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Found 4 results

  1. UK Sheffield Sunday... Nov '14

    Here's a few pictures from a recent Sunday visit to Steel Town... I've done both locations before but as they're both ACE it was good to go back!! Met up with Matt Hampshire, Spidermonkey, Ainsley n Olivia... Good company on what turned out to be a crackin day!! First up was The Courts and the inevitable battle with that noisy bloody shutter!! ... Next up... George Barnsleys, visit number 3 for me! Don't think it'll be my last either... Love it here! ... ... We did a derped brick works n all, but it was a bit shit so I wont post any pics from there! As always cheers for lookin in
  2. Hi I am Marcin and I am Newbie here. Today I decided to spend afternoon looking for possible ways of entry to power station. To my surprise It turned out to be very easy. We found the way from river side. After wondering around the power station we bump into group of teenagers playing aroud they told us that it was not the first time they were visiting site. We spent 3 hours looknig around and there was no single security guard on sight. It looks like some work already started inside the building as there is a massive tent inside ( site office). We walked around building but we could not find the way up to chmneys. Could anybody advise were are the control rooms? As I am planning another trip soon to explore a bit more before they will turn into new development. Thanks in advance
  3. This is my first ever report so please bare with me Payed a visit to this beauty last Sunday ... after an hour of scawering the fence ... we were in Now for a bit history on the joint Colliery known as “The Dukeries� because of the number of stately homes in the area. The colliery was owned by the Bolsover Colliery Company and passed to the National Coal Board in 1947. The colliery was sunk to exploit the Barnsley seam or “Tophard�, as it known locally. In the 1950s the shafts were deepened to over 1000 yards (920 m) to exploit other seams. The colliery was closed by British Coal, as the National Coal Board had become, in 1993 and reopened by RJB Mining (now UK Coal) in April 1994, the licence to dig for coal being limited to the Yard seam which is located at a depth of 957 yards (870 m). The colliery was finally closed in April 2003. The headstocks of the colliery are regarded as the tallest in Europe and the third tallest in the world. They are Grade 2 Listed structures and can be seen all over the district. They are expensive to keep in good repair and there have been a number of appeals, as yet to no avail, to demolish them. But however the headstocks are nearly demolished now and no one knows what will happen in the future. Now the good bits ... hope you like
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