware most of what you will see below has now been demolished Explored with -Raz- & a non member. As always a bit of background; Castle Market is a former indoor market in Sheffield city centre, England. The building lies in the north east of the present city centre, by the River Don, and is built on top of the remains of Sheffield Castle, which can still be seen via guided tours. The market closed in 2013 when the Moor Market opened on The Moor, further south in Sheffield city centre. The oldest part of the building is the Fish and Vegetable Market, constructed in the inter-war period. The remainder of the building was constructed by J. L. Womersley and Andrew Darbyshire between 1960 and 1965. It has two main floors, both of which included small shops and stalls, and each accessible from street level. Other stores faced on to the surrounding streets, while a gallery found a storey above the main part of the market contained several more shops, and access to an office building surmounting the structure. The gallery is linked by bridges across Exchange Street to further above-ground shopping areas. The Explore; On a very busy street so after a while of waiting around and a lot of cigs we took the first break in traffic and people and hopped in. Having been there a few weeks earlier we were shocked to see the whole centeral section of the market had been pulled down leaving the place with a very uneasy windy feel to it. We go lost pretty quickly as everything looked different but soon found ourselves on the stairs en route to the roof. Photos galore; While up there we were joined by a metal fairy (comes at night and robs you blind) who was hammering away below us, leaving us trapped on the roof. He eventually found us and he was friendly enough for a drug nut on the tag stealing copper in the dead of night... We exchanged a few words and then made a hasty retreat as we were not enjoying the thought of being tied to his theiving if we were caught. Photos from previous visit; If you got this far, thank for reading
  8. Hit these up with slayaa and someone else who i dont think is on here a couple months back, i had already been up once but it was lashing it down so didnt get many pics first time round. Slayaa and an accomplice were in the area so we moseyed on up, the first few are from five ways roundabout in brum, then one from a roof we could see just out of town and lastly a random crane in bristol i did whilst i was down theere, unofrtunately i got all the way up the crane to find out i had no memory card in my camera! smooth move, so yeahh only got my camera pic unfortunately birminghams hardly brimming with landmarks once you get up high but hey its my nearest big city so im working what i gots! bit further out of town, only really one shot to be had from here bristol awful quality -what a silly squasage yknow that thing the kids are doing nowadays where they take picture of their shoes thanks for having a nosey, its no london that's for sure but as i say, work with what ya got!
  9. Froomsgate House, Bristol It is being redeveloped into (yet more) student accommodation. This is one that a few of us (one in particular) have had our eye on for a while, so getting an invite to get up it seemed too good to miss. A mate of mine has put a lot of work into researching this one, so props to him for getting us in! Oddly, it seems I took more photos inside the building than on the roof, which is funny as it was intended as a high evening, not a derping one... There's nothing like enjoying a decent rooftop with some mates in the evening, just to get away from it all! BRISTOL MASSIVEEEE Security, or just the lift talking to itself? Just incase... Spot the noobs... Over-hanging and over-exposed...
  10. Wevs??? You OK mate?? Oh, hang on, it says "Teenager" http://www.kentonline.co.uk/thanet_extra/news/Teen-airlifted-to-hospital-after-2482/
  11. Ok so it's not very high and it's a fancy empty little chef but the story behind it something different The roof was designed by Sam Scorer and built with the engineer Dr K. Hajnal-Kónyi There were only three such roofs built (can't think why) and this one is Grade II listed due to how unique it is Much like everyone else I was only interested in the roof and the derp below was of absolutely no interest to me
  12. Hope this is ok to post, got taken down on 28...Explored with one other, this place was easier then we first expected, one of my most relaxed explores i have done today, lovely view too =]. Also in cuddles a couple of photos of a return visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandra_Palace This was taken when we where leaving but what ever d= slightly out of focus =/ and again >< and a couple from the return visit : Rest can be seen at : http://www.flickr.com/photos/urdex/sets/72157629993723354/with/7410807838/ p.s : sorry if it's too pic heavy