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Found 6 results

  1. first report in a while, been busy in france + havent seen anything from this place so thought id share it. It was one of those lucky stumble upon by accident explores, which are always nice, certainly not epic to look at but its nice knowing every corner you walk round is going to be something new that you wont have seen it on someone elses report already. I was actually in the area looking for waterfalls to go and have a jungle shower as we'd been camping up the road, zigged when i should have zagged and came across this. couldnt find much history apart from the local rag circa feb 09 and little from historic england historic england- HISTORY: Tansley Wood Mill is a substantially complete example of a late C18, first generation water- powered textile factory, whose form is strongly influenced by, and is a near-contemporary of Sir Richard Arkwright's pioneering cotton spinning factory at nearby Cromford. The site retains clear evidence of phased development, and of the enhancement of its water power-producing capacity, https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1389284 local rag Plans to convert a former Tansley textile mill into flats and offices have been given the go-ahead. Council chiefs gave the green light to a major redevelopment of Tansley Wood Mills, in Lower Lumsdale, on Tuesday. The historic woodland building is to be restored and redeveloped after officers said the scheme would regenerate what was formerly an important employment site. Plans, submitted by applicant Paddock Motors, include converting the Grade II-listed mill into flats, turning the old forge building into a restaurant, four craft studios, office space and commercial units. Planning co-ordinator for the scheme, Bill Clay, said: "It is an exceptional attractive and special location in this historical wooded valley. "It is a wonderful environment to be working in, particually as we are local people. What we are doing is finding a new use for an important historical building and ensuring it has a future. "It is also a very important employment site, historically, and we want to take it into the future in terms of returning it to an employment site." District council planning officers said the site would benefit nature conservation, landscape restoration and secure the future of a listed building. A previous bid to develop the building was rejected by the Secretary of State in 2005, saying it could be detrimental to the character and appearance of the area. Read more: http://www.matlockmercury.co.uk/news/local/tansley-mill-s-conversion-plan-is-approved-1-871469#ixzz4BCYQORUw picturegraphs IF anyone knows what the flying fuck this is can you let me know and lets not forget the real reason i was in thee valley thanks for looking kids, happy explorin
  2. Textile factory

    Visiting an old and abandoned factory that whas founded by my great great grandfather.
  3. Visited with Lenston, The_Raw and MiaroDigital A really nice place with many wonderful details. History (acquired by Lenston) Out of the 5 mills situated in Talybont the mill was the only one built on the banks of the River Celuan. It is sometimes refereed to as Heron Mill. Built in 1847 by the Morris family it prominently produced flannel and cloth. Although originally powered by a small waterwheel it was converted to run on electric during the 1920/30’s. The mill continued to operate till 1962 when, like so many other mills, it suffered from imported cotton prices. Attempts were made to pass the ownership over to the national trust but the then owners could not contribute to the cost of handing it over. Grade II* listed in 1997 the mill retains nearly all of its working machinery at closure. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
  4. Germany The textile factory B. -2014

    1. TextileFactoryB01 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 2. TextileFactoryB02 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 3. TextileFactoryB03 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 4. TextileFactoryB04 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 5. TextileFactoryB05 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 6. TextileFactoryB06 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 7. TextileFactoryB07 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 8. TextileFactoryB08 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 9. TextileFactoryB09 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 10. TextileFactoryB10 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 11. TextileFactoryB11 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 12. TextileFactoryB12 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr 13. TextileFactoryB13 von MiaroDigital auf Flickr
  5. The back streets around Manchester are littered with old industrial buildings, mills, factories etc, some converted into apartments, some still remain such as this old textile factory. No history i'm afraid but judging by the amount of pigeon shit, old machines and the clothes left behind it's been closed and disused for a good amount of time. Hope you enjoy the pictures...... .. .. .. .. ..
  6. Visited here with Lost after a epic failure (me tripping of a PIR) at a rather nice location a few miles away, we arrived at this place, not the most pretty, but for the one room in this place it will make me go back for sure! Not posting any of the history of this place, but this Jute and Flax mill closed around the mid 70's and has laid idle since, pretty much unchavved execpt the odd broken window. The entry route we had planned was no longer viable as the river was in full surge with all the snow melt, it was mental how fast it was flowing! No machines left unfortunately, but still nice rooms kicking about. Now for some of the interesting things left behind My lil featherless friend Some old batteries Pay attention to the signs Prizes maybe handed out if people can tell me what some of these things are!! Aladdin Gas Heaters Holiday Pay slips from 1959-1960 Couldn't find the usb socket in this Loads of old accounts, letters, magazines, CV's No idea what was in this bottle There was a large array of humidity and moisture testers Speedy Moisture Tester A couple more of the testers and readers Stick em up Actually have no idea what this is Or this Some sort of amp / voltage tester I think First Aid to the rescue Travel permit of the Mills owner! Smallpox vaccination! Sorry for the amount of pics, but I could keep going with more and more. Was too much to take pics of so will defo be heading back!